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Nesrin | A Graphics Competition (Open Temporarily) by LadySnowdrop
Nesrin | A Graphics Competition ( A. Y. Eirlys
Welcome one and all to this graphics competition where you'll be supplied with challenging prompts and decent prizes helping to improve your skill in graphics! All level...
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Majestic Inc Universal Awards 2020 by MajesticIncAwards
Majestic Inc Universal Awards 2020by Majestic Inc.
Welcome to the MAJESTIC INC UNIVERSAL AWARDS. If you are reading this it means you have been invited to participate in the most exciting awards ever on Wattpad. This awa...
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Open Novella Contest III by OpenNovellaContest
Open Novella Contest IIIby The Open Novella Contest
The long-anticipated third installment of the Open Novella Contest is finally here! We challenge you to write a brand-new novella in the span of 12 weeks. Are you ready?
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Art Contest!!! by gill_s
Art Contest!!!by Gill
Do you like to draw?? Do you like to win super fun prizes?? Then come one come all to PandaG's art contest!!! 2nd book is now out! Be sure to check that one for more act...
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Pantheon Awards 2020 by ThePanTheon
Pantheon Awards 2020by ❝ ill-fated ❞
˗ˏˋ now open for applicationsˎˊ˗ all writers, all stories. compete to be crowned winner of thepantheon awards 2020. cover by @peachspit
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Contests by rejoiceo
Contestsby 𝓬𝓸𝓵𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓯𝓾𝓵
"What if Marinette and Adrien never forgot they revealed to each other?"
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Once Upon a Cheesecake by kuukii
Once Upon a Cheesecakeby Kuuki Minawo
Ashley Zhang loved Christmas as much as she loved her cheesecakes. Unfortunately for her though, this season gave her two things to hate: the perpetual Chinatown traffic...
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Midnight Mouths by BookishPixie
Midnight Mouthsby Poetry by Urmi
There's nothing you can do when you've stolen a child from creation. But when the stolen child changes your life, what do you do? But what if it could be stolen from you...
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The Ones that Talk About Heartbreak and Love by AyoTheWriter
The Ones that Talk About Ayo
A collection of poems and monologues, thoughts that talk about love between two people and heartbreak. Enjoy xx
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like making graphics? want to practise or show off your skills? well why don't you join my graphic contest!
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Taking the Leap by RegularMisanthrope
Taking the Leapby RegularMisanthrope
Achilles is used to a life with rules and structure. Being attracted to men doesn't fit into what he considers structured. But he's used to burying things deep down, and...
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Lost Royalty by ThelittleMissReader
Lost Royaltyby TheLittleMissReader
|COMPLETED | HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN HISTORICAL FICTION| Her presence was once one that enamoured the masses. A beautiful young princess whose destiny seemed to be set in...
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Her Majesty: A Selection Fanfiction (COMPLETE) by when-you-listen
Her Majesty: A Selection reagan 🌞
Harlow Davy is a Six. With the aspiration of being a chef, Harlow is happy with her life, until her brother, a waiter, is suspected of rebel roots and is fired from his...
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The Sunflower Awards 2020 by TinyAsianEmpress
The Sunflower Awards 2020by TinyAsianEmpress
OPEN: [ ] JUDGING: [ ] FINISHED: [✔️] ➖➖➖➖➖🌻➖➖ ➖ ➖➖ The Sunflower Awards are back bigger and better than ever for 2020! This time there are mini contests to enter as we...
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The Prince and I by Heyo598
The Prince and Iby Heyo598
One crazy story. My family apparently is the one family out of hundreds that was selected to present their daughters to the royal family..... and I'm one of them. Now, m...
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Waste_It_On_Me [Jinkook] *Complete* by YJ_Kookie
Waste_It_On_Me [Jinkook] *Complete*by Wang Zin Jin
Kim Seok Jin Jeon Jung Kook ဤလူသားႏွစ္ဦး၏ခ်စ္ျခင္းဋီကာသည္တပ္ မက္ျခင္းကင္းေသာ အခ်စ္စစ္ေမြးဖြားရာ ႏွလံုးသားမွအရင္းတည္ေသာျဖူစင္ျခင္းမ်ိုး ပင္ျဖစ္ေပ၏...။
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shades of aesthete。graphic contest by aeyeonii
shades of aesthete。graphic contestby 𝙡𝙞𝙖🌙
a graphic contest where in your host makes the new rules. S4 ON MARCH 23, 2020 cover by ; eulu-xuria © aeyeonii 2018.
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Cover Entries by KrystalBlanc0987
Cover Entriesby Keyci Rodriguez
Covers entries I've entered. Your welcome to see:) Amazing cover made by: @L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE
Rozie Graphic Wars : 2020 Edition by ComfortableShows
Rozie Graphic Wars : 2020 Editionby ⊱ Roze Fayers ⊰
Copyright © | 2019 Roze Fayers | All Rights Reserved Welcome to my first ever Graphic Contest, Rozie Graphic Wars 2020. This is a graphic competition where only 21 conte...
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The Mafia King Is My Pervert Professor by pink_marve
The Mafia King Is My Pervert L.C.F
REMINDERS: This story contains graphics sex scene intended for mature readers only. Not suitable for young readers or sensitive minds. "𝐇𝐄 𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐒 𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐎�...
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