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When the Stars Die by Aldrothverse_CORE
When the Stars Dieby The Home of Aldrothverse
The Star Sanses were loved by everyone. They protected the Multiverse and its numerous AUs from people like Nightmare and his gang, as well as some secret foes that no o...
The Unidentified Error  by TheUnidentifiedError
The Unidentified Error by TheUnidentifiedError
This is the life of Nightterror, an Errormare shipchild. Terror deals with having to be a prince, new relationships, and his family. All while adjusting to the cruel wor...
The Fallen Star sanses by Starofender
The Fallen Star sansesby starofender
so, in the middle of a fight dream drops to his knees in pain, nothing hit him, he screams "code black". the bad guys go back to base confused I know I'm terri...
Error!Sans Oneshots by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Error!Sans Oneshotsby 3KainNyah
[The cover doesn't belong to me] So yeah... one shots, cuz why not :I
AU Sans Oneshots by SiameseGeneral55
AU Sans Oneshotsby SiameseGeneral55
Just a heads up not the greatest at creating stories. Anyway you'll be a different reader each time but with a different Sans. I won't upload much but I'll try to upload...
my chaotic moron (inkmare) by naamacross
my chaotic moron (inkmare)by NGQueen
Nightmare had kidnapped Ink in order to complete his malicious plan of killing his brother, little does he knows, that the world has other plans for these two. cover mad...
Errink Oneshots! (Requests Open) by Gravityfalls59
Errink Oneshots! (Requests Open)by Gravityfalls59
You saw the title. I'm still gonna write my other Errink Book, (if don't know it, you should check it out!) but this is in case I'm feeling a little to down to write in...
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [fgod] by ERROR_F4N_FR34K
Reborn [Error!Sans fanfic] [fgod]by 3KainNyah
[Cover belongs to me] Error is the (forced) god of destruction, Ink is the god of creation. Both are needed to keep the balance, but while one is loved the other is hate...
Open your eyes, idiot by TicciTock188
Open your eyes, idiotby TicciTock188
The destruction was never ending and ink is getting tired. He decides to take a final battle against nightmare and his gang with his teammates dream and blue. He destroy...
Oneshots Sanscest ||| Cuz I'm bored [Requests Closed by Hungry-Boi-Horror
Oneshots Sanscest ||| Cuz I'm NO UNDER 13'S!! 13++
Sanscest oneshots Not my pictures #1 in #genosans as of 22/02/21 #2 in #repearsans as of 22/02/21 #2 in #horrorsans as of 23/02/21 #3 in #dustsans as of 23/02/21 #4 in #...
undertale Sanscest/xreader Lemons (Requests CLOSED) by Multishipper1449
undertale Sanscest/xreader Paperjam14
Do I really need to explain.......fine. Hello sinners I will be doing lemons,fluff and three somes I will also be doing Sanscest, XReader and anything else you would lik...
Baby Dreamtale (Requests Open) by Kitty44121
Baby Dreamtale (Requests Open)by Kitty44121
This was just a random idea I had. What if Dream and Nightmare were somehow turned into baby skeletons? I want this to have a lot of fluff, so, yeah. This is probably go...
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Scenarios by GameGeek03
Sans AUs x Reader: Boyfriend Lune Moore
Sanses included will be...Classic, Swap, Fell, Swapfell, Ink, Error, Dream, Nightmare, Dust, Killer, Lust, Horror, and Fresh. Please be aware that the pronouns used for...
☆ Dream Sans - OneShot Book ☆ {Request Closed} by BrightLikeStar
☆ Dream Sans - OneShot Book ☆ { Catto
Here you can request any ship but Dream is surely bottom. This inspired by @itwillallendsoon and others. Welp, hope ya like it! The picture doesnt belongs to me, it belo...
Sanscest oneshots by keshlovesick
Sanscest oneshotsby keshlovesick
New cover coming soon, don't worry.
The Story of a Reaper by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
The Story of a Reaperby ✨🖤💜🖤✨
When made by his father, the god of death, he didn't know his purpose. All he could do was kill things on accident...he didn't mean to kill them, he just wanted a friend...
Sancest Oneshots by shipper_Icewolf
Sancest Oneshotsby _Brøken._.Fałła_
fair warning I made this at I apologize for the existence of this book. information will be in the introduction. I'm gonna regret this-
CRIMINAL AMNESIAC by MissUnpopularOpinion
CRIMINAL AMNESIACby MissUnpopularOpinion
When Dream loses his memories after receiving severe head trauma in battle, Nightmare and his team choose to take advantage of the situation...
Opposite Attraction - ErrInk (Error x Ink) by NicaNixxy
Opposite Attraction - ErrInk ( •~ Ⓢ︎ Ⓗ︎ Ⓘ︎ Ⓟ︎ Ⓟ︎ Ⓔ︎ Ⓡ︎ ~•
As Ink created a new AU, he felt another AU destroyed, As Error destroyed a new AU, he felt another AU created, Ink and Error faced each other as the cold breeze...
Secrets And Saving Of A Destroyer by alchemistsouls
Secrets And Saving Of A Destroyerby alchemistsouls
"Give up Error we have your friends,if you move so much as an inch we will kill them" Ink said. Error sighed and stayed still as Ink used his purple paint to c...