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Locked In by AmayaHeilman
Locked Inby Amaya Heilman
Nadine Malcolm gets trapped with her crush and his friend because of a threat to the school. Watch the story unfold as their confessions are made.
Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantineby Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
Trapped - Can I Escape The Cliché? by Nihilisa
Trapped - Can I Escape The Cliché?by Nihilisa
Why did I read so many werewolf books on wattpad that kinda have the same ending and plot? I shouldn't have done that. _________ Suddenly waking up in the werewolf world...
||Together|| Robin Arellano x Reader by xeylio
||Together|| Robin Arellano x ●∘◦❀◦∘●
This story is about a girl named Y/n, her parents decided to move out of their hometown. Y/n was a new girl in school, and on her first day, she ran into a boy named Ro...
Narcissa x reader by hbc_helen
Narcissa x readerby NarcissaBlack
You are y/n y/l/n You are 19 years old Your a half-blood There will be torture and smut in it I will give a warning if in the chapter will be torture or smut Have fun re...
Leave It All Behind by thatspecialteen
Leave It All Behindby thatspecialteen
"You can't run, I'll catch you. You can't hide, I'll find you. So why don't you just give up, Sophia darling?" Sophia is an ordinary girl with a ordinary fami...
She was a rainbow But he was color blind A story about how she helped him see colors again . °•°•°•°•°•°•° In which a girl gets locked out of her appartment and a bo...
Tiger, Tiger by I-ate-Narnia
Tiger, Tigerby Narnivore
Alexis Matthews is a shifter, a member of the most coveted pack on Earth. With Alpha's blood flowing in an Omega's veins, her life is difficult enough as it is, but soon...
God's and Little mortals✅ by The_Star_Rie
God's and Little mortals✅by Little Rie
Want to know Oliver's story? check out "Oliver's Curse (new)" Rie is a 22-year-old man who loves to cause trouble and prank people. One day while at a flea ma...
Love Me. by NeetaHalai
Love NEETA HALAI (Taani)
He is calm and composed, she's loud and bubbly, It's like they fit into each other's lives perfectly, but he is not looking for Love and Love is all she wants. While the...
Death's Angel by dreamdocks
Death's Angelby dreamdocks
"You are MINE" he growled. We circled the table once more. "I am not yours. I'm leaving and that's it" I tried to say but it came out in a whisper. I...
Absolute desire (HISTORY3 TRAPPED fanfic) by Taeisbaeforever
Absolute desire (HISTORY3 Yasstaekook
Inspired by episode 12 of History3 trapped, tangyi sitting on the sofa waiting for shaofei to seduce him. Tangyi is a BDSM Club owner and shaofei is just the bar man th...
Trapped In Love by Thirsty_stories
Trapped In Loveby Thirsty writer
What do you do if the person you like never looks at you? For Forth the only way is to trap Beam in his love trap. Characters belonging to Chiffon_cake I warn the und...
{Corruption game} by espresso172
{Corruption game}by espresso172
Jayvee..He used to be a normal person.He was a high school student who graduted a while later..maybe his life was normal? The answer was no.Why?? You ask.One day he foun...
Karma's a real Bi-..sissy. by AnOdd01
Karma's a real Anon Smith
Zach was never a good person. But his fathers death left him very little to worry about ever again. He'd inherited a fortune freshman year in college. Suddenly academics...
Curiosity doesn't always win  by randomwritesssss
Curiosity doesn't always win by randomwritesssss
Daniella was always her brother's favorite, he protected her at all costs, up jntil he couldn't. When Daniella overhears a conversation between her client and a mystery...
Mona by Skymoon6311
Monaby 💕 Becca💕
After learning that her whole life and everything she knew had been a lie, Mona moves back to her roots in Romania in attempt to try and move on while raising her childr...
Short Stories Inspired By My Dreams by oop_its_anna
Short Stories Inspired By My Dreamsby Anna A.
A compilation of short stories that were inspired by dreams I had.
I Forgive You by Nocturnal_Sadness
I Forgive Youby Rachelle Lynn
" I won't jump. " She sighed, relaxing her neck. She was still standing on the rooftop ledge. Relief washed over his face when she said that, but it was quickl...
Trapped by aya_sherif
Trappedby Aya
When Alexandra 'Alex' Ryan was ten, both of her parents were murdered in front of her eyes and the killers were never brought to justice. She was haunted by the memory o...