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Apex by Spade_Bridges
Apexby Spade Bridges
A race of colossal aliens, the Tsosyrans, took over the planet in a matter of months. Humanity has been all but exterminated. The humans left alive have been caged and s...
Tiny Twins by pinkacolla
Tiny Twinsby pinkacolla
This is from my YouTube story based off of the same characters but this is a different universe I guess.
Elliot's little tiny by ijustloverobinhuh
Elliot's little tinyby ijustloverobinhuh
Robin is brought from a teenage male, she is 3 inches tall and very timid as well as frightened. She could be either enslaved, devoured, toyed with, or just be a tiny pe...
Long Past Dawn (Bakugo+g/t) by majorwriting
Long Past Dawn (Bakugo+g/t)by ~rissa~
Kaiyo had been living in the U.A. dorms alongside the class of 1-A. The only difference? The students were 70x her size and she lived in the walls. Kaiyo had to be extra...
Something in the Woods by Pikaglove
Something in the Woodsby Pikaglove
Growing up alone is never easy, Katie had spent her entire life with no friends or family to love and support her. But all of that soon changes when she investigates the...
Adopted BIG Brother  by Yammy_Potato
Adopted BIG Brother by Yammy_Potato
~First story! Hope ya give it a chance ~ Dylan, a careless and lousy orphan, mainly known for his deleterious behavior and outstanding still growing height. Many people...
Too Small To Be Afraid by elizaditton
Too Small To Be Afraidby Eliza Ditton
'Let me help you.' It's a simple request, but it still manages to leave Kaylin- a human living in the undercities below a world of towering pertheans- a little confused...
LEGEND OF THE GIANTESS  by gtslover1994
One man bore witness to the rise of the very first giantess to ever exist. this tells how it was to be in her presence.
Your Unstable Dose of G/t (fluff?) by MakeFluffNotVore
Your Unstable Dose of G/t (fluff?)by ggpotatoes
The (mostly) gentler and fluffier side of gt. Irregular updating schedule and shitty quality though so consider yeself warned Xd
Little Lottie by tinyhaley
Little Lottieby Haley
Lottie is an 18 year old girl. She just started going to college for being a doctor. Very smart and Intelligent. Lottie finds a strange object in the woods. Teleporting...
Calinthro (G/T) by The_Little_Dove
Calinthro (G/T)by Lil' Dove
((NEW COVER COMING SOON.)) Her grandmother warned her about them. Giant humanoid demons that gain your trust and drag you back down to the Underworld. So all her life sh...
BTS gt content 3 by Shrunk321
BTS gt content 3by MicroARMY7
Just random gt BTS stuff
Gt one shots by Kidinquestion
Gt one shotsby Kid in question
Just a whole bunch of mini stories If you like it favorite and comment please!💕 Any suggestions and ideas are more than welcome I get writer's block easily 😅
The Two Bottles by WriterMojo16
The Two Bottlesby MojosDojo
Tolveck and his roommate Carter have a disaster on their hands when Tolveck drinks Carter's experiment trying to make fun of his new pet. Will He survive?
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★ by __cord__
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★by CORD
The prince of the dragons, aka Jaxx, is a giant dragon who initially seems nonchalant and uncaring, but is super clingy dragon with a sweet tooth if he likes you enough...
A Human Among Giants by TheGiant1998
A Human Among Giantsby Giant1998
Join Asher as he starts college at Titanus University, A co-ed university for both giants and humans. This story is technically a sequel to A Giant Among Giants, but yo...
Crimson 13 by WellKnownIvy
Crimson 13by Ivy Novikov
Everyone has murderous intents in them to some extent, right? With most giants having been past their cravings of devouring humans, some don't. But in reality, they have...
Czytnik G/T OneShots Jacksepticeye Egos X by P4ttka
Czytnik G/T OneShots _P4ttka_
!WARNING! If you do not like this type of story then this book is not for you!! And the rest I invite on Requests for the moment closed!! I usually writes G/T stories wi...
G/T One Shots  by April_Earthling
G/T One Shots by April_Earthling
Hello welcome to my GT One shot book. If you are unfamiliar with the term GT it's basically stands for giant and tiny. So pretty much stories that include a large size d...
My big and scary mom (G/T) by B0unT_Hunt3r
My big and scary mom (G/T)by Donny
Adam was a normal 18 year old until one day, when he was in the woods, he encountered a giantess. But little did he know, the giantess would be his really overprotective...