Running With Scisso...
By Sam_le_fou
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When famous douchebag lawyer Peter Katz gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, all he wants to do is end his life as painlessly as possible. But no matter what he tries, Death seems to avoid him like a plague. To settle matters for good, he hires an assassin to take him out at a random time and place unknown to him within a one-month period. (Un)fortunately for him, a treatement is soon developed that could add decades to his life. Unable to call off the hit on his life, he must now run for his life until the one-month hunting period on his head elapses. Follow this witty story of loss, tall-dwarves, unionized suicide workers, art terrorism, and many other macabre--but funny--situations. Because what is Comedy, but Tragedy+Time? Cover by @Azanthiel

The Beginning, Where Nothing Much Happens Until It Suddenly Does

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Running W...
by Sam_le_fou