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The Marriage Contract [Completed] by imalwaysdreamin
The Marriage Contract [Completed]by imalwaysdreamin
They were strangers, yet they were about to have an arranged marriage. Xael Stewart A girl with two sides to her. She can be nice if she wants to, but when you mess...
Business First by BanditLuva
Business Firstby banditluva🖤
[COMPLETED - BOOK 1/2 OF BUSINESS SERIES] "It's not a relationship, it's a business deal." he spat coldly. ------- Amelia Davis has one of the most vivacious...
Making Babies #NewAdult  by LilyFullyLiving
Making Babies #NewAdult by Lili B
Highest rank #1 in ChickLit ● ● ● ● ● ● All it took was a few minutes for her life to change forever. Six years ago she was saved from an imminent death by a goo...
In Love With You (Arrogant Bastard series #1) ✔ by flora_flush
In Love With You (Arrogant Warda
|COMPLETED| Arrogant Bastard series #1 Rose Anderson. She is carefree, wild rebellious also sweet and kind hearted. And not forget to mention beautiful and sexy as hel...
Engaged to a Stranger by _laciela
Engaged to a Strangerby NIQUE
"What do you mean I'm engaged?" I asked incredulously. "There's no freaking way I'm-" "Read it again." The lawyer in front of me says and I...
The Revenge Marriage by satakshi22
The Revenge Marriageby satakshi sahay
Unedited Madison Stark a kindergarten teacher life changes upside down when she realized she has been arranged to her ex boyfriend's best friend. Ryan Cullen the man she...
The waitress |✓ [not edited] by ahmednafiza
The waitress |✓ [not edited]by Nafiza Abuyan Ahmed
After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal j...
Billionaire's Baby  by fanaticwriterr
Billionaire's Baby by fanaticwriterr
He needs a heir for him to acquire his grandfather's property and he wants it without getting into any relationship or marriage. After trying everything when he doesn't...
His Personal Assistant. by BleeBaybee
His Personal BleeBaybee
I looked up at the star filled night sky as the tears I had been holding back poured out of my eyes uncontrollably. My life changed in an blink of an eye so to say. Two...
A Year Agreement ✔️ (PUBLISHED!) by OutOfMyLimit17
A Year Agreement ✔️ (PUBLISHED!)by Kenadee
Jenna Howard is not your regular 19 year old. She's been by herself since she was just 5 years old. After being dropped off at an orphanage when she was little she has h...
The million dollar wife by staybaesic
The million dollar wifeby Le Moi
Chanel Daniels isn't your average 19 year old, she lives with her brother and works at a bar. Well maybe she sounds like an ordinary girl at first, but with one fateful...
Let's play pretend by ADwritingpanda
Let's play pretendby Angie
Just when eighteen year old, Elizabeth thought she'd be free to spend summer with her two best friends, in a long awaited road trip, her world comes crumbling down. She...
The Essential Bride by xLimewireJunkiex
The Essential Brideby xLimewireJunkiex
A man keeps reappearing in Demi's life, more than she finds comforting. A beautiful man who saved her best friends life and knows far too much about Demi. No one can kno...
Sign On The Dotted Line by abbey__road
Sign On The Dotted Lineby abbey__road
I stared at the contract, this was crazy. A fake relationship for money? This couldn't be real. But I thought of mom and Charlie back in Chicago. Where they live even wo...
MASON  by forevertoofar
MASON by zee
One of the most powerful men in England, Mason Campbell was cold, hard and unapologetic. The wind carries the whispers of his name and made anyone tremble in fear. He wa...
contract. [NCT TEN] by monchisungiee_02
contract. [NCT TEN]by urunloyalbijj
"We are a perfect match. Like as fuck " I said as Ten took another piece of popcorn into his mouth "I know" he then got up and opened his bag. He pul...
Marry me by Slim-shady101
Marry meby Mia
[EDITING] Ivan Trevelyan is one of the most successful business owners in New York. Dark, cold, and fearsome, his employees are forced to put up with his constant mood s...
Lady in Rags by Spiszy
Lady in Ragsby Erica Jennings
Verity Baker has spent her life cleaning up after her father's mistakes. But one day, he goes too far and sells her, for one night only, to a local lord to pay his debts...
The Bilionare's Wife|MTME book 2 by yannizha
The Bilionare's Wife|MTME book 2by Fries and Gravy
one day it all change She Just got married to someone he didnt even love she was forced to marry him beacause of Bussiness She didnt have a choice Season 2 Ang daming...
Parineeta by srishtiiii_1605
Parineetaby Srishti Mukherjee
What is it like to marry your very own childhood best friend! Whom you claimed to love! Happiness? Fairytale like? What if the ideal marriage that you ever wished for...