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Summer camp *ON HOLD* by Zoe210895
Summer camp *ON HOLD*by Zoe
"Hey baby, you ready for high ropes?" Harry cooed. Louis squealed and nodded excitedly, removing his dummy and placing it on top of his pillow, raising his arm...
Daisies [louis-centric] by swaggmasterlouis
Daisies [louis-centric]by imissonedirection
Louis thought he was safe from his past. He was wrong. - Zianourry/louiscentric [READ THE TAGS]
Ohana (Lilo family)  by -NewRules-
Ohana (Lilo family) by -NewRules-
Louis and Liam are both enrolled into Wolverhamptons Boarding School and as both are now over 18, they have been given buddies to look after. How will Liam and Louis dea...
the lonely boy by randymyqueen
the lonely boyby randymyqueen
Louis is an orphaned boy who lives a sad life in a foster home, when he makes a mistake he meets 4 men that will change his life. Zainourry story
Nothing by mini_izzy18
Nothingby izzy.r.a
Harry has always been alone. Parents are never home. Bullied by the school's bullies and no one ever notices him. Even in class. He sits alone, eats alone with no one t...
Everybody Needs Somebody by zolozen
Everybody Needs Somebodyby mind of mine
What happens when the world doesn’t work the way it’s intended to work? What happens when a little boy is supposed to be saved from a life of abuse and neglect but in th...
Niall Centric Stories [ COMPLETED ] by jollypixy
Niall Centric Stories [ COMPLETED ]by jeonsfika
A collection of Niall centric stories made by me❤ Promots are open!💕 Narry, Niam, Ziall, Nouis, Zianourry (Niall centric) you can all find it here🏳️‍🌈 My DM is always...
there's four // harry centric by 1dbandobsessed
there's four // harry centricby Avery Mae
"You're my mates?" The four nodded. "All of you?" Another nod. "And you're all Alpha's?" Nod. "And I'm your Omega?" They smirked...
Learn to Love (Zianourry/ Niall centric) by InvisibleSoul24
Learn to Love (Zianourry/ Niall ce...by InvisibleSoul24
Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are all in a loving relationship, everything is perfect. They couldn't ask for anything more. That is, until a new boy shows up at their sc...
Paper houses by swaggmasterlouis
Paper housesby imissonedirection
In a world of late bloomers and early bloomers, Louis was definitely a late bloomer. Going into heat at the age of twenty was definitely classified as late blooming. To...
Zianourrys one shots by WolfstarandLarry
Zianourrys one shotsby ✨Whore✨
look up you twat YALL REMEMBER THIS IS UNDER SEVERE EDITING SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CERTAIN COMMENTS (telling me something is spelt wrong for example) I KNOW! Thanks for...
Freedom Fighters (Zianourry) by NatLannister
Freedom Fighters (Zianourry)by NatLannister
The world that we know and love has been taken over and destroyed by an evil group called the Fearsome Five. Only five can save the world with the power of the four elem...
The Omega and his Alphas by ssst567
The Omega and his Alphasby ssst567
Harry, an Omega with a pretty bad past, found his mates at his new school, but because of his past he is very insecure, and he dosn't open up to people that easy. Will H...
Punk me out Zianourry by 1directionmyhusband
Punk me out Zianourryby 1d
Four punks... One nerd.... Niall needed a hero now he's got four.
One Direction (Spank Fic) by Zayn_Centric
One Direction (Spank Fic)by Sarah
Harry and Liam have taken it upon themselves to look out for the younger three boys of One Direction. (Prompts are open)
Caught in the act by celebrateme24
Caught in the actby MidnightTrials
Zayn and Niall best friends listen into the wrong conversation as they walked through the night to there college dorms and caught by mafia lords Liam,Harry and Louis B...
Like Water {Niall Centric} by Foodislife2001
Like Water {Niall Centric}by Where's the food?
Do they still count as sugar daddies if they are all in high school?
In The Middle Of The Night When The Wolves Come Out (Zianourry) by 2JuStAsImPLeGal8
In The Middle Of The Night When Th...by I'm a doosh
Harry starts a new college as an Omega hoping to not get a mate as all he wants is to complete his A-levels and get into uni. Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall have different...
Stay Strong by SarahWood6
Stay Strongby Sarah Wood
Niall James Horan was born two months and three days premature. He is very weak and there is a lot of things he is unable to do. Niall was not supposed to live passed a...
One Direction One Shots by StevenUniverse_Lapis
One Direction One Shotsby franticapologies
One direction one shots! I only do Harry and Niall centrics sorry! Requests are open this is currently undergoing major revision and editing! -03/25/23 **i started writi...