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Boys In Luv ( NAMGI) by RenuMahto
Boys In Luv ( NAMGI)by RM
"Stay away from him." "YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND." "Cute" "Don't go." "What were you doing in the class?" "Just claimi...
You belong to me (Taegi) by _Julie_suga_
You belong to me (Taegi)by Julie
Where omega Taehyung is the mate of Jungkook. But Jungkook cheats on Taehyung with Jimin. Jungkook doesn't want Taehyung as his mate. Taehyung is heartbroken of what his...
Jealousy || Taekook || by ZoyiGuk
Jealousy || Taekook ||by 𐤀 𝓜𝓾𝓷
[ completed ] A spoiled jealous Jungkook. Taekook Started:5 April (2022) Ended: 26 October (2022)
Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!) (!Completed!) by TaestheticGucci
Something About Him (!!!Taegi!!!)...by Tannie
Yoongi loves and cares for all of the members...but there's just something about Taehyung. A light-hearted, short and cute (hopefully)Taegi FF cause IT DESERVES SOME LOV...
Picture Perfect (BL Version) || #Yoonkook by Kee-Kee
Picture Perfect (BL Version) || #Y...by KT
A sweet rom-com story between two male who are different by characters and features. One is independent, Well mannered, Reserved but not so social person. On the other h...
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.тaegι|| by cutetaeminkook
"everyтнιng нaѕ cнanged" ||vĸooĸ.т...by •D•
Before, it was always Taehyung wanting Jungkook's attention, but when he found out about Jungkook having a relationship with his Jimin hyung everything has changed. Star...
STEPBROTHER ENG.Vers ( MinyoongiXBtsOt6 )✔ by syugarmanies93
STEPBROTHER ENG.Vers ( MinyoongiXB...by Upil yoongi
Yoongi is an only child, but because his mother remarried... so now he has 6 half-siblings who fell for his charm. #bottomyoongi #topnamjoon #topseokjin #tophoseok #topj...
My Sweetest Caffeine by geum_ie
My Sweetest Caffeineby Geum
💜 Taegi နဲ့ Jikook ဇာတ်လမ်းလေးပါ 💜 **Unicode+Zawgyi** From 27th June, 2021 to 4th Aug, 2021 ~
Magic In The Moonlight by Skylor75
Magic In The Moonlightby Skylor is sad
ရုပ်ဆိုးဆိုး အစခံ အနိုင်ကျင့်ခံ ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက်ကို နှုတ်ခမ်းနီမလေးတွေရဲ့ အသည်းစွဲ ကောင်လေးက ချစ်မိသွားတဲ့အခါ... ႐ုပ္ဆိုးဆိုး အစခံ အႏိုင္က်င့္ခံ ေကာင္ေလးတစ္ေယာက္ကို ႏႈတ္...
Bad boy's Baby by Bts_stan98
Bad boy's Babyby Bts_stan98
Yoongi is normal student living in Seoul with his older brother and parents. He is your typical good and sweet boy. He doesn't have much friends just one best friend. ...
Abusive Mates by 1a0z3c
Abusive Matesby Jikook
story of three omegas whose alphas are abusive let's see how they will fight for themselves.
there for me (␌)  by softnpowderedsuga
there for me (␌) by powderedsugaℝ
where jeongguk and jimin cheat on their boyfriends, taehyung and yoongi.
Trusting fake numbers-Jikook/Taegi by _ARMYofCarats_
Trusting fake numbers-Jikook/Taegiby Chicho❤️
In a world where your destined soulmate has the same numbers on your wrist but reversed. Example: if you have 25675 on your wrist, your soulmate will have 57652. The num...
bittersweet⚣myg+kth✓ by -EROTICA
bittersweet⚣myg+kth✓by anne
❝their relationship is bitter; but he makes it sweet❞ started; 5.21.2017 finished;11.22.2017 ©-EROTICA ||| highest ranks: #5 in taegi
--Pain-- // VxBTS // ||Taegi|| by ItsSugaBoiss
--Pain-- // VxBTS // ||Taegi||by ItsSugaBoiss
,, Can you stop being so clingy ? '' ,,Stop being so annoying '' ,, Stop talking ! '' ,, What are you smiling at ? '' ,, Just go away! '' ,, No one likes you! ''
Your Soul - My Heart || Taegikook by Kee-Kee
Your Soul - My Heart || Taegikookby KT
Ho-jun caught into a fire accident and after opening his eyes, he got to know that he's in someone (Min Yoongi) else's body.
MY UNIVERSE ENG. Vers ( KOOKGA ) by syugarmanies93
MY UNIVERSE ENG. Vers ( KOOKGA )by Upil yoongi
When Jungkook doesn't want Yoongi, then what should Yoongi do? Should Yoongi move on to Taehyung? This Kookga! Dom!Jungkook Sub!Yoongi ⚠Don't plagiarize my story!! and...
prince's affection [TAEGI]  ✔️ by stella_yoongles
prince's affection [TAEGI] ✔️by stella 🎀
"I hate the king,"growled the man,"and I hate anyone with royal blood in them." "oh,that's bad. Because I've came to like you very much." ...
Manager-nim?! BTS x MYG by taegre
Manager-nim?! BTS x MYGby ᴊᴇᴏɴ
Min Yoongi was hired as BTS' new manager. He has to take care of 6 Dirty Minded Members. What will happen to him? Find out by reading the story. - EDITING - Artwork in t...
Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️ by Mai_Spring
Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️by Mai
Taehyung accidentally finds himself in his hyung's bedroom, snuggling into him, neither of them realizing it but neither of them parting. The lights in the dorm were out...