Chasing You by YuiFreymore
Chasing Youby YuiFreymore
"Do you want to live?" "If so, sign a contact with me." The young man gazes up with a faint smile on his face, "Yes." Whether you are a dem...
  • magic
  • r18
  • beastiality
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Stupid Retarded System by Rand0m_Trash
Stupid Retarded Systemby PieDino
"What the hell!!!!!" [I'll take that as a yes, prepare yourself!] "Nooooooooo" [Transporting 10%...20%...50%....90%...100% Host you are about to be...
  • wattys2018
  • adventure
  • random
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Affliction by CrystalJJohnson
Afflictionby Crystal J Johnson
Fighting to Stay Alive & Battling Not to Fall In Love. Quinn Ellery has one priority since the U.S. was quarantined from the rest of the world-stay alive. For over a ye...
  • featured
  • action
  • scifi
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Death's Awakening by SarraCannon
Death's Awakeningby Sarra Cannon
Life is about to become a nightmare... Sixteen-year-old Parrish Sorrows lives in the shadow of her prodigy sister, ignored by her parents and shunned as an outsider at h...
  • multicultural
  • fastpaced
  • supernatural
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Male Reader X Zombie Apocalypse by That_guy4TW
Male Reader X Zombie Apocalypseby That_guy4TW
This is a story that stars... YOU! it takes place in an apocalyptic town which has been struck with a zombie virus. On your way you will meet a lot of colourful characte...
  • sad
  • endoftheworld
  • malereader
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Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story - by ReissRow
Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -by Ross
Rain falls from the clouds and plummets down to the lands where it is then devoured by the earth. Rain is what helps the earth and its inhabitants thrive; but now, rain...
  • dead
  • walking
  • zombiesurvival
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Zero by JustACalendarDay
Zeroby Cassie
The world's gone to hell. People are eating each other. Literally. Eating. Each other. I'm just doing my best to keep myself and the quirky mismatched group of people I...
  • adventure
  • action
  • lovestory
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Carl Grimes Imagines by lilac_grimes
Carl Grimes Imaginesby :)
Requests are open!
  • zombieapocalypse
  • twdimagines
  • walkers
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Apocalyptic ➸C.G. by glennisbae
Apocalyptic ➸C.G.by depressed™
The world around Sophie is crumbling to pieces as she attempts to survive amongst the walking dead. But one boy may be able to change the terror-struck atmosphere which...
  • glaggie
  • daryldixon
  • carlgrimes
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Perfect Cannon Fodder by irene_ee987
Perfect Cannon Fodderby Irene
While driving home from school, Yu Yan ended up in a car accident because her favorite novel was updated. She wanted to read as soon as possible because she would finall...
  • psychological
  • fantasy
  • cannonfodder
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100 Days in Deadland by RachelAukes
100 Days in Deadlandby Rachel Aukes
Book 1 in the Deadland Saga (zombies!) In one day, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wan...
  • midwest
  • dante
  • apocalypticsciencefiction
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Get Out Alive (The Last Of Us Joel x Reader)  by frafantoTWDG
Get Out Alive (The Last Of Us Joel...by _Libertalia_
When the outbreak started, (Y/N) was only a teenager. Her eighteenth birthday was only a few days away when it all went to shit. She'd flown from her hometown down to Au...
  • tlouxreader
  • thelastofus
  • fanfiction
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Deadland's Harvest by RachelAukes
Deadland's Harvestby Rachel Aukes
Book 2 in the Deadland Saga (zombies!) The seven deadly sins with a shambling twist. It has been one hundred days since the zombies claimed the world. Cash, along with...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • zombiesurvival
  • zombieapocalypse
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Just Keep Walking by mrsjonesgrimesrhee
Just Keep Walkingby mrsjonesgrimesrhee
Mary Grimes was dying after the prison attack. She would have died, if Michonne hadn't saved her when everyone else, including her father, presumed she was dead. Rick G...
  • walkingdead
  • thewalkingdead
  • carlgrimes
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To the Start of a New World by tinyrobot
To the Start of a New Worldby ars
Zombie apocalypse setting. Everyone loved Lu Hao. He grew up in a happy family; everyone loved him; fate smiled upon him. Yet somehow, something in his perfect life was...
  • danmei
  • zombieapocalypse
  • bl
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Play Your Cards by allynicol
Play Your Cardsby just.a.small.writer
Ace, the Queen of the Apocalypse as most know it. She rules the world with an iron fist. The girl said to be independent, nonaligned, sufficient, and self-ruling. But th...
  • death
  • zombieapocalypse
  • garnett
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Surviving Together | Katsudeku by Nowaystop34
Surviving Together | Katsudekuby ;)
After chaos is brought to the world, Izuku finds himself suffering from his losses and is on the verge of committing suicide. Then, someone familiar finds and saves him...
  • katsukibakugou
  • zombieapocalypse
  • bakudeku
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Kill First, Feel Last ; Daryl Dixon by ash-le
Kill First, Feel Last ; Daryl Dixonby Ash
"We need to get out of here." I half whispered as I watched his crystal blue eyes bore into mine. "We ain't goin' no where, Kaylie." He said. "...
  • romance
  • death
  • normanreedus
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Daryl Dixon -X reader - the hunter and the doe. (Wattys2016) by -anonymous_fangirls-
Daryl Dixon -X reader - the hunter...by Currently fangirling
The group of survivors find you soon after the world turns to shit, you go with them and become a prized member of the group, you meet and lose people on the way but how...
  • dixon
  • fiction
  • insert
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The Last Day (Lauren Jauregui Y Tu) by Dxmxn-
The Last Day (Lauren Jauregui Y Tu)by Lover✨
No importa lo que suceda a mi alrededor nunca dejare de amarte y te buscare hasta el fin del mundo, o hasta que muera en el intento. Creditos de la portada a @Anxxl-
  • dinahjane
  • fifthharmony
  • zombies
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