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You, my Punishment (Islamic Story) by sssilentscreamsss
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)by ~ sssilentscreamsss
"I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes...
Criminal in love (Muslim romance) by FathimaShif
Criminal in love (Muslim romance)by LiveLove
I am psychiatrist. I have been hired by one of the most dangerous prisons in the country to treat in mates with their trauma. Some of them are sentenced to life time in...
KAISI YEH MOHABBATEIN (Completed)  by HijabiliciousUnaiza
KAISI YEH MOHABBATEIN (Completed) by Unaiza Fathima
TWO COUSINS MANHAL AND ANADIA Manhal being the eldest had some responsibility towards younger clans Anadia, being the youngest had its own perks of being everyone's prin...
Piece of my heart by sunina_s
Piece of my heartby sunina_s
{ Highest Ranking 👉🏻 #1 in Spiritual/ Islamic love story } I felt hurt seeing him in pain, pain, which wasn't so obvious to him. // .... Emotions overwhelming my unfai...
That Is How Her Life Is. by fathi_af
That Is How Her Life Evasmilingdamsel
#30 ranking in spiritual!!❤️❤️❤️ #50 ranking in spiritual!!-June_05th_2017❤️ #96 ranking in spiritual-February_2017❤️ Zaina, is an eighteen year old girl who believes in...
Broken hearts mend 💔❤️  by msspharrr
Broken hearts mend 💔❤️ by Ahmad Fatima Rabiu
From the first sight of her, he knew she was the best thing that would ever happen to him. .... Laila is a very charming girl , she loves love and she enjoyed every bit...
Inevitable Flaw by OneStopDestiny
Inevitable Flawby OneStopDestiny
A collision of raw flaws inevitably divorce proximity between the innocent and the tainted. But will history straddle its suffice as means of fusing the differences moc...
Qaseh's Amore (OG) by aish_maira
Qaseh's Amore (OG)by aish_maira
[The Pattenson Family Finale Series] Hubungan yang dulunya sentiasa baik tanpa salah faham mahupun selingkuhan, kini berubah setelah tiga tahun hubungan cinta mereka ter...
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The Wrong Wedding  by Hareem_Riaz
The Wrong Wedding by Hareem Riaz
MARRIAGE /ˈmarɪdʒ/ noun The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. A tale spanning over 3 generations; tainted by lie...
Habibti [my love] by _latenightsinthecity
Habibti [my love]by Zeina🦋
Sabr [Patience]. A word I've been living in for as far back as I can remember. I put my trust in Allah to show me the right path. To show me and guide me to her if she t...
A Halal Romance by avazeda510
A Halal Romanceby zahra :)
Marriage. Judgement. Nikah. Cousins. So close, yet so far... The words swirled through her head, as she rubbed her temples. Why does everyone have to have something to...
Jack Of All Graves by qualitywise
Jack Of All Gravesby Sophia Naseer
When Pakistan's top investigative journalist, Asif Salaar is killed in a police ambush in Nairobi, no one is prepared to believe it. Will Aman, Salaar's only daughter, b...
DUA [Islamic supplication] by AllahmaidMaryam
DUA [Islamic supplication]by BINT E AADM
Assalamu alaikum, As we welcome the blessed month of Ramadan, we should remind ourselves of the importance of dua during this holy month. Allah ﷻ says in the Quran: &quo...
Undecided by fattiacid
Undecidedby fattiacid
Until that moment I had not understood that this was a story about lonely people, about absence and loss, and that that was why I had taken refuge in it until it became...
The Rays of Hope [On Going...] by Inking_Fantasies
The Rays of Hope [On Going...]by Inking_Fantasies
SPECIAL THANKS to @-thiflath- for creating that elegant front page for my book and also for allowing me to use it! ***************************************** UMAIR, who...
  5 Koleksi  + Filem by dinn9012
5 Koleksi + Filemby RazudinH@dinn
Koleksi lagu terpilih , sambil mengamalkan , "Hidup berpesan pesan " ( dan kepada sesiapa yang sudi vote saya doakan kita sama sama di berkati usia , sentiasa...
It's Always Been You. by Ansa_24
It's Always Been Ansa_24
A story of two individuals who never admitted their feelings for each other Ego, Misunderstanding, Family and Life has kept them apart from each other. ...
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2) by MaladaptiveDoc
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2)by MaladaptiveDoc
#1 in spiritual in 16/6/2019 Previously known as " My very own hijabi" Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and its evils Jannah...
The only reason by Aminaj
The only reasonby Aminaj
Humaira: It's so sad what happened. Farhan: I'm trying hard to get over it. Humaira: A tragic car accident claimed the lives of two wonderful people. Farhan: i lost two...
Jinx by reednmorgan
Jinxby reednmorgan
We present to you, probably the first Islamic Supernatural story on Wattpad! A muslim girl. Small town. A blonde boy, depth of secrets, hidden desires. Join Aiza as she...