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dark hearts club | ✎ by blurry-face
dark hearts club | ✎by -ˋˏ lucia ˎˊ-
deep poems that speak to your soul. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ • may cause your heart to stop working • includes very aesthetically pleasing imagery • you may cry or laugh or both d...
Harry Potter Oneshots  by officiallyanxious
Harry Potter Oneshots by Saena
Oneshots of your favourite Harry Potter people! *REQUESTS ARE OPEN*
13 Day Obikaka Writings by Valen_Pine
13 Day Obikaka Writingsby ✨Valentine✨
13 "days" of Obikaka one-shots with prompts I found off of the internet 𖦹5/28/22: #1 in Obikaka 𖦹5/28/22: #1 in obitoxkakashi
SDRA2 Lovers' Choice Prompts by criticalerr0r
SDRA2 Lovers' Choice Promptsby CEO of Sannochieyomi
Guess what? It's another prompt list! Just like with my other book, SDRA2 Otp Prompts, this will have oneshots of many different ships, featuring the ones from the previ...
Writing Prompts [Book 1] by BrookeNotAshley
Writing Prompts [Book 1]by TheWriteBrooke
[***COVER CREATED BY THE HEAVENLY @somiwtp***] Are you stuck on your story? Does Writer's Block keep getting in the way? Do you feel like there's no good ideas floating...
Errormare writing prompts by Leffee
Errormare writing promptsby Leffee
Another book to satisfy my need of Errormare, my need of fluff and touch starvation, but this time I found some fluff writing prompts on tumblr. (Cover belongs to whitek...
Writing Prompts, World Building Tips And Character Sheets by Mysterious_Creatures
Writing Prompts, World Building Ti...by Mystic
A collection of writing prompts, dialogue prompts, character sheets and world building tips gathered by yours truly. Sometimes I may also write a story underneath as we...
Merlin Oneshots by NatashaStubby
Merlin Oneshotsby Natasha Stubby
1)Kill me now because ... (Merlin tries taking his life at nearly two thousand years old) 2)Merlin and Gwaine go drinking. 3)I'm here now. (Arthur returns, finds a dist...
Goodboyhalo x Jef (Jefhalo?) Oneshots by nonbinary_sand
Goodboyhalo x Jef (Jefhalo?) Onesh...by SAND
why did i make this? i have no idea- ~~ requests closed (for now) chapter updates: somewhat slow :D cover made by me :) ======== #2 in "writingprompts" - 2.22...
Crazy Writing Prompts • Part One by voidcrimsonsky
Crazy Writing Prompts • Part Oneby dfh dropout
I'm always thinking of new story ideas, or finding new ideas on Pinterest and Tumblr, and most of them, as interesting and inspiring as they may be, I'll probably never...
OTP Prompts by miki-ii
OTP Promptsby 美樹 / miki
the beauty of nature is nothing compared to the sight of you. a collection of prompts to draw inspiration from, ranging from fluff to angst with a few stories thrown in...
Stay With Me by MarsOlivegarden
Stay With Meby Mars Olivegarden
Metro man isn't the only one with powers, the only problem is you are too scared to use them till it's too late. After the sad death if Metro man, Megamind is seeking a...
Writing Prompts by wowwhatageek
Writing Promptsby wormie
Can't think of anything to write about? Lost and stuck in writers block? Here are a few prompts that may help out. All prompts are free to use! I also have a second boo...
Marauders GIF Series by howunexpectedlyso
Marauders GIF Seriesby howunexpectedlyso
A GIF series of short (Harry Potter) Marauders Era imagines/prompts. Feel free to use any of these however you may wish with or without crediting me. Requests are open a...
Looking for a book of cheat codes to writing? Look no further... Credits go to individual Tumblr OP's and other literary sources.
Harry Potter GIF Series by howunexpectedlyso
Harry Potter GIF Seriesby howunexpectedlyso
A GIF series of short Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts imagines/prompts. Feel free to use any of these however you may wish with or without crediting me. Requests are ope...
Survival Of the Fittest: 2022 by ShutUpAndWriteClub
Survival Of the Fittest: 2022by Shut Up and Write
Everyone loves prompt writing contests and you can't get much better than Survival of The Fittest. Submit your original characters into the contest and see how they cope...
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐆𝐀𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐄, writing tips by lokiikonik
𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 𝐆𝐀𝐋𝐎𝐑𝐄, writing tipsby 月読.
LOVE GALORE ━━━━━━ WRITING TIPS in which i share writing tips with my fellow friends and writers, also cause i need major help with writing skills!
Writing Prompts for the Sleepy Imagination by BasilGrey
Writing Prompts for the Sleepy Ima...by B a s i l
Suffering from pesky writer's block, or just like to read writing prompts? Have an imagination that likes to nap when it should be helping you write? Yeah, same here. He...