Demigod in Gotham
By maddywasnothere2003
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Nico had two goals when he moved to Gotham #1- help new demigods get to Camp #2- don't meet the Waynes He didn't have anything against the family, how could he when he was only told about them the day before he moved, but he had heard about the serial adoption of black haired kids. He already had a strained relationship with his father, he didn't need a second one. -------- As Nico sat in the park with the random boys he befriended, he finally felt normal. They didn't know who his father was; hell, they thought his father was dead. He was quite literally the most free he had been since Italy and even then, it was under Mussolini at the time so that was a bit of a stretch. The calm seemed universal throughout the group until Tim's phone rang. "Oh shit, it's Bruce." Immediately all of them were on alert scanning the surrounding area while Tim talked on the phone, panic in his eyes. "He was on the other side of the park for a walk between meetings and saw a picture of us walking in the park online," Tim said as soon as he hung up. "Wait wait wait" Nico said as Jason looked like he was preparing to literally throw him into the tree. "Bruce as in Bruce Wayne? You're the Wayne's?! And why are you acting like he's gonna shoot me on sight?" "He's gonna shoot adoption papers at you." Damian mumbled, once again begrudgingly reviving a high five from Tim and Dick. Jason just rolled his eyes as he made his hands a step for Nico to get in the tree. "Yes we're the Wayne's. How do you know of us, but not have a clue what we look like?" Nico climbed onto the lowest branch that was a good six feet off the ground. "I was technically homeless until a few months ago and just got a phone last month, sue me for never seeing a picture," he said in a whisper yell before continuing to scale the tree. -------- Daily updates at 12:15am EST

1) Intro

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Demigod i...
by maddywasnothere2003