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a stroke of luck | vmon/taejoon | ✔️ by kylaer
a stroke of luck | vmon/taejoon |...by rubber ducky
When namjoon falls for his sons' best friend's big brother highest ranking - 1 in vmon 1 in taejoon *before another person comment...
Pillow | vmon by DimpleMon24
Pillow | vmonby dimplemon24
the leader disappears for three days without a notice. ©DimpleMon24 // 2018-2020
Badboyz (vxbts) by _fluffytaetae
Badboyz (vxbts)by Flufftaetae
When the biggest mafia group meets an innocent, bubbly and clumsy boy. Credit for the cover goes to : @weirdglutton
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts} by IMilkYChocoI
Mafia's Troublemaker{vxbts}by IMilkYChocoI
Taehyung accidentally witnesses a murder and now he is in BTS's Most Wanted List. ... .. . [Bottom:Tae] [Top: BTS] _________________________________________ ENJOYYYYYY...
Butterfly ( BTS Namjoon x makane line)[ON HOLD] by chimchimsgurll
Butterfly ( BTS Namjoon x makane l...by Ayumi
His pure heart was broken ... Not once ...twice . His heart has been broken into pieces as small as sand . Still his his heart was working somehow , his soul fighting to...
˙CUTE PAINTER˙ by cuddlylittleblue
Kim Taehyung is the new art student from Korea who always had the dream to study somewhere else than his hometown. When he took the plane he never thought that his live...
What if i fell in love with a guy by xoedni
What if i fell in love with a guyby XO
Namjoon and Taehyung have been best friends for years. But what happens if one of them catches feelings?
The experiment by roxbts
The experimentby roxbts
Taehyung gets kidnapped. For a week no one knows a thing about him. When he comes back things start to change. He is the first human pet. Posted on AFF a year ago,still...
owb. || REWRITE OUT NOW.|| by kooswhore
owb. || REWRITE OUT NOW.||by eros ☽
in which taehyung is taken in by six alphas. TOP!BTS BOTTOM!Tae
Baby Boy ⚣ Vmon (DDLB Story)  by -rxspberrytae
Baby Boy ⚣ Vmon (DDLB Story) by 안녕하세요
"Who's my baby boy?" "Me, Daddy! Me!" (idc if you don't ship them. don't read it if you dont wanna. I honestly ship any bts members together)
Wears pastel (VMon) by VMin_Tae
Wears pastel (VMon)by N!c*le
"You're cute" "What?" "Your ass looks good in pastel" "..?.." "Come on I'm just playing around, what's your name?" &quo...
BTS x Taehyung Oneshots by atiny_army_forever
BTS x Taehyung Oneshotsby atinyarmy
Y'all thirsty for some bottom Tae? Well, ..... here you go
Bottom Namjoon Fanart  by blushybabykai
Bottom Namjoon Fanart by Babie?
This is just some bottom namjoon fanart
K.th x BTS one shots by 0v3rl0ad
K.th x BTS one shotsby MiNEcRaFT GamR
Taehyung x BTS oneshots, I update irregularly but at least once a month Please leave suggestions, you can comment them or send me a message :)))
 omega \\ taehyung X bts by taebbyboy
omega \\ taehyung X btsby <3babygirl<3
Taehyung is a young omega, and is hidden away from his six alpha members until debut. They don't know about him yet, and won't get to meet him until they take teaser pho...
Skirt || Vmon (NOT COMPLETE)   by Seok_Bean
Skirt || Vmon (NOT COMPLETE) by Bean
Henlo ^-^ "Why are you wearing a skirt?" "Because it makes Daddy horny~" "You got me..." Top? Taehyung Bottom? Namjoon I? exploded I'm? l...
p є α c h є ѕ  α n d  c r є α m || vmσn & nαmgí {rewriting) by _softjoon
p є α c h є ѕ α n d c r є α m ||...by yamaguchi best boy
Namjoon's life wasn't quite like the ones you see in movies. Taehyung and Yoongi has been best friends for longer than they can remember. Put all three boys together a...
THIGH HIGHS [] vmonminby 𝓀𝒾𝓃𝓀𝓎
- " those legs would look amazing in some thigh highs „ where taehyung starts working for a kinky namjoon ::a slight hint of (v)jinkook:: cover by @jeo...
Ranger -Namjoon- by JungGooGooGaaGaa
Ranger -Namjoon-by ウサギ
Namjoon is a park ranger in a firewatch tower. He gets a distress call from a lost camper named Taehyung. Can he lead Taehyung to safety? Or will something awful happen?
rules//k.t.h+k.n.j by vixxxxxx-
rules//k.t.h+k.n.jby Jack
"you do realize that's illegal, right" "oh, i'm aware"