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Mari-Gold Ivy by lwandile13
Mari-Gold Ivyby Jennifer Rose
so I decided to make a fanfiction where Marinette is poison Ivy's daughter. And before you ask the father is unknown. She is taken away from poison Ivy at the age of 12...
When A Liar's Lie Gets You Left Behind by MIMTASTIC
When A Liar's Lie Gets You Left ✨💖 M i M 💖✨
Despite the fact that many things had changed in her class, Marinette was content-she wasn't happy, but she was not sad or negative towards what had happened between som...
Miraculous One shots by morganlbr
Miraculous One shotsby Morgan
One shots that I've thought of while bored in school.
mending my broken family by lwandile13
mending my broken familyby Jennifer Rose
After coming back to life. He goes into hiding seeing how little Bruce cares about him. Tim feels neglected and joins Jason. Dick gets married and moves out avoiding his...
Coming Home Again by mybestfriendsagrape
Coming Home Againby Daminette Shipper!!!
Marinette and Jason grew up together on the streets. When something happens to Jason, Marinette gets taken away. When they are reunited, they finally have their brother...
Wait what?! by cookiebrown5
Wait what?!by
A one-shot of Marinette "getting akumatized" in front of others due to Lila.
Devil Disguised As An Angel by Firemuziclover
Devil Disguised As An Angelby DanielleFire
Marinette and Damian were raised together in the League of Assassins. They got bonded together when they were 9 years old. When they were 10 an attack came and they got...
True Friends by Anime_2906
True Friendsby Anime_2906
4 years after Lila threatens Marinette, what she says comes true. The class turns on Marinette, and bullies her because she "bullies" Lila. Adrien is no help s...
Miraculous Salty September by lwandile13
Miraculous Salty Septemberby Jennifer Rose
Hey guys so I decided to start a new tradition. Please join me and come up with your own salty September books. If you have any ideas don't be afraid to share, I'll be h...
What Sleep Deprivation Brings by jordanlyric07
What Sleep Deprivation Bringsby jordanlyric07
Cross-posted on Ao3 @jumpingjoy82 Inspired by @all-the-names-are-taken-aaaaa on Tumblr Marinette is, like, REALLY sleep-deprived, and ends up sending adoption papers to...
Maribat, Miraculous and Marvel x MLB stories/oneshots by Coolkid_Mcgee
Maribat, Miraculous and Marvel x I like poptarts...a lot
I'm honestly just really bored and don't want to write chapters for my other story. Anyways these are just gonna be random one shots or short stories that have multiple...
She's Back (Mari Quin) by mysleepgobrrrr
She's Back (Mari Quin)by Sleepymiria
Daughter of The Joker and Harley Quin is coming back to Gotham City with her class, what will happen when all of Maris classmates see her true colors? What will happen...
MLB- Forgotten by Mare_Barrow42
MLB- Forgottenby MusicLover42
Marinette and her new gang go on a trip to Gotham for a break from Lila crap. They meet a certain family there, the Waynes. Later, they go back with their class, Lila li...
The Soulmate Tale by aViNgolfer
The Soulmate Taleby a.v.i.n_11
You know there are some things in this world that you can't explain? Yeah that's soulmates. Your probably wondering what am I talking about? I am talking about someone t...
You Don't Know MDC by _Marionette_Puppet
You Don't Know MDCby Goin Ghost
Lila should be careful about who she lies about especially when that person has the reputation to ruin her web of lies with one tweet.
Sois Mon Ange by summer_vibes29
Sois Mon Angeby Summer Vibes
French: Sois Mon Ange English: Be my angel Former title: The Angel In the Demon's eyes Marinette Dupain-Cheng, known by many famous personalities, lives a secret superh...
Who am I?! by Poppadom0912
Who am I?!by Poppadom
Everyone knows Marinette Dupain-Cheng but do they know the real her, who her real dad is and where she's from? Marinette's father is none other than The Bruce Wayne, how...
Hello to the new Mari ~ Daminette {Finished} by crazy_child_of_hades
Hello to the new Mari ~ Hades Child
Four years Mari had suffered at the hands of the people she once called friends and all because of one Lier Rossi. She joined the class when they were 12 they are now 16...
The downfall of a liar { DISCONTINUED FOR NOW} by Damienette_addict
The downfall of a liar { hmmm. damien
I'm not good with descriptions but I can say this Lila Rossi is a liar and a manipulator. she lies with every breath. She has one goal and that is to destroy anyone who...
Show Yourself (And Other Fics) by Pheonix678
Show Yourself (And Other Fics)by Hilda Melson
This is a one (possibly two) shot song fic using the soulmate au with Terry and Marinette. Enjoy .