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You tell me... my cat is a Vigilante?! by Chimera_Regarion
You tell me... my cat is a Chimera_Regarion
Mew! Not only a cat but also a vigilante! Good luck finding this guy! Izuku Midoriya was used to staying as a cat soo much that he even preferred being one. Then again...
Feral (Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Feral (Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
Everyone said he was untamable and not human like! His mother couldn't handle the pressure of a son that had such a unique quirk and gave him up. No one managed to cope...
What The- (MHA Chatfic) by Splemply
What The- (MHA Chatfic)by Splemply
What if Izuku was a vigilante? What if his parents either died or abandoned him? What if he had to work in a cafe just to support himself? What if a certain sleep depriv...
This Kid is a Vigilante!? by dinorocket5
This Kid is a Vigilante!?by DinoRocket
Aizawa's day was perfectly normal, hating his coworkers and tired as hell. But it all went off the rails when he found himself as... a cat? or After an accident that ma...
Flames of Hope (Ye Olde Version) by Coriwii
Flames of Hope (Ye Olde Version)by Coriwii
Izuku Midoriya. A viridian haired boy with emerald eyes and constellation like freckles. He was born into a world were no one was created equal, a harsh truth he learned...
|Shine bright in the darkness|Izuku!Vigilante(SHINKAMIDEKU) by The_Quiet_Cat
|Shine bright in the darkness| Christina
(COMPLETE) 9 years old of Izuku started his first Vigilante work. Until 15, the UA principal Nezu offer him a job. What will Izuku do? So uhh, I've no experience in wri...
The Jump by Wombat_Cosmogonal
The Jumpby Wombat Cosmogonal
Izuku Midoriya was a class 1-A student at UA high, he then gets framed for stealing some files, and everything changes. He gets beaten by his classmates, forced to retur...
Crazy Bastard (Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Crazy Bastard (Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
Fate can be very cruel. That was something Izuku knew far too well. Thanks to his wits, his mother sold him off to be a pawn to her one and only love. With no other choi...
Darkness arisen ( my hero academia x monster hunter ) by boomboomabc
Darkness arisen ( my hero not_bakugo
ikagi yagi was the brother of izuku and izumi yagi. his life was perfect until he turned four and one word changed his entire life. He was bullied and neglected by his...
What is Justice? by An_Anonymus_Writer
What is Justice?by
Izuku Midoriya once only saw gold in the hero society, now he sees only blood, where are the real heroes? where were they when the people around him needed them? Izuku M...
Kitsune Koffe by PaladinAsh
Kitsune Koffeby Ash
I made a new cover! The son of one Yagi Toshinori got kicked out for lacking a quirk, many years later, he became a café owner, but not everything is as it seem Ar...
Past Future, Future Past. by NeaDCampbell14
Past Future, Future Nea.D.Campbell
The world as everyone knew it was over. Millions have died. cities in ruin It was the Apocalypse, the end of the world, Armageddon, whatever you wanted to call it, it h...
Vigilante Izuku + UA Staff! (Chat-fic) by -INeedASleepingBag-
Vigilante Izuku + UA Staff! ( I wanna sleep
Vigilante Izuku + UA staff chat Due to the unacceptable fact that there are WAY TOO LITTLE Vigilante Izuku chat-fics, I graciously decided to put my pitiful creative ski...
Dear Karma, you forgot some people by Plantloverforlife
Dear Karma, you forgot some peopleby 🌵Plantloverforlife 🌵
Izuku had to write a letter with 10 the task at school was to send a letter to a friend. Friends and being quirkless at the same time? Pfff- So he wrote a letter to K...
Vigilante Deku (Dadzawa) by Fat-Cat917
Vigilante Deku (Dadzawa)by Fat-Cat917
The world is unfair and Izuku learnt it the hard way. The only thing this boy wanted was to be a hero, but was that to much to ask. If the world didn't want him to be a...
Try Me Bitch (Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Try Me Bitch (Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
Switched by birth but that doesn't mean that I had a great life living with a ritch hero family. In fact, they were the worst! A father who was too busy to look at me an...
(discontinued) King the dinosaur vigilante (my hero academia x dinosaur king) by boomboomabc
(discontinued) King the dinosaur not_bakugo
izuku midoriya had a wonderful life until he got his quirk. it was nothing like his parents quirk so they made his life hell. the only person that was nice to him was he...
Finding a Home by Captain_Bozo
Finding a Homeby captain_bozo
Izuku Midoriya, a middle schooler at Aldera high, is treated horribly by his teachers, peers and worst of all by his own mother. Izuku strives to be a hero that villains...
Getting turned down by his number hero is bad enough but finding his mom died effect our main protagonist Izuku Midoriya without his mom he feels empty but then he gets...
Killer in the Mirror by Melancholic_Lotus13
Killer in the Mirrorby Lotus
This is a Class 1-a plus teachers watch au with Shinsou and Hatsume and Gran Torino. In the au, Midoriya is a villain who is quirkless; more to be explained. (excerpt: ...