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The Daughter of Batman (Bruce Wayne) ~ A World of Shadow by andyx3xo
The Daughter of Batman (Bruce Wayn...by annieangel
This is the story of the daughter of Bruce Wayne. After an accidental date rape drug incident by Harley Quinn on Batman, Victoria struggles to find her place in the worl...
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Damian and Titus- A Service Dog Fanfiction by CanonShipPrincess
Damian and Titus- A Service Dog Fa...by CanonShipPrincess
Damian's PTSD gets him a service dog, a Great Dane named Titus. Damian is attending a boarding school with Jon, Titus at his side. Every night, Damian sneaks out with Jo...
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Damirae: My human side. by TheNotoriousPotato
Damirae: My human side.by TheNotoriousPotato
Who knew Damian Wayne, and assassin, and unbreakable human beeing had a human side. And the only one who could bring it ot the light was his love, the half-demon known a...
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I'm Fine By Myself|| Damian Wayne by Skybolina
I'm Fine By Myself|| Damian Wayneby Skye
As Damian becomes increasingly reckless during his and his father's nightly crusades, Bruce begins to worry for his son's welfare - especially since Damian doesn't have...
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Damirae:Oneshots by XxdamiraeXx
Damirae:Oneshotsby XxdamiraeXx
This is just a little collection of short Damirae one-shots. Hope you all enjoy them! :) Disclaimer: I do not own the picture that I used to make the cover. All credit g...
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Damian Wayne x reader by bubblybear13
Damian Wayne x readerby Jessica
This story is like the movie The lion king: Simba's pride it will be changed a bit and this is my first story so I'm sorry for all the mistakes and missing punctuation...
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Love Means Pain by Sandroulx
Love Means Painby Sandroulx
Raven knows Damian very well and she knows that he has a beautiful heart. But passing two years with him change the way she was looking at him and thinking about him. Sh...
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 Love birds: Damirae by XxdamiraeXx
Love birds: Damiraeby XxdamiraeXx
Damian and raven find out they have feelings for each other but what happens when a certain beast boy tries to get between them? What will happen to the when Terra tags...
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Batfam fluff by Louis-Tomlinson-Stan
Batfam fluffby Ella Eder
Just some BatFam fluff Mostly stuff is about Damian cause he my favorite (fight me) Also you should comment, I love reading them❤ I OWN NOTHING (DAMIJON) (ALSO DAMIAN IS...
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King's Wife by author_sayali
King's Wifeby author_sayali
10M+reads! #1 in both Romance and General Fiction Hotlist (Highest Rank)! Find out what the fuss is all about! Meet Mia - Brilliant, but dorky, she wants a divorce from...
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Dilema Familiar by Karimi05
Dilema Familiarby Karimi
Tierra #243 Bruce Wayne y Clark Kent están casados, ambos viven en la ciudad de Gotham, tienen una pequeña familia conformada por sus dos hijos, los pequeños Damian y J...
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The Rich Boy (Damian x Reader) by LividEnder
The Rich Boy (Damian x Reader)by Ender
Young Damian goes to a new school in Gotham but after meeting a girl that changes everything she gets sent away. when they reunite will they be the same?
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Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by sophoeniz
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNEby soph(ia)
"I don't have time for love." ~ 17 year old Damian Wayne decided to lock the door towards his heart ever since he was a child. It was impossible for anyone t...
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Converting the Bad Boy ✔ by Aishabella13
Converting the Bad Boy ✔by A.S.
Highest Rank: #1 in Spiritual 16/08/16, 23/08/16 & 05/09/16 Mariam is a devoted Muslim. She goes about her high school life in the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T) and neve...
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A sister to protect by SassyMel31
A sister to protectby amelysyah
This is a one shot series in which Bruce Wayne ever adopted a girl. How will life be for our four favourite boys? AU, OC, Fluff, lemon. Anything that your heart desires...
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25 Days of Batfam by spiderwiz
25 Days of Batfamby Spiderwiz
This December, I give to you... 25 days of Christmas, Batfam style! This will be a 25 chapter series of multiple oneshots, all focusing on Christmas with the Batfamily...
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Gods Among Us (PJO/DC) by megann_tan
Gods Among Us (PJO/DC)by author?
A boy that had no friends. No family. Nothing. He started off with everything he ever wanted and took it for granted, and now it's all gone. Who is he? Nico di Angelo. T...
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Family Visit (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
Family Visit (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Third one shot. First: Surprise! Second: We Are Family Bruce Wayne x OC x Superman hint of relationship Reincarnation Vampire Diaries Justice League The Originals
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The Family of Bats (DRABBLES) by RobinLover4Ever
The Family of Bats (DRABBLES)by RobinLover4Ever
Drabbles of the Batfamily! WARNING: This story covers many topics, each chapter is a new drabble/story unless otherwise stated! More tags later! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHIN...
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Superman's daughter ( Damian Wayne love story) by SamiKW
Superman's daughter ( Damian Wayne...by SamiKW
Jon isn't the only child of Clark and lois. Lara Kent is a normal 15 year old girl living in Metropolis with her twin brother Jon and her parents. She also so happens to...
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