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Percy Jackson & DC by WinterMyth
Percy Jackson & DCby WinterMyth
Fem. Percy. another crossover that has already been done but I'm putting my own twist on it. Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson Dc owns ... Dc and the Young Justice Lea...
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216  |𝐛.𝐚| by Ravenclaw_Chaser
216 |𝐛.𝐚|by R.C
❝♛❞ "Do you run a lot?" "Wh-why do you ask that?" "This is your fifth pair of shoes this week." "S-so?" "It's Monday." ...
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Just Don't Ask {Damijon!} by JasonP43
Just Don't Ask {Damijon!}by JasonP43
"Never ask questions you don't want the answer to" Its been a few years since the Supersons first teamed up, the unlikely partnership turned friendship between...
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Control || Suicide Squad  by Skyrocknrolla
Control || Suicide Squad by Skylar✨
"What the hell was that?" "That was only a fraction of what she can do." Ava Wilson is one of the most dangerous criminals you could ever meet. Other...
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𝕊ℙ𝕀𝔻𝔼𝕐 by Meowzilla0w0
Oneshots of Spider-man going on random trips to help everyone out. He sometimes get expose of his secret, but this is about spider awesomeness. Some angst but mostly flu...
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The Squad sticks together (Book one in the Last Hero Trilogy) by WholeDamnNation
The Squad sticks together (Book on...by I am the Fallen Angel
Just thought of this, Sorry about the feels. Summury: The war against Gaia is over, but Percy is The only one of the seven left. But the war isn't gone unnoticed, The mo...
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Legacy by IvanBullock
Legacyby Nerd Herd
Y/N al Ghul is the Batman of the year 2050. He was trained under the mantle of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne, the last of the bat family. After a fight aga...
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An Assassin's Rose: Remnant by Egyptiandragon
An Assassin's Rose: Remnantby Egyptiandragon
After unlocking his semblance, it was decided that Damian would be sent to Remnant in order to control his new found abilities but during a night out gathering supplies...
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Chelsea Dagger ∆ Suicide Squad by -artdecos
Chelsea Dagger ∆ Suicide Squadby 💲💲💲
"I said tell me your name is it sweet? She said my boy it's Dagger." OC X CAPTAIN BOOMERANG | SUICIDE SQUAD
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The Fallen Hero Of Olympus (Percy Jackson & DC Crossover) - Being Rewritten by luko_uliuli
The Fallen Hero Of Olympus (Percy...by Kai
During the Second Giant War, the battle with Gaea, Percy lost his friends, the seven, even his wise girl. The demigods had won, Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, and the O...
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Gilgamesh Reader x DC Universe's Harley Quinn(2019 Cartoon) by Etyion37
Gilgamesh Reader x DC Universe's H...by TheKingofHeroes
(The title says it all) I don't own anything here!
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Ben 10 the Justice Leaguer by Treeninja
Ben 10 the Justice Leaguerby Triceratops
Ben tennyson, savior of the universe billions of times, stopped the universe from getting destroyed, and stabbed Vilgax with a sword carried by an old man who died. Man...
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Batboys x batsis!Reader  by Creativemind2000
Batboys x batsis!Reader by Creativemind2000
♡Request open♡ All your favorite batboys looking out for the new addition to the batfamily Warning ⚠️ swearing and violence.
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 Ghost King Meets Batman by Sparrow-_-2020
Ghost King Meets Batmanby Sparrow-_-2020
Nico Di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce but seeing as he can't...
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Batgirl x Male Reader by Ultamaineum
Batgirl x Male Readerby Ultamaineum
The next installment in the X Male Reader series of mine. Enjoy 20 chapters of Batgirl x Male Reader.
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Dolly | Suicide squad |updating by cookiecupcakefighter
Dolly | Suicide squad |updatingby クッキー
"I've been a sinner since i was born" Being bad isn't really that hard well in Trinity eyes a.k.a dolly who is certainly one of the most dangerous woman who ca...
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Project Golden King (Young Justice X Male Insert) by LostLogik
Project Golden King (Young Justice...by LostLogik
Project Golden King is the creation of a clone to an ancient hero Gilgamesh in Hopes of the clone being strong enough to take on the justice league. I own nothing
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Dc Family One-Shot by marawritesstuff
Dc Family One-Shotby Mara
~Books Completed~ "No hero can save everyone, not even Superman. But a real hero never stops trying." This book is filled with one shots about different DC cha...
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The Kryptonian aka Jay-Kr (Male x DC Harem) by CivilWarrior0
The Kryptonian aka Jay-Kr (Male x...by Civil Warrior
When a man dies saving someone he is given a second chance at his he chooses to be a Kryptonian reborn in the DC Universe but along the way certain beautiful heroines gr...
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Everything's Different Now by MysticWerewolf9
Everything's Different Nowby Mystic Werewolf
"Fear is something that I'm way to familiar with, considering my age. This isn't how I thought my life would be, but it's what I've got. And honestly, it kinda suck...
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