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DC vs Geek  by Erin144000
DC vs Geek by Erin
When a crazy, clumsy girl gets thrown into the delightful world of DC she gets into a whole lot of trouble with not only the the bad guys but also the entire justice lea...
MAELSTROM [femPercy x DC] by 123causewhynot
MAELSTROM [femPercy x DC]by 123causewhynot
It's a new day. Bruce Wayne has been living the normal life. Billionaire Playboy by day, and Batman by night. Until recently, that is. He's noticed someone watching him...
Violet (Batboys Fanfic) by Hello-Bees
Violet (Batboys Fanfic)by Em
Violet Mercier is a pretty huge fan of DC Comics to say the least. Then somehow she ends up in their world. When she saves Nightwing and accidentally calls him by his na...
Jason Todd x Reader by fandomqueen74
Jason Todd x Readerby fandomqueen74
Collection of one shorts and short series featuring Jason Todd.
Pretty Boy: Yandere (Platonic?) Batfam x Male Reader by ruusie
Pretty Boy: Yandere (Platonic?) rus
You've spent the majority of your life on the streets. You might not know how to wield a sword, or know martial arts, but you know how to punch, and that alone kept you...
Watch the eyes Daminette by Yuktha2004
Watch the eyes Daminetteby Yuktha2004
Ice blue that holds everything meets green full of mystery and cunning Let's make this story a little bit more different from the rest of the daminette books. Marinette...
lucy in the sky with diamonds; jtodd by winterwidxw
lucy in the sky with diamonds; 𝘭𝘶𝘪𝘴𝘢
❝you're initials spell lsd I can't take you serious❞
Bloodbath || A Batsis OC Fanfiction by JumpyBox13
Bloodbath || A Batsis OC Fanfictionby Jumpy
She's the spare, the extra, the unwanted. The thrown-aside twin of the Heir. She wasn't meant to be born. She was weak, vulnerable, emotional. It made so much sense fo...
Batfamily one shots by AM080705
Batfamily one shotsby AMmythology girl1789
One shots, incorrect quotes and songfics with the batfamily. Come check it out. Requests are closed until further notice. No NSFW Hope you enjoy.
Batfam x Reader by ashlynnrossetti
Batfam x Readerby Jason Todd
Just a collection of stories from my tumblr
Bats is going to kill us! (Batboys fanfic)  by _Anxiety_sucks_
Bats is going to kill us! ( _That_Autistic_Writer_
What happens when you leave a Child-like 16 year old with a resurrected 14 year old and Genius 12 year old a assasian 8 year old and a portal all in one room. CHAOS THAT...
Behind The Mask • [YoungJustice/BatFamily] (SLOW UPDATES) by ArtistDreamcatcher
Behind The Mask • [YoungJustice/ N E R D
What if, on a mission, the criminal Red Hood was shot? What if he accidentally used the wrong zeta tube and ended up in Mount Justice instead of the Batcave? How would t...
Batfam Memes by take_the_crossover
Batfam Memesby take_the_crossover
Some lovely memes on the batfam. Mostly on the batboys though. Updates are whenever I feel like it. There is minor language and dark humor so I would not recommend someo...
batboys x reader  by anxiosaf
batboys x reader by anxiosaf
just some oneshots about our favourite boyz;
The Justice League Groupchat | ✐ by astrababee
The Justice League Groupchat | ✐by 「✰」
|| #1 JLA 1•5•19 #1 BillyBatson 9•16•18 || Basically where a bunch of badass superheroes all come together in one groupchat filled with the most random conversations eve...
Glad I found you (Damian wayne x male reader) by ediwdacp
Glad I found you (Damian wayne x ediwd or Eddie
Damian is finally back in Gotham. Bruce forces him to try and life a normal life during the day. Damian is recovering over his break up with flatline and realizing he ha...
Protection - [BatFamily] by natureprincess48
Protection - [BatFamily]by Moved To ArtistDreamcatcher
There have been a recent string of attacks targeting Wayne Manor. The family have been placed in danger, bullseye targets spray painted on their backs and red dots trai...
The Immortal Maid by mikan-chan-the-one
The Immortal Maidby you can call me mikan but my...
The Wayne family need more personnel so they hired a new maid. With their secret they have to keep she in the dark at all time but she has a secret as well. warnings men...
Random DC Gay Oneshots by PixeledKuudere
Random DC Gay Oneshotsby Hayden.M
D.C. GAY ONESHOTS Started: 30/05/2017 Finished: 11/04/2019
The Midnight Crew- A Batsis X Batfamily Fanfic by JumpyBox13
The Midnight Crew- A Batsis X Jumpy
Sevanna was the delinquent, the disappointment, the failure of a Wayne. She was always left out, yelled at, given up on, deemed useless, ignored. Nobody in the Wayne fam...