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Your Dark Stars - Highschool K/DA x Male Reader by DarkSoulsz
Your Dark Stars - Highschool K/DA...by ThousandLostSouls
A new life sometimes feels like running but sometimes running is the best thing you can do. Not because you are scared but because you know there is nothing worth doing...
Transfer Students? (Highschool K/DA x Male Reader) by mortizhern6
Transfer Students? (Highschool K/D...by mortizhern6
Meet Y/n (Sauce God) L/n, a young lad in highschool. He's lazy by heart but gets the job done quick. What will happen when he meets up with his old childhood friend akal...
Bet It All On Neffex  by uhhmkay
Bet It All On Neffex by ZenShori
Music...this gave birth to fame to some people. Whatever genre it was there are some who stood at it's pinnacle earning the benefits it could give. Fame, money, you name...
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Two Different Worlds (Male Reader x K/DA) by WhippyCapp
Two Different Worlds (Male Reader...by Whippy
Y/N L/N was your typical man. Busy, quiet, and way too broke. Having not gone to college after graduating from high school, Y/N spent the last few years struggling to fi...
The Idol's Daycare (KDA x Male Reader) by BlackTalonCr0w
The Idol's Daycare (KDA x Male Rea...by BlackTalonCr0w
An average daycare worker finds himself taking care of four of the world's most famous pop idols kids. Can he handle the pressure of the kids and the idol moms on top of...
Just my Luck (KDA x MaleReader(age 27) ) by Depore202
Just my Luck (KDA x MaleReader(age...by Aleksandar Danka
"Disclaimer I don't own any of the pictures in the story or any of the characters used." Y/N is a 27year old Librarian with how he likes to say very bad luck...
The Drummer, an unusual KDA fanfiction  by _Bauer
The Drummer, an unusual KDA fanfic...by _Bauer
Andrew has always been a talented drummer and seemed like predestined for jazz. Playing since childhood, he was constantly looking for challenges in music. It's been tw...
(The once's who hate me, Love me?) by mariohiginio
(The once's who hate me, Love me?)by mario higinio
They hate me Or that's what i thought... I don't own K/DA characters or any of the pictures that are shown here in this story i only own the plot.
To The Top Again by okay_nevermind
To The Top Againby okay_nevermind
Y/N, a previous assassin who chose to quit when everything started to dull. The cigarettes and alcohols aren't as tasty as they used to be, maybe because of all the acti...
As Kids (Male Reader) by Morning_Blankets
As Kids (Male Reader)by Morning_Blankets
As kids, Y/N and Evelynn were runaways. Escaping their broken homes in search for their place in the world, they made it through the day thanks to Evelynn's voice and Y...
Stubborn Jerk by KungPaoFriedChicken
Stubborn Jerkby KP
Experimenting on this. Basically another Male Reader x K/DA with supposedly a different take. First few chapters would be all about introduction of characters, meeting a...
The Classmate (Male Reader) by IvanBullock
The Classmate (Male Reader)by Nerd Herd
Evelynn is 1/4 of Blades Academy's most popular group. The students call them The Blades, actually. She's the cheer captain, a star student, part time model, and, everyo...
One More Time by sad_AI
One More Timeby sad_AI
He was there...climbing the path that leads to the edge in the highest island in Ionia hoping he could end it all there. Feeling like there's nothing left in this world...
(Cold) K/DA x Male Reader (DESCONTINUED) by mariohiginio
(Cold) K/DA x Male Reader (DESCONT...by mario higinio
Y/N L/N a guy that is "unordinary" who lives a normal life whose attitude is "unique" he goes to a school and has few friends as he hates attention a...
Unpopular househusband by CushiCushi
Unpopular househusbandby CushiCushi
KDA is superior to the eyes of an average person, to them. KDA is something they can't touch, something they can't fathom. No one has ever even come close to them, excep...
Helping K/DA [Paused]  by uhhmkay
Helping K/DA [Paused] by ZenShori
Reion (O/C) was best friends to the young K/DA, he however lost them due to an argument about the girl's career and left Reion. After that Reion lost his parents whom he...
The Misfits and The Idols (K/DA X Male Reader) by Theguythateatsbread
The Misfits and The Idols (K/DA X...by Simon Marquez
Y/N is a boy who has a real talent for singing, but sadly his family abused of him using him as a stress reliever, one day he has a chance to escape from hell, but what...
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The Manager (KDA Male Insert) by IvanBullock
The Manager (KDA Male Insert)by Nerd Herd
Ahri has had enough with those telling her what to do. No longer does she wish to be "Pop Star Ahri". Together with her friend, Diva Queen Evelynn, Ahri create...
The Husband by IvanBullock
The Husbandby Nerd Herd
Slow burning romance? Not in this story! You and Kai'sa have been dating since Freshman Year of Highschool. You both graduated with each other and she saw you off on you...
Rental band by grzybotronek
Rental bandby Artur Gzybek
Will a normal guy find peace in his new life with 5 tenants in his new hotel ? there is only one way to find out