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A story of romance,comedy and teen life...what you need to relax you're mind?
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What My Heart Says by Broken_lrig
What My Heart Saysby Broken_lrig💜
This book contains quotations, sayings, etc. from my own mind and heart. Some of it are inspired by my past experiences, current situation or emotions. I hope you enjoy❤...
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MR .Bad Boy(slowly editing) by alice_the_writter
MR .Bad Boy(slowly editing)by Alice
Hi my name Alice Jones ,I'm 17 years old I'm a senior in high school. I'm your typical teen girl likes to go shopping And hang with friends,my two best friends are Cry...
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Arranged Marriage (Completed) by zivalovesbooks
Arranged Marriage (Completed)by Ziva
Vivaan and Rhea have known each other from childhood but they hate each other so much that they can't even talk to each other properly..they hav a horrifying past respon...
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Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED] by annasteffey
Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED]by ♥︎ Anna ♥︎
-Slowly editing- Nineteen year old Isabella Gallagher has the best life any young adult could ask for. She is acing nursing school, she has an amazing...
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•instagram• by ItsAloo
•instagram•by imagine...
•brandon arreaga•
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The Wedding Planner✔️ by thepeachygirl02
The Wedding Planner✔️by Rue
It has been eight years since the painful separation of Alexis and Kyle. Eight years since they last saw each other. Now they are both successful in their fields. Alexi...
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**✿❀Honey & Roses ❀✿** {Jack Dylan Grazer X Reader} by Bani69
**✿❀Honey & Roses ❀✿** {Jack Bani69
yeah lets not make this too cringey also I'm not that good at writing descriptions sorryyy so I couldn't decide if I should do an x reader or x oc so I kinda made it a...
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AutoBiography by rebeca97
AutoBiographyby Rebeca Aguila
I'm a very special girl with many abilities. I have a beautiful family, and they support me in everything I do.
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"ေမာင္" (The Pronoun : Maung) by CherryNhine
"ေမာင္" (The Pronoun : Maung)by Cherry~Nhine
" မောင် " ဆိုသောနာမ်စားတစ်ခုဟာ ကျွန်တော် ချစ်ရသူကို ညွှန်းဆိုမိတဲ့ မြတ်နိုးဆုံးသော နာမ်စားတစ်ခု... ... ... ... ။ (ဘယ်လောက် နာကျင်နေပါစေ ~~~ ခ...
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Kpop Imagines ~ by byJianLucas
Kpop Imagines ~by Jian W. Lucas
| Different stories about beautiful angels & includes Ships' between idols!| | By Jian Lucas | JANUARY EDITION ~ (2015 -) Requests: CLOSED. It's only uploaded on this p...
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Falling Perfectly [BOOK 2 COMPLETED] by annasteffey
Falling Perfectly [BOOK 2 ♥︎ Anna ♥︎
"The moment I met him, I hated him only because I knew how hard I was about to fall..." The continuation of Falling Helplessly, the story of how Miles and Isab...
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sso ki Zindagi  by ShreyaMathur5
sso ki Zindagi by Shreya Mathur
Everyone says sso is the wall and his life as in zindagi is his family but is it really true ? what or who is the driving force of the great wall of sso ? where is that...
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The Billionaire's Maid by Edsheeranzprincess
The Billionaire's Maidby Tashenia
~A love that'll never fade, though obstacles occur, for the billionaire's maid is quite obscure.~ Join Ruth in this romantic poetry, as she tries to make ends meet for h...
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A Feather From My Heart! by writerSIDD
A Feather From My Heart!by SID • سد might fall in love with...♥️💯 -▪- WriterSIDD✔
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Rainbows and Heartaches by einstakt
Rainbows and Heartachesby Anti-Social 👽 | Nightowls
"You'll heal, I promise." What a jerk. _ written by: einstakt | siijaye(cj) & animepetlover(bm)
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Winter's Idolatry by Fiapie
Winter's Idolatryby Fi
i·dol·a·try īˈdälətrē noun : An extreme admiration, love, or reverence for someone. "She was afraid her attraction towards him was increasing to idolatry."
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BTS Scenarios & Reactions  by qlorel
BTS Scenarios & Reactions by qlorel
Just a few scenarios and reactions... well, maybe 1000 at least 😏
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Deaf by Faboliciouspenguin
Deafby AriEclipse
Caleb Ander never really had a lot of friends growing up. Unless you counted his brother Chance and a few others, he was pretty much alone. He was going into high school...
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