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Zor-Allen Love Story by Sydneys2003
Zor-Allen Love Storyby SydneyElizabeth
One night out can change someone's life. Lucky for Barry Allen, that change goes by the name Kara Danvers. Kara and Barry meet at a bar and from there, their relationsh...
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impossible | barry allen by concupiscentz
impossible | barry allenby ♡
I thought the unimaginable only existed in fairy tales, and stupid redundant television shows. I never knew how wrong I was.
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Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl) by Monochrome_Gray
Supergirl X-Readers(girl x girl)by Monochrome
A series of Supergirl lesbian x-reader fics, including Kara Danvers, Supergirl, Kara Danvers is Supergirl, Lena Luthor, Alex Danvers, Sam Arias, Imra Ardeen, and request...
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A Super and a Luthor (Supercorp fic) by that-fanfic-chick
A Super and a Luthor (Supercorp that-fanfic-chick
Kara and Lena fanfic in which Kara is obviously bisexual and Lena is gay and in love. Finished! :-) SEQUEL- A Danvers and a Luthor
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Let's Take It Slow by Wondermoch
Let's Take It Slowby Wondermoch
Meeting her
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A Supercorp story by emmafangirl
A Supercorp storyby Currently_fangirling
A Supercorp fanfic
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DC One Shot And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
DC One Shot And Imaginesby Charlotte
Hello so this is a book filled with DC One Shots and Imagines. You may request any ideas you would like us to write. This is filled with one shots written by Hannah, Cha...
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Dating by Ragbecca
Datingby Ragbecca
When Kara found out that Lena thought they were dating Kara quickly played along. But acting like you love somebody and actually fall in love with somebody are quite sim...
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Hammer of Steel: A Supergirl/Thor Crossover by Aspergirl23
Hammer of Steel: A Supergirl/ Victoria
You've seen Supergirl fight crime with the Flash, but what happens when the Girl of Steel comes face-to-face with the Thunderer? When Thor's brother Loki causes trouble...
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More than a student  by SgHp124
More than a student by L🖤🦖
Kara Danvers is just an 18 year old student. Lena Luthor is just a 20 year old science teacher, who happens to be working at the same school. Kara loathes Miss Luthor...
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Confused Love -  Reader/Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor Story by potato3754
Confused Love - Reader/Kara WhatAWay
The reader along with Kara and Lena are dating each other. They kept it a secret from everyone but it was hard to hide how much they loved each other. It isn't until the...
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Last Night by lezziemates
Last Nightby lezziemates
After a late night visit to LCorp Kara-as Supergirl- ends up spending the night with Lena. Lena finds out that Supergirl has a habit of talking in her sleep. The morning...
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The Kryptonian Way ||  Supercorp love story by IsabelleMage7000
The Kryptonian Way || Supercorp gaybitchass
Kara is exposed to a purple kryptonite substance from her home planet, turning her into a Male. She goes to Lena for help. Lena doesnt know Supergirl is Kara Danvers in...
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Tick Tock [ Supercorp ] by BechloeSendrick05
Tick Tock [ Supercorp ]by BechloeSendrick05
"Tick Tock Kara, don't make me expose you and then kill you both so Lena dies broken hearted." Lex circled around the lead filled room with a devilish smirk on...
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Green Captain, Red Daughter by SevenforaSecret1523
Green Captain, Red Daughterby Riona MacDougal
Oliver knew the Bratva would help him on his mission. When Anatoly helped him initiate into the Russian mob, he didn't expect to find someone who would bring him home. ...
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VENGEANCE by Draange
Arco final de "wunder der seele" Años después de haber abandonado el pueblo, Kara decide regresar para hacer pagar a aquellos que tanto daño le hicieron, jugan...
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Marley or Kara  by egh129
Marley or Kara by egh129
What if the glee club goes to National City. What if they think Kara's Marley. Sorry I am not good at descriptions so just read to find out I DO NOT OWN GLEE OR SUPERGI...
I Reject You by sweet_pie11
I Reject Youby Supergirl
"Do you really expect me to become best friends with my mate's boyfriend and cheer for you both to make out?" "I don't. And that is why I want to reject y...
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Supergirl x Male Reader by Ultamaineum
Supergirl x Male Readerby Ultamaineum
The third in the X Male Reader series. In this one it involves you falling in love with the CW's Supergirl. This will be 25 chapters long so I hope you enjoy.
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Avenger of Krypton (Discontinued) by zangetsu13
Avenger of Krypton (Discontinued)by Oscar Hernandez
A story of Superman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clark Kent is a reporter and hero. He has to deal with criminal and super villains everyday. Clark has always belie...
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