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{1} ✔︎ The other Todd (Percy JacksonxBatfam) by Reed_Pebble
{1} ✔︎ The other Todd (Percy Reed_Pebble
- After the Giant War Percy has to go live with her brother in Gotham. Only problem is, her brother is Jason Todd A.K.A The Red Hood --{Highest Ranks}-- 1 in #Batman...
Devastating by OliJo315
Devastatingby OliJo315
Disclaimer- I don't own the characters they belong to Zagg and DC Daminette: School Trip Those who know of him, think of Damian Wayne as the cold and calculating blood s...
finding a demigods home (fempercy Jackson x justice League) by eveaning_stars
finding a demigods home ( LJ
*Warning* it isn't that good; neither is it accurate, I'm just bored; I'm older. Monsters are more afraid now and avoid me for easier pray. I got a job and started my ow...
The Legends I've become by StreamJacksonRiddle
The Legends I've becomeby The Wolf Bandit
(Fem. Percy) Percy Jackson friends and Family (Mortal) have all been killed and the Fates decree that Percy will be sent to a different dimension de-aged to Eight years...
Robin/Avengers CrossOver by ShadowandAriasStorys
Robin/Avengers CrossOverby Shadow's Stories
Robin/Dick Grayson is teleported to the marvel universe. Will he make new friends or enemies? Will he go home? I do NOT own any charters OR pictures! Written by: Shadow'...
BatFam X Reader DDLG Tingz by earfqwake
BatFam X Reader DDLG Tingzby kall me khino ✨
cum read at your own risk babe💦 x ;) get it ? lmao
Who are you? by inesucag
Who are you?by 🌿Ingo🌿
After Robin and Batman get into a fight against the Joker during patrol, Damian was hit in his head, causing him temporal amnesia. When he wakes up at the bat cave it l...
Robins's Team meets Robin's Dysfunctional Family by ShadowandAriasStorys
Robins's Team meets Robin's Shadow's Stories
The Young Justice team doesn't know who Robin is, and doesn't know he has siblings. This story is based on Dick Grayson. In the story, Stephanie, and Barbara also got ad...
The assassin and the Princess (Fem Percy Jackson x Damian Wayne) by _Daughter_Of_Nyx_
The assassin and the Princess ( Daughter of Nyx
Persephone "Percy" just finished the second giant war. The seven died... She is called to Olympus and is blessed by the gods, but she has one last mission to...
My Family? by _MyThings_
My Family?by _MyThings_
Percy Jackson and ...........the Batfam? Read to know more.
The lives I've written (percy Jackson Batfam cossover) by justyournormalgeek
The lives I've written (percy justyournormalgeek
An Olympian makes a deal with our favorite hero to travel dimensions and be de-aged to save a world that is different then his own.
mending my broken family by lwandile13
mending my broken familyby Jennifer Rose
After coming back to life. He goes into hiding seeing how little Bruce cares about him. Tim feels neglected and joins Jason. Dick gets married and moves out avoiding his...
Daminette/ Maribat Stories by OliJo315
Daminette/ Maribat Storiesby OliJo315
Collection of Daminette and Maribat one and multi-part stories, requests are ***CLOSED***. Make sure to vote and comment, check out my other stories @OliJo315 Author of...
Reverse BatFam Trash by Morally_Gray
Reverse BatFam Trashby Grayson
All in the title, Baby! Reverse batfam and other cute things for y'all. Literally the first thing I'm writing on here. It's excellent blackmail. Please appreciate the...
To Have And To Hold (Batman x PJO crossover) by DionysusIsAQueen
To Have And To Hold (Batman x Jiāng Shū
(I own the cover) What if Nico wandered out of the hotel by himself before he and Bianca were supposed to be taken out? What if he accidentally shadow traveled to Gotham...
Now you know by Hp_Pjo_Tw
Now you knowby Daughter of Hades
Dick and Jason have been dating for a while but no one knows. What will happen when the young justice starts going to their school without knowing who they are? I change...
Project Demi by TheDemigodWarrior101
Project Demiby DemigodWarrior101
Perci Jackson is kidnapped by CADMUS to be apart of project Demi but what happens when Project "Kr" is rescued by three young heroes?