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Crazy Alice by OldTimeWriterReader
Crazy Aliceby OldTimeWriterReader
This is Alex's story of being Alice for a night. This was a story made based off of the song Mad Hatter. Enjoy this new contest piece!
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One Shot Writing Contest by WFW_club
One Shot Writing Contestby Wattpad Friendly Writers Club
Genre: Horror / Mystery-Thriller Theme: all about new years eve
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Eventually [#Wattys2015][h.s.] by BlueJayFliesAway
Eventually [#Wattys2015][h.s.]by BlueJayFliesAway
"Are you alright, Serena?" "No, but I will be, eventually." Serena Jay is a pretty 15 year old girl who has never even ha...
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Watt's Happening? by GenXblogger
Watt's Happening?by GenXblogger
Watt's Happening is a E-Zine, which will include tips, articles, reviews/promos, contests, writing prompts and much much more!
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The Muppet's Competition | ✔ © by MuppetsCommunity
The Muppet's Competition | ✔ ©by Muppet's Response Team
Hi-ho, The Muppet's Response Team here, excited to finally be joining Wattpad! And we are asking you to join The Muppet's Competition! 🏆 🐸 🌟
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Project Fat Suit (One-Shot Contest) by crazylovableme
Project Fat Suit (One-Shot Contest)by crazylovableme
This is a one shot I wrote based on the story by @not_present, Project Fat Suit. Liam is leaving for Miami on a plane, leaving Serena behind. He says he's going to visit...
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Love so strong by angelspuretouch
Love so strongby angelspuretouch
Six-word contest!! I soo hope I win.
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terror. an mlp fanfic by roxxyfoxxy
terror. an mlp fanficby roxxyfoxxy
What happens when rainbow finally snaps out of stress? Will scootaloo make it out alive? when rainbow faces the wonderbolts in an all out race stress finally breaks her...
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Forced to marry Ivan, a Vampire by CountryBoyChaser
Forced to marry Ivan, a Vampireby Kelsey
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Supernatural Contests by Raquel_bruh
Supernatural Contestsby Raquel_bruh
Hey! So lately i've really been wanting to make one of these, so here it is! Every contest will have a list of ten things you will have to incorporate into your story, a...
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love? | a bunch of six word love stories by haechanthevisual
love? | a bunch of six word love taemin ®
i have six words and one love story -- (this was for a contest and i was literally 11)
Short Stories/Contest Entries by TwinFoxglove
Short Stories/Contest Entriesby Kay
Contest entries/other short stories I'm feeling at the moment.
My Wattpad Love | One Shot by SyberAlias
My Wattpad Love | One Shotby Blooregard
Shane and Jules never really finished their story...
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MSFTS Friends to MSFTS Frenemies (Jaden Smith Fanfic) by victoriafanficsxo
MSFTS Friends to MSFTS Frenemies ( victoriafanficsxo
It's easy to turn a friendship into love. You just admit your feelings, share your first kiss and everything lifts off them there. But one mistake can change everything...
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The Secret Life of Vanessa and Jerbrae Black (Renesmee and Jacobs children) by Rebecca_k
The Secret Life of Vanessa and Rebecca_k
To read Renesmee and Jacobs wedding, and there pregnancy, read 'The Secret Life of Clare and Renesmee' Series
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SupaCollection - Realm 3 by SupaJayV6
SupaCollection - Realm 3by SupaJayV6
contest entries and some miscellaneous works that don't fit anywhere else.
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Angelic Buddy by Mocking_Me
Angelic Buddyby Gone
After Leila's almost death she is taken to Heaven where she meets an Angel and her new soon to be best friend. (For The Runaway One-Shot Competition)
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Story Contests! by Cole_Goodrich
Story Contests!by Cole Goodrich
It's about time I put all my story contests into one big book so we can all save on the confusion.
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