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Poetry Slam Worthy by KaityElisa
Poetry Slam Worthyby Kaity Elisa
From pain, to empowerment to happiness to cruel valentines to broken hearts to suicide and back to encouragement and contentment, take a walk with me as I write these po...
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Fighter Or Hider(Book 1 Of The Experiments Trilogy ) by Sizzling_Unicorn
Fighter Or Hider(Book 1 Of The ♡Jadda♡
Ever since the day Jadaya was born, she never had a place to call home. Always moving from place to place, never settled in one place for more than a mere five months. T...
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Truth#Wattys2016 by pamela123267
Truth#Wattys2016by pamela123267
#Completed# Addison leaves Texas after her parents die in an accident. She returns to Texas expecting to settle down and have a normal life but when she meets her mom's...
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The Other Side by YvetteRussell
The Other Sideby Yvette Russell
Lenore almost had it all. The guy of her dreams just confessed his love for her... and then went missing the next day. And he's not the only one. As more and more people...
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Wishful Thinking by InfinityLover4Evr
Wishful Thinkingby Emma
Family Drama. Secret Affairs. Trust. Betrayal. Love. Loyalty. Love. A four lettered word that is easy to spell, but a four lettered word that is hard to comprehend...
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The Second Wife by moonboy098
The Second Wifeby . .
Every family has relatives and every family has secrets. We don't know about them because we don't live with them. This is a real life experience of black magic and dar...
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Glorious Black by SillyBug23
Glorious Blackby Selina
To be free she must ride like the wind. Rowan always had a dream to work with horses, but her parents would never let her go out and do what she dreamed of doing. She t...
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If There Be Thorns by AlyssaGames
If There Be Thornsby alyssa
*DISCONTINUED* You and Bart were best friends, but will you become something more? You follow him on a journey learning about his family's past. What will happen to Bart...
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Letters To Mars by JosellaMarie
Letters To Marsby Josella Marie
Literally a work in progress. These are letters to my son, Marshall, who is being raised by another family. This is the only way I can speak to him. I want him to know...
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The Beautifully Broken {book one} by rdheartfield
The Beautifully Broken {book one}by day
❝I showed him the picture and his shoulders fell. He didn't expect it, I wasn't surprised. When he spoke, his image began to fade and the photo fell from his hands, &quo...
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BABUSHKA: The Warrior's Angel by Zennis
BABUSHKA: The Warrior's Angelby Zennis
Born from the literary romance and speculative fiction genres (not a million light-years from The Time Traveller's Wife), THE WARRIOR'S ANGEL is a provocative coming-of...
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Lost In Time by suhana_siraj
Lost In Timeby sarcastic bitch here :P
Evangeline Francis the girl with lot of dreams and a small little hope with a big imagination. She kind of struggles with her life. She is a quiet, shy and beautiful gir...
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Maybe One Day by Kira_davies
Maybe One Dayby Kira_davies
"Scaring you yet?" He says while smirking. He takes a step forward. "N-no" I take another step back. "I beg to differ little Angel." He sta...
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Little Did I Know... (Z.M) by undertheztars
Little Did I Know... (Z.M)by J.
Rafael... or rather, Zayn... moved in next door 3 years ago. He comes across as a cheeky, troublemaking ladies-man who has nothing better to do than throw parties and...
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Paris (Interracial) (BWWM) by NudeyFox
Paris (Interracial) (BWWM)by QueenAsh
(SLOW UPDATES) I used to hate my new life. But now, not so much. I've become accustomed to having the finer things that life has to offer. Even if the devil himself give...
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The Style's Daughter || h.s. by pandababe2017
The Style's Daughter || Pandababe
an 18 year old pregnant girl who has the 'breathtaking hot and sexy man' Harry Styles from One Direction's baby! but she hasn't told harry until he got home from their t...
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Endless - Fire Burning by MedusaSterling
Endless - Fire Burningby Medusa Anne Sterling
They are the best at what they're doing. But what they do isn't necessarily good. They are excellent. They are intelligent. They are dangerous. And they are absolutely...
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All the Lies I've told by longtimegone
All the Lies I've toldby queen of doom
Pandora had always had a compulsion for lying but as her best friend, Viv chose to ignore it. Now Pandora is dead and Viv has been left with nothing but the question &qu...
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Holiday Heaven (BWWM)  by LaQoiaThompson
Holiday Heaven (BWWM) by LaQoiaThompson
At the age of eighteen, Sydney was forced out onto the streets. With no money in her pockets and no food Sydney has been wondering around the city barely living. At the...
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The UnTamed by MoonlitStar99
The UnTamedby Luna
"I bring war and I bring chaos. Hearing the screams of my enemies brings joy in my heart. They once tried to control me but I am the impossible,"
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