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Yuri Smut stories by LeuneviNauru
Yuri Smut storiesby Leunevi Nauru
you must be really lewd to read these kinds of things, but I'm more lewd since I'm the one writing them so please enjoy, so seat back and relax while reading the story...
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Protect yo heart  by sunnydxx
Protect yo heart by Ra’Deidra Flowers
Ashonti a teenage girl has to step up and take on some heavy responsibilities at a early age. Growing up with out a father is hard especially when your mother isn't the...
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Black Diamond by Namelessscribe
Black Diamondby Ugochi
For over two thousand years ARCHESS ASARU has fought in his people's seemingly endless battle against the Dolomites and their dreaded thue'sukh mounts. That is, until a...
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The Iron Alchemist by ErichW
The Iron Alchemistby ErichW
When an alchemical duel to the death brings seven unlikely strangers together, fifteen-year-old Boone must convince them that teaming up is the only way to survive. ...
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She Belongs To Krampus  by totorowritesbooks
She Belongs To Krampus by Ronnie Lilac
His tongue clicks behind his sharp canines, "Torture..." The word Rolls off his tongue with a sickening charm, "or personal lackey?" I am not sure w...
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Ash, a 5'4 fighting machine with a heart like steel. Luna, a 5'5 coward who's afraid of a lot of things. River, 6'0 cuddly giant who can invent things and be cute at the...
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None Shall Pass: A Tale of the Venezuelan Diaspora by Sam_le_fou
None Shall Pass: A Tale of the Sam Camp
A Semi-biographical snapshot of three decades of turmoil as Miguel Calabrese, son of middle-class doctors, spends his formative years navigating the changing politics of...
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Montana moments Book 3 by Heatherdeane83
Montana moments Book 3by Heatherdeane83
So I have this book mostly done but I dont have it put into wattpad chapters, nor do i have a proper cover or title. I am still going to put it up as I can and hope that...
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You Can Call Me Daddy by WhereTheWldThngsR
You Can Call Me Daddyby WhereTheWldThngsR
♡♡♡ Ranking as of 1/19/20 #7: Adult #95: Wolves #88: Forbidden #29: 18Plus #330: Mates #259: Luna #129: Kinky #161: Soulmates #199: Age gap #14: Power Couple #170: Submi...
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H O L D ME||#8 by PleaseFancyMe
H O L D ME||#8by Fan’Cee
Book #2 He found love again and then he ruined it. Octavius Junior messed up, and Naveh was sure to let him know it. After leaving him without a trace, Junior is forced...
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Random Thoughts Unleashed by KLAM_iAm
Random Thoughts Unleashedby Kendra-Alyce
Just A Bunch Of Thoughts That I Like To Express 😌
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The Alpha Killer by justaella
The Alpha Killerby Ella
When her sister disappears and she loses everything except revenge, it changes her. when she finds her sister again, she will change the world. Everything falls apart fo...
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Once Upon A Summer | ongoing by that1muslimgirl
Once Upon A Summer | ongoingby sumayo 🌿
26 year old Ayaan Ahmed has spent her whole life playing it safe. Everything from her career to her wardrobe has been well within her comfort zone and she was never one...
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The Noble's Hidden pet  by dragon_seeking_books
The Noble's Hidden pet by •ᴥ• 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓 ᵔᴥᵔ
⚠️ ALL ART IN BOOK IS DONE BY @Lorziel_ on Instagram and copyright belongs to myself after commissioning⚠️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A secretive Noble Vampire has taken a convolute...
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London (ADULT) by soaqued_
London (ADULT)by Oistin London
"Solidarity does much to the human. And sometimes that is so dark and delicious."
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Hungry Skies [Complete!] by thatCalamity
Hungry Skies [Complete!]by Cal
When a train robbery goes wrong, Deputy Mildred Berry has to hide her involvement from the men who arrive to investigate it, especially when she learns they're sent by t...
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Erivale: The Lost Princess by KroseWriter
Erivale: The Lost Princessby KRS
Amberleigh had been recklessly traveling between realms for years (accidentally, of course) unsure of how or why she continually found herself in a world called Erivale...
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My artwork by Gilbert-dancer
My artworkby Galen Micheal
A collection of realistic drawings done by me.
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When We Met by mazariaj2004
When We Metby Mazaria Jacobs
Raya is an intelligent girl who lives in a dysfunctional home. Her aunt hates her but her uncle is obsess with her. One night she wanted to let loose and party to forget...
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