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Lost worlds (Voltron and PJ) by Bumble_bee_56
Lost worlds (Voltron and PJ)by Phoebe
Voltron and Percy Jackson crossover. The castle cashes into the lake, and needs repairs. Good thing that the Percy Jackson crew is there to help them. Also for some r...
Until I See You Again: War Of The White Lion by Astelliphane
Until I See You Again: War Of Astelliphane
The Paladins of Voltron have begun their journey back to Earth, but it is not without conflict. Shiro is finding it more and more difficult to hide his relationship wit...
Fixing Us [Shadam/Adashi Fanfiction] ✳️ by BridgetDiAngelo
Fixing Us [Shadam/Adashi Bridget Cagle
#ADAM X SHIRO# Shiro stepped out, looking at the crowd of people. Keith held his hand gently, his slender fingers forming around his hand. Shiro gave his hand a small sq...
Gasolina - Klance Mechanic/Racer AU by thereallesbianauthor
Gasolina - Klance Mechanic/Racer AUby the lesbian author
WARNINGS: Strong language, violence, sexual reference. This is a M/M fic. - GASOLINA 2 IS COMING!!! - Lance is a mechanic, working at the Castle Garage. Keith is a tatto...
Shine  by bishreksual_420
Shine by bishreksual_420
Lance's whole world changed when he was chosen to join Team Voltron, a world famous Circus team that he'd been admiring for ages. But will Lance find more than just mon...
outliers [klance au] by monsieurdandylion
outliers [klance au]by ✩ 𝒸𝒶𝓁 ☾
[after the events of season 8] An AU of AUs/Fix-It Fic When Keith was assigned to a mission concerning every single existing reality, the last person he expected to be c...
Strawberries Klance [Discontinued]  by crowleyfell4zira
Strawberries Klance [Discontinued] by crowleyfell4zira
This is not my comic. This comic belongs to the talented @strawberriesklance on Instagram or their main account @theonlycaliroll . Go and give them a follow!
I Love You Keith by s715116
I Love You Keithby Keith is gay
Cover art by @tricodeku. This is set before the Kerbros mission, and is about Keith and his friends time at the Garriosn, starting on their first day, ending when they f...
Going Backwards (Klance Omegaverse) by KristinaJeanette
Going Backwards (Klance Omegaverse)by Kristina
Keith Kogane is a young Junior at Galra High. When his father passes away and his mother insists of him,her and his older brother Shiro and his husband move, Keith is fo...
Jeith/Jaith oneshots and Short Stories by s715116
Jeith/Jaith oneshots and Short Keith is gay
Jeith/Jaith oneshots, along with Jaith Anniversary week prompts, August 2 -10. Some oneshots based on songs, prompts or even random things I've seen on insta. But lots o...
You're my home ~ Klance by void_valdez
You're my home ~ Klanceby void_valdez
[ COMPLETED ] "We're going home." ~~~ The team had defeated Lotor and left him amongst the quintessence, and were now returning to Earth. Many of them thought...
Beautiful Disasters [Voltron] (Discontinued)  by TheWitch_NextDoor
Beautiful Disasters [Voltron] ( Anri W. | 杏里 渡辺
Being a teen is a hard task in itself but when you pair that up with mental illnesses, society's harsh exceptations, and the need to discover oneself; you're in for a bi...
Bubble Tea {Klance, Adashi, Machel, Hidge/Punk!} [Voltron Fanfiction] (COMPLETE) by milkyology_
Bubble Tea {Klance, Adashi, audrey
Some kids, Some adults. Stress pounds their heads when their life gets complicated. Sometimes things go great, sometimes things go wrong... it's all in the fun, right? M...
Would You Stay- Klance Rewrite by godly_garbage420
Would You Stay- Klance Rewriteby Beach Ima Cow
this is a rewrite of an old story of mine. it has the same title, and I decided I wanted a more detailed story line. my original was rushed, undetailed, and flawed.(Not...
Voltron: Truth or Dare! by ImBisexualDealWithIt
Voltron: Truth or Dare!by Grace
Klance, Klance , Klance and more Klance! Leave suggestions. Other ships too! Just request in comments ! Shadam will also take place with a few Shatt moments ;)
Tightrope: A Klance YouTuber AU  by merdel11
Tightrope: A Klance YouTuber AU by merdel
Keith is just your normal everyday YouTuber. Y'know, post random video here, ask what the viewers wants there, and type up a random thing on Twitter that happened just r...
Game On | Lance x Reader(Harry Potter AU) by Calybear7
Game On | Lance x Reader(Harry CalyChameleon
You attend your first year at the new and improved Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. New teachers, new friends, new magic. You even show up to Quidditch tryout...
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Loved and Lost  by TheKpotterhead
Loved and Lost by Kaitlin Nicole
Adam had been horribly depressed and guilty since Shiro went missing. One day, he decides to try to take his own life only to be stopped by Keith. Keith brings him to th...
Voltron Daughter Scenarios by Raphewel122
Voltron Daughter Scenariosby Anime Fangirl
This book is all about the challenges that each couple face with a little girl in hand. Read about their cute little moments, the challenges they face and if their daugh...
a million dreams [tgs klance au] by monsieurdandylion
a million dreams [tgs klance au]by ✩ 𝒸𝒶𝓁 ☾
The Greatest Showman + Voltron Lance, a gorgeous trapeze artist with a backstory Keith, a miserable playwright looking for a new dream Shiro, a struggling humbug who onl...