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Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Highschool DXD by Jp36346
Ghost Rider (Male Reader) x Jp36346
During the height of the Great War, there emerged a new entity created by God to protect the innocent lives of humans. This new entity was the Angel of Justice, otherwis...
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Rider by werewolf7745
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Riderby Son Of Stope
Stiles loves his pack his family but when he finds out that some one he cares about is dying he makes a deal that would save their life but damn his soul ...
Izuku x Ghost rider by SeanDanielBarro
Izuku x Ghost riderby Zack Necropolis
Quirkless and abused, This was Izuku Midorya, A young boy born without a Quirk in the world where power is everything. He longed to be a hero, Only to be neglected by Hi...
Flame Boy by Lilster1232
Flame Boyby Lilster
Stiles has always been known as the weakling of the pack. But lately he's been neglected by the Pack, not being invited to meetings and Getting many dirty looks from the...
Spirit & Titan by VengefulSp1r1t
Spirit & Titanby VengefulSp1r1t
When mankind in an another universe is on the brink of extinction from giant man-eating creatures and those in power, a Spirit of Vengeance is needed to fix things
Izuku Midoriya : The Ghost Rider by OtherwiseR00K
Izuku Midoriya : The Ghost Riderby OtherwiseR00K
Izuku was one of the 20% born quirkless his family was overprotective stopping him from doing things he wanted one day they took it too far and he left. Six years later...
Son of the Rider by Sandman7504
Son of the Riderby Sandman7504
A quirkless Izuku Yagi was neglected by his parent's and bullied by his sister, Izumi along with her childhood friends, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki, in an effort...
Ghost Rider Izuku by JinzoKing222
Ghost Rider Izukuby JinzoKing222
Two Siblings living with their Drug addict parents, Izuku and Izumi have lived The literal Hell on Earth But Izuku caring for his Sister Protected Her from being hurt i...
Avengers: With Ghost Rider, Deadpool, and Venom by SethCauble
Avengers: With Ghost Rider, Seth Cauble
Imagine if Ghost Rider, Deadpool and Venom were also part of the Avengers team. Can they help save the world from Loki? What do they do?
Fate/Vengeance Untold by RedRider666
Fate/Vengeance Untoldby Red666
"I ride, and Hell follows with me." - Ghost Rider Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or videos that might be used
Fear The Flames [Hazbin Hotel/MCU Crossover x Male Ghost Rider OC] by ShallotStudioz
Fear The Flames [Hazbin Hotel/ Haedn
Hell... a place where all sinners go. Ever wonder who brings the worst of the worst there?
fairy tail: the ghost rider  by flamebaron20
fairy tail: the ghost rider by flamebaron20
Lucas zarathos heartfilia is the son of Layla heartfilia and the ghost rider himself zarathos, shit is about to get real.
The Justice League's Spirit of Vengeance  by S0ulR3ap3rIchig0
The Justice League's Spirit of S0ulR3ap3rIchig0
Sean Tanner, aka the Ghost Rider, gets roped into the League after being seen during one of their fights. Now he works with the heroes, keeping the Rider in check while...
GhostWatch (FF) by Commander_Knight145
GhostWatch (FF)by MoonKnight
Charles Williams isn't what a hero is thought to be. He is someone completely different. So, I wanna try something different, if you are a fan of 'The Overwatch Initiati...
remake ghost rider izuku(Adopted By EYPlayz)  by fanchristpo
remake ghost rider izuku(Adopted fanchrist po
after the incident in USJ, izuku was entering his dorm when he saw everyone looking at him, izuu didn't knew that he was framed for stealing a hero files, then his life...
What If Luz was the Ghost Rider? by KaijuLord54
What If Luz was the Ghost Rider?by KaijuLord54
This is a fanfiction of how The Owl House would play out if Luz became the Ghost Rider.
MHA Watches the Multiverse by OtherwiseR00K
MHA Watches the Multiverseby OtherwiseR00K
I've been itching to make my own version of this, so I welcome you to the ride that is MHA watches the Multiverse. Uploads will be few and far between.
The Original Gunter- Ready player one Fanfic by Sandman7504
The Original Gunter- Ready Sandman7504
Before his death, Halliday had a son who was named (Y/N). No one knows when he was able to have a child but there he was. He gave (Y/N) a choice of a character model tha...
The Venomous Vengeance  by Loserhighway
The Venomous Vengeance by Hello there
The most terrifying hero to ever exist. The host of a rider and a symbiote. What could go wrong with such a combination?
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/DA) by Nevan-UniverseDragon
Myth to Reality (Male reader x K/ Ark
(A little side project to give you all something to read) Everyone one is told of fairy tales as a child. Some to make you wonder, some to put you to sleep, and some to...