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Healing ✔ by BoldnBeautiful
Healing ✔by BoldnBeautiful
♡Spiritual. Humor. Romance. Action♡ Zachariah is an agent, A little reckless and spends most of the time regretting his actions, but nevertheless a great agent. Sara has...
Limitless (Completed✔) Editing  by Funoun
Limitless (Completed✔) Editing by Funoun
# 3rd in Spiritual (1st April 2019) # 12 in Spiritual (11th May 2017) # 13 in Spiritual (6th May 2017) Aliya 21 single, princess of her Father and caring friend. F...
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story) by sssilentscreamsss
You, my Punishment (Islamic Story)by ~ sssilentscreamsss
"I know that we will never be a real couple, but we can at least be nice to each other Aneel" I told him. I've had enough. Tears were starting to prick my eyes...
Can I love you,cousin? by HanNeysa
Can I love you,cousin?by Han_Neysa
"Pissed off.Really,you know!" "That should i kiss you?" "You!!" "Why?Healing function." Kata orang,tak enak kalau berkahwin denga...
 Only Her by sunehrasokwala
Only Herby sunehrasokwala
Cover By:Me. He came home after six years and found her in their house, few days only he had come and she avoided him like a plague and this hurt his ego, he tried every...
Universe Of Hearts by Niqaabi_Muttaqi
Universe Of Heartsby Jannat Bint Hafiz
Universe Of Hearts. Isaa And Mayrah. Shahveer And Thanzia. Yazan And Sayba. 3 love stories. ••••• Cheaters, Don't You Dare To Even Think Of Stealing My Works. Started on...
His Troublemaker by Troublemaker_Ayesha
His Troublemakerby Ayesha♡
Meet Ayesha, the total twin troublemaker and an evil genius. Obviously she hates being girlish because that's what you get living with 3 elder brothers, playing soccer y...
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2) by egyptian2111994
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2)by egyptian2111994
#1 in spiritual in 16/6/2019 Previously known as " My very own hijabi" Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and its evils Jannah...
It's Always Been You. by Ansa_24
It's Always Been Ansa_24
A story of two individuals who never admitted their feelings for each other Ego, Misunderstanding, Family and Life has kept them apart from each other. ...
Forever Together(Mine Forever) by sunehrasokwala
Forever Together(Mine Forever)by sunehrasokwala
#253spiritual 29/9/19 Cover by ME😍 (Completed Novel) Him & Her ...Lots of drama and secrets to be unfold during their journey but their life will be filled with tears...
A Halal Love Story #Wattys2019 - BEING EDITED by leenaatif
A Halal Love Story #Wattys2019 - leenaatif
REACHED #26 IN SPIRITUAL ON August 1/2018 ---- Laila gets a wedding proposal from someone who wants to stay anonymous till the day of their wedding. With multiple people...
Got Married With A Kid / True Story by thatlovelesslady
Got Married With A Kid / True Storyby thatlovelesslady
[ Consecutive #1 on #Islamic ] "Sometimes I wonder if you're really a 14 years old or a 41 years old? I grabbed her wrist and walked out of the room. Come on, let'...
Broken hearts mend 💔❤️  by msspharrr
Broken hearts mend 💔❤️ by Ahmad Fatima Rabiu
From the first sight of her, he knew she was the best thing that would ever happen to him. .... Laila is a very charming girl , she loves love and she enjoyed every bit...
His True Love❤ by Lovely_Angel_Mini
His True Love❤by Mini Mochi
"Go straight at the end of right side you will see a red and black colour car at the back of the car you will find something". It was from that unknown number...
Halaal Love by Panda-licious
Halaal Loveby Me
Everyone is given a choice in love. To take it seriously or not. To make it Halal, or Haram. Habibah, a twenty two years old Muslimah is being pressured by her mother t...
Criminal in love (Muslim romance) by FathimaShif
Criminal in love (Muslim romance)by LiveLove
I am psychiatrist. I have been hired by one of the most dangerous prisons in the country to treat in mates with their trauma. Some of them are sentenced to life time in...
Through The Dark (An Islamic Love Story) by shakethesphere
Through The Dark (An Islamic @shakethesphere
Safiyana Al-Ameen comes from a big family- A family of power, wealth and honour. She comes from a long line of Emirati businessmen and being the only daughter of her fat...
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING) by samukasoo
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING)by Samaa Kabbar
From opposite sides of the tracks comes a novel of two unprecedented lovers. Dunya Kareem and Cameron Miller are two individuals who are so confident about who they are...
"Bukan semua benda yang jatuh ialah buruk. Sebab hujan jatuh dari langit untuk memulakan kehidupan baru di bumi." -Ustaz Don Daniyal Kisah ringkas diantara Ais...
Destined to be one by Jannatul_mava
Destined to be oneby Muskan
#16 islamic 13/01/2020 #23 hijab 13/01/2020 #35 halal 13/01/2020 #10 indianlovestories 13/01/2020 #38 muslimlovestory 13/01/2020 #15 marriageproposal 13/01/2020 #23 isla...