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Reincarnated Into The Pokemon World by Jayvaughn123
Reincarnated Into The Pokemon Worldby 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
An otaku man in the age of 25 had a car accident, he died on the spot with his body lifeless on the ground. He was so sure he would be dead that time but no, he woke up...
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A Fourteen Year Old's Artbook by SweetieTreaties
A Fourteen Year Old's Artbookby UnderratedRockBoye
So I decided to make an art book because I thought it would be fun lol so here you go the works of a fourteen year old girl slowly becoming a hermit.
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𝐈𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐥 [MHA X READER X POKEMON] [ON HIATUS] by ChaosKyvir
𝐈𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐥 [MHA X READER X POK...by kyvv
In the world of My Hero Academia, pokemon were nearly hunted to extinction and widely feared by the masses. So when (Y/n) (L/n) is born with a pokemon taming quirk of so...
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Roleplay and story AUs/ideas by WoofDaDrawinq
Roleplay and story AUs/ideasby 🌸Quyii~pieu🌸
So I'm a role player and I wanna give others some ideas that can maybe also get used for writing/books I won't roleplay with you unless I know you irl tho. Anyways you c...
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Cedes's drawings! by BoysThatShook
Cedes's drawings!by SUp fUckEr
Here are some of my Cringey drawings😓 (sorry if there's just to much boys drawings) Also I have some AMAZING💜 art from my friends (all ages) that I know and maybe a li...
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My Neighbor is A Ditto! by Donniedrako15
My Neighbor is A Ditto!by Donniedrako15
In a new age of Pokemon 10 years after whenever the anime ends, new surprises are always right around the corner! Or maybe even right around the bend as a little girl st...
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My Artwork by BillHull8
My Artworkby Bill Hull
This is a story all about all if the peices of art I have.
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Two Alike | Gladion by jxssminpxrk
Two Alike | Gladionby Jas
You've lived in Alola for months now and nothing exciting ever happened. You woke up, ate breakfast, and either hung out or trained with your Pokemon. Same old thing eac...
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Pokemon Sword and Shield: To Be the Strongest by RealityDoesWriting
Pokemon Sword and Shield: To Be th...by Motmot Real
Gloria is a regular 16 year old girl who lives in the Galar region She enjoys watching the battles of many strong trainers and dreams to be the strongest trainer there e...
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Pokemon: Distortion of Shadows [Book 3] by FrostPanda03
Pokemon: Distortion of Shadows [Bo...by •Frosty•
[#1 Victini { Sept 2019 } ] [#5 Pokemonstory {Sept 2019 } ] [ Sequel to Pokemon: Rebirth of Darkness ] After the 2nd Great Shadow Pokemon War, Ash went to Kalos with Ser...
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Random Funny Stuffby FireFaithe Pikamon
Ok I couldn't resist- Since my phone apparently can't post to Facebook anymore... I guess I'll just post my funny comments, pointing things out, and whatnot here.... Dis...
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Pokémon Can Love Too by PureHeartOfGold
Pokémon Can Love Tooby Gold
Gold's trying to finish his second year of high school, even though it literally just started around a month ago. But there's one thing that's more important than school...
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Tyranitartube Quotes Out Of Context by GayStranger
Tyranitartube Quotes Out Of Contextby GayFuckinAss
Just some out of context Tyranitartube. Any art used in this book is NOT by me! They go rightfully to their owners!
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Platonic by YouDontKnowShipping
Platonicby {YDKS}
May and Drew begin their new adventure in the Jhoto region! However, things aren't as they seem. Someone is plotting something and Jhoto isn't what the two were expectin...
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In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x OC) by Shadowflame_13
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x...by shadow.flame
#1 pokemonfanfic 05 Feb. 2020 | #1 leonxreader 11 Feb. 2020 | #1 pokemonshield 06 Mar. 2020 Adeline spent half of her life in the spotlight, becoming very well-known in...
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Some of my Art by EhStony
Some of my Artby EhStony
Big oof
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Art book! by stormsong234
Art book!by Furry-
I just wanna show my art uwu I can take request I geuss :3 I draw from some fandoms so I'll let you know if I don't own a character:3
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This or That by kookiewithtae1
This or Thatby kookiewithtae1
An insight into my life. This is just random, sometimes I'll post art I draw or poems I write or anything really.
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Galar's Biggest Mystery by lesbian_goblin
Galar's Biggest Mysteryby squirrelflight
The Galar Pokemon professor usually has a calm job, just quietly researching. Though, one day, he gets a call from his rotom phone, which only happens if it's something...
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