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Sorin, a small fragile boy who has been through the worst of the worst. He has never been loved by his family, neglecting him throughout his life. Sorin only wanted noth...
Jungkook Hurtfic {Replaced} by SSears90
Jungkook Hurtfic {Replaced}by BTS ARMY 💜
Jin agrees to let a distant relative he's never met live at the dorm with them for a few weeks. Its going okay until this relative realizes he wants Jungkook's spot in t...
The Youngest Beatle by xlovelucy
The Youngest Beatleby 𝑳𝒖𝒄𝒚
Short stories about the elder Beatles babying, and being protective of the youngest Beatle, George.♡ My grammar isn't the best, sorry.😘
Baby Bat by Sammy_freak
Baby Batby Sammysama
Damian is always mistreated by his father and brother but he takes t because he still loves them. One day Barbra said that Damian called her whore and slut and kept on...
Role Models by lola_madison
Role Modelsby lolaaa
Following the aggressive, yet somehow loving relationship between four teenage brothers, Andy, Grant, Landon, and Parker.
The Salvatores  by Not_for_sale_4419
The Salvatores by ༺𝑵𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒊༻
Hey guys ! I'm just a fan of TVD . And just to be clear I was never a crazy fan of stelena , delena or steroline . But a fan of them . I just love Defan brotherly bond l...
Are We Mates? boyxboy by Namaari_is_hot
Are We Mates? boyxboyby Happy
WARNING - Please do not read if you feel uncomfortable with any of the aspects of this story obtaining: - Boy x Boy, BL, Yaoi, Etc - Descriptive Sexual Content - Ince...
Brothers For NEVER  by Anchor87
Brothers For NEVER by Anchor87
Forest is a young 10 year old boy with two older brothers and a single mother. Said single mother moves in with her new boyfriend giving poor Forest two more older broth...
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
Syncope {Jungkook Hurtfic}by BTS ARMY 💜
{Requested}{Oneshot} Jungkook tries to keep up with his busy schedule but the exhaustion catches up to him. Hyungs panic when their maknae won't wake up.
Mafia's Lost Principessa by emeline_writes
Mafia's Lost Principessaby Emeline_writes
Aiden Eleanor Arcarrdi, a 5 years old living with her so-called family. She is brave like her name and is quite intelligent for her age. Her mother took her from her fam...
Mine to cherish. by literally_just_zy
Mine to zy
This fic revolves around Bedrock bros Fluff bc it's my comfort duo 😞😞 Cover made by me
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFiction by Headphones5568
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFictionby Marvel's Scriptwriter
When a certain archangel decides to drop by from Heaven, Lucifer Morningstar must deal with his eccentric and slightly over-caring brother Gabriel, who wants him to retu...
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS Brothers one- short Stories]  by Jennifer_GB
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS Brothers Jennifer_GB
These are a bunch of oneshots between Jungkook and his hyungs. In these oneshots I consider Bangtan as one family. It's means they are brothers and Jungkook is the yo...
Living with my brother by R51Dlovert12345
Living with my brotherby R51Dlovert12345
Carson Kyles is definitely a troublemaker but when he crosses the line with his parents, will his brother be able to straighten him out or will Carson continue to cause...
To Be A Family | 8th Member by _sugalili
To Be A Family | 8th Memberby Lili
(BTS) Yeon Choheun is a 17-year-old teen taking care of her brother, the only living relative in her life other than her nephew. Doing so, she ignores her childish, long...
My Kuya by g_cleffff
My Kuyaby g_cleffff
This is my life, my story and my Kuya. My Kuya By: g_cleffff
Prank On The Maknae [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Prank On The Maknae [Jungkook BTS ARMY 💜
[Requested/Oneshot] Jungkook is terrified of snakes. And unfortunately, while the members are on a reality show which they were hesitant about to begin with, the directo...
new family? (mcyt) by badboymiles
new family? (mcyt)by badboymiles
tommy, ranboo, big q, dream, george, sapnap, karl, tubbo, wilbur, techno, nihachu, badboyhalo and phil all move in together... how is this going to go? my au: technobla...
The Crooked Oak - Undertale Script Book by Corpsetalia-fan
The Crooked Oak - Undertale ZibijilPtelemiu
The Universe is vast. And if there is anything confusing that having two of yourself, it is having a vast plethora of others similar to yourself, that have the same name...
Summer Break by CrunchBuddy
Summer Breakby CrunchBuddy
Meet shy seventeen year old Danielle Cayman. She found out that she can't go on her mom's business trip this summer so her mom makes her go spend her three months of sum...