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Judd Birch x reader  by mochabucky
Judd Birch x reader by Michael Langdon🥺
Judd Birch x reader Best friends brother.......
Judd Birch by cuItshit
Judd Birchby cuItshit
judd birch x reader. gross
The Birch Sitter (A Big Mouth Fanfic) by Phoenixbunny02
The Birch Sitter (A Big Mouth Bunny 🐰
After a certain incident, the Birch parents have hired a sitter to watch their children as they go on a trip *I do not own the TV show Big Mouth, I only own 2 characters...
Tear You Apart by SupaDoodle_13
Tear You Apartby SupaDoodle
Judd BirchxOC story. Devi is numb to the world. But her new friend's older brother makes her feel lots of things
Big mouth x reader by dracomalfoysfoothair
Big mouth x readerby Ohmygod
When Y/n has to move in with her family friend and her family friends son Andrew because of her parents having to work to much what will happen?
Not Too Bad, Baby Doll~ by Manglesin12345
Not Too Bad, Baby Doll~by Mangle The Pirate
Val Bilzarian x Female!Reader. Y/N is related to Missy Foreman-Greenwald, she is black and white (mixed) like Missy. Duh, they are sisters. This story starts in middle...
A Demon Like Me by Manglesin12345
A Demon Like Meby Mangle The Pirate
Judd x Female!Reader You're new to school....related to Jay Bilzerian... You're emo and hate people, but you get along with Leah and her friends... And Judd...oh Judd. ...
HEAVEN! : Judd Birch x chubby reader by celestial_trapgawd
HEAVEN! : Judd Birch x chubby Your Dad
You're the Golden Girl...captain of the Volleyball Team, Great in Academics and everyone loves you. Even the school's psycho has taken a strong interest in you and hone...
Beast mode|| Big Mouth by TheIntrovertedPotato
Beast mode|| Big Mouthby ☆︎♡︎Zombie_kid♡︎☆︎
✨Read about the adventures of my mentally unstable child in this game of life✨ Look this is a Big Mouth fanfiction, that's all I got 🤦🏽‍♀️. Read it or don't, that's up...
Judd Birch x Reader by Uramehsi
Judd Birch x Readerby Uramehsi
I've lost all interest in this book and the Big Mouth fan base lol The plot: You're Gina's sister and go to high school with both Leah and Judd Birch. One day you and Ju...
Andrew gloubrman x reader. by iz123456animegod
Andrew gloubrman x I breathe air
Hello I'm kinda new to this lmao. I like big mouth it's a pretty good show tbh.
Matthew X Aiden by CallMeAmity
Matthew X Aidenby CallMeAmity
I don't see many stories about them, so here you go! I'm obsessed with them
Big Mouth  by MarlaMyschelle
Big Mouth by MarlaMyschelle
Ava Brooke Shields is a nice girl in 7th grade, who soon experiences both the good and the bad effects of puberty.
The New Girl In Town (A Big Mouth Story) by Urdinonuggisrready69
The New Girl In Town (A Big Urdinonuggisrready69
A girl by the name of Camila Cabrera is in the universe of Big Mouth! She starts of as a normal girl, but throughout her journey through puberty, and meeting a quartet o...
The Baby <Judd birch x Short Slighty Chubby reader by 25kitkatkk
The Baby <Judd birch x Short Bug Graham
YEAH I'm gonna edit all of this I promise yall
Who Needs A Boy|(bi) Matthew x fem reader by keyrstin12
Who Needs A Boy|(bi) Matthew x keyrstin12
you've became friends with nick over video games since you both live far away from each other but your mom had to leave for a business trip and didn't want to leave you...
Bigmouth Oc x Various by Honeymilk123
Bigmouth Oc x Variousby 💕Cupid💕
I don't own bigmouth Art is original to me
Glouberman Girl by Yuko_Fuyumi
Glouberman Girlby Yuko_Fuyumi
The oldest child in the Glouberman household. Rarely ever home due to her private school, also a known babysitter for Westchester County. The Glouberman's "Pride an...
⭐Jay Bilzerian X Reader⭐ by bellairina333
⭐Jay Bilzerian X Reader⭐by bellairina333
this is a story about Jay x reader. (its kinda long)