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Harry Potter and the Guardian by ShinuHPG
Harry Potter and the Guardianby HP Guardian
What if Harry Potter had a brother? What if he had a person to look up to, someone who stood up for him? Read on as Charlus Potter takes the Wizarding World by storm. Yo...
my one piece fantacy by ganesh12334
my one piece fantacyby Awriter
a dude gets zapped over to one piece with the powers of magic warrior with a basic gamer system note : no harem maybe oc x robin will follow anime disclaimer : i don...
Terrarian In DxD(Male-Reader Terraria Gamer X DxD) +On Break+ by FratnuNareto
Terrarian In DxD(Male-Reader Happi Okuraseru
Y/N L/N is a high schooler who died at a young age and was given a second chance by God to be reincarnated in a world he chose and was given 3 wishes He chose to be rei...
Music Makes Mood by okay_nevermind
Music Makes Moodby okay_nevermind
Has it been 3 years since our little Y/N ran away from home? Indeed, only to become a shut-in that is. Y/N have never left his comfort zone for almost 3 years, only goin...
Love in a cold, dark, world by SomeRandomMirror
Love in a cold, dark, worldby SomeRandomMirror
Beelzebub x male reader fic Beelzebub owned by Łukasz Piskorz other characters brought in are all owned by their creators. Enjoy. (Chaos rises. 2/3)
I, Ozpin: Or How I Tried To Live In Remnant by RonSigma
I, Ozpin: Or How I Tried To Live Cultured Meem
(No Harem, only Glynda Goodwitch, lol.) So, here I am, reborn as Charles, Charles Ozpin. Maybe just calling me Ozpin may help? Sucks being in Remnant, of all places, but...
The traveller's travels in worlds(highschooldxdXmalereader) by Kuro_katz
The traveller's travels in worlds( Kuro_katz
A being capable of destroying galaxies in one punch. He travel's worlds after worlds to relieve his boredom and find entertainment at any given moment. The being finds h...
The Cursed Relic by AvaFics
The Cursed Relicby AvaMargaretteBasa
Since when did I start hating him? Since when did I start falling unto darkness? When they showed him their love while they ignored me? When I confessed to my love but t...
I'll give my best! To showoff the Highlight of my Life as a True Hero~ by Nero_Rider21
I'll give my best! To showoff Nero_Rider21
Read it or Not, I won't force you... [Note: I do NOT own the pics, but I OWN the Story!]
❝ 𝐃 𝐄 𝐕 𝐈 𝐋 ❞  by Shicmu9n
❝ 𝐃 𝐄 𝐕 𝐈 𝐋 ❞ by 𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐔
a/n: for some people who wanted to read this fanfic, i suggested you not to read it because this fanfiction doesn't make sense at all, shitty grammar and it's pure garba...
[WON'T BE CONTINUED] "𝙄𝙏'𝙎 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙀!" - Whitesnake Stand User X MHA/BNHA by frthoschoolsucks
[WON'T BE CONTINUED] "𝙄𝙏'𝙎 𝙈𝙄 frthoschoolsucks
『Rewrite is here. You can find it on my profile.』 [This is my first fanfic so yeah expect it to be bad. Honestly this is so cringe that I kinda want to delete it] (Y/N)...
El cambio de Issei by jhil707
El cambio de Isseiby Hernández
En esta historia tratara de que hubiera pasado si Issei hubiera estado gordo cuando conoció a Rias y a las chicas. Se unirá al mundo sobrenatural pero de otro modo, empe...
Avengers re-assembled by Jjropo3
Avengers re-assembledby jjropo3
Mha x Mcu x avengers emh x avengers assembled.
A New Path  by WaveItachiRE
A New Path by WaveItachiRE
Plagued by a nightmare caused by the Kyuubi, Naruto sets out to learn the real reason for being Hokage. Look out ninja world, a new Naruto Uzumaki has arrived! This stor...
The only mortal who won my love by Dani_ADM
The only mortal who won my loveby Dani
"The Tyrant of the Seas" A cold, lonely, strong woman and according to the other gods, the perfection of what a God / Goddess should be. A woman who was not in...
Reincarnated as a Froggit/Authoritarian Tale - An Undertale Fanfic by pab101
Reincarnated as a Froggit/ Alexander And The No Good Ver...
Y/N, an undertale fan, dies while playing Undertale on their computer from electric shock after spilling their soda all over the computer.The fan then reincarnates as a...
The "Chosen" One by ily_gc
The "Chosen" Oneby obsessive_reader
An unknown dragon.. known by the star dragon, or he calls "Older Brother".. the dragon promised the star dragon that, he'll protect him and come back to be wit...
Solo Leveling | Angelic Lover -indefinite hiatus- by Vahndar
Solo Leveling | Angelic Lover Flore Dream
A boy born in South Korea, he was gentle in nature and had coincidently met a boy two years older than him at the park. He made his first friend in that park and they co...
High School DxD - Finding Love in a New World by TRUExtremeSamX
High School DxD - Finding Love TRUExtremeSamX
Waking up as a baby in a new world was jarring. I just hope I can find a special someone this time around. Self Insert Issei x Koneko.
The God of Hollow's and of Hueco Mundo(Highschool Dxd x Bleach) by THUNDERsnek
The God of Hollow's and of Hueco Zenith Sosuke
A Young boy named Kukyo Kurayami had just transferred to Kuoh Academy.He was living a pretty normal life until he was killed by a an angel no a Fallen angel during his l...