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When actually, being the destroyer was just a temporary job. by Kingsofhollows
When actually, being the destroyer...by Kingsofhollows or King
The destroyer had suddenly gone quiet these days. Suspicious huh? So the Star Sanses and Nightmare's gang decided to check. Unknowingly to each other of course, that the...
Reincarnated as nightmare sans from Dreamtale by nelliesheerin
Reincarnated as nightmare sans fro...by Karina Sheerin
A women who loves children dies and is face to face with the decision to reincarnate as nightmare sans if she allows herself to be Karmas chosen child. 'Fgod error belon...
Unique Love (Sans x reader) by ArtCookie-_-
Unique Love (Sans x reader)by Art_Cookie~
Monsters were known as a myth to humans. It was told in an old myth book; one with a rare soul, could save all. One foolish human falls down, destined to save a populati...
Undertale x bnha crossover by cat_ninja1019
Undertale x bnha crossoverby Lucida Gaster
The player has just finished fighting sans and has left him to die. As sans turns to dust he see's a flash of light before everything goes black. He then wakes in a new...
Becoming dream from dreamtale  by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming dream from dreamtale by Karma Akabane
What if someone from our world became dream on the first day they were made and were determined to not lose their brother to corruption like the original dream did in th...
Weak but Powerful (RWBY x MaleReader) Book of RWBY by Glacier25
Weak but Powerful (RWBY x MaleRead...by Glacier25 [Redacted]
Now this is my 3rd book so let's explain this Y/n was born with a illness That apparently the doctors can't fix for some reason as he was born very weak and skinny But...
A New Save(Redux): Male Reader x Undertale Harem by OverlordAKX
A New Save(Redux): Male Reader x U...by OverlordAKX
A long time ago two races leaved peacefully and these two races were called humans and monsters, the two races were able to leave peacefully and in harmony until one day...
Becoming ink sans from undertale/underverse !? by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming ink sans from undertale/u...by Karma Akabane
What if someone from our world died knowing a lot from the undertale and their multiverse/underverse? What if that person also knew about the balance and didn't creat to...
The Pun~Tastic Hero! {Bnha Various x Reader} by KitanaHatake4
The Pun~Tastic Hero! {Bnha Various...by Dat Noodle
(Y/N) (L/N) is your average Memelord Weeb. She spent most of her time watching anime, shipping male characters together, and not doing more than what she has to do. One...
My Cute Little Destroyer by CrimsonFreakShow
My Cute Little Destroyerby Freak Show
Original UnderSwap was attacked by the destroyer and Blue was kidnapped by the said destoryer. Blue thought he was done for, this is how his life is gonna end. However...
(AU Sans x Reader) Unknown Bond Mixed With Puns *Being rewritten/edited* by ClickClickCryptic
(AU Sans x Reader) Unknown Bond Mi...by CrypticScript
You're an emotionless yet guarded person. You rarely trust anyone much less let them get to know you. But, will a few skeletons who appeared be able to break your shell...
"I know. . .  Im alone." (Error x who ever the heck I want.) by ican_english
"I know. . . Im alone." (Error x...by P U F F E R F I S H
Error gets a small break due to Ink not creating for a day or too. but on the other hand, Ink has noticed something. he noticed that when he stopped creating, Error woul...
Void [Nightmare X Reader] by LotusdeCeniza
Void [Nightmare X Reader]by Cenitos
Y/N is the Guardian of nothingness. The shrub with flowers that she protects is home to all things that are considered to be nothing. When a walk in the woods allows her...
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Scenarios by GameGeek03
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Scena...by Lune Moore
Sanses included will be...Classic, Swap, Fell, Swapfell, Ink, Error, Dream, Nightmare, Dust, Killer, Lust, Horror, and Fresh. Please be aware that the pronouns used for...
Naturetale : reborn as lavender  by KarmaAkabane425
Naturetale : reborn as lavender by Karma Akabane
(As far as I know, no one has made a story about naturetale like this so..and the only reason why I writing one like this is because of fatal error part 5? Or part 4, go...
My Itty Bitties by ItsSwapPapyrus
My Itty Bittiesby Teutonic
A box has been left at your doorstep. thinking that someone must've given you the wrong mail, you take it inside and wait for someone to come by and claim it. When a wee...
Promise me, You'll never leave me (A Fgod  X Mcyt story) by DCrust
Promise me, You'll never leave me...by DCrust
I suck at writing description.
The Bad Time Heroes - Bad Time Trio Meets MHA by BurningWoodGaming
The Bad Time Heroes - Bad Time Tri...by Burning Wood
The Bad Time Trio Meets MHA!!!! I hope you enjoy!!
The Trio of Remnant Chapter 1: Hatred (Male Sans Reader X Blake Belladonna) by Icetome
The Trio of Remnant Chapter 1: Hat...by Icetome
This is my first story and it will be about RWBY and the bad time trio, I do hope you enjoy this story and criticism is welcome ( I do not own Undertale, or RWBY, all ri...
The Crooked Oak - Undertale Script Book by Corpsetalia-fan
The Crooked Oak - Undertale Script...by ÇØŘP§ĚŤÅĻĪÃ-FĄŇ
The Universe is vast. And if there is anything confusing that having two of yourself, it is having a vast plethora of others similar to yourself, that have the same name...