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What if? (A error sans story) by melonfantasy
What if? (A error sans story)by Melon collie
What if Error has a child.
WHO ATE ALL THE PIZZA?! (Error x Nightmares gang) by ican_english
WHO ATE ALL THE PIZZA?! (Error x Frick.
Error, not knowing or caring that nightmare's gang exists, stupidly goes to destroy there au. Stuff happens. Have fun! --- I'm very creative when it comes to titling m...
Fresh New Antivirus by Hidden-Ajinn
Fresh New Antivirusby Hidden Ajinn
Fresh is Admin of the Multiverse!? This can't end well ... or can it? This is an alternate universe - er, multiverse - where Fresh is responsible for the monitoring and...
~ The Glitch by my Side ~ by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
~ The Glitch by my Side ~by tRaSh
When Fresh goes AU to AU and finds this one AU that is empty, with only one person living in it all, they become familiar with each other, as a bond grows Hahaha =w= *Ha...
Shades of Time by Firehedgehog
Shades of Timeby Firehedgehog
Twisted and warped, a child ripped from loving arms. Then time caught up. Error... no Goth wasn't happy at all. Well, at least he looked like himself again Based on an i...
The Forgotten God. by IHATEBLUENEEDLES
What if there was an Au that was never created, but forged? What if it got forgotten for an extended period of time? . . . what if he was forgotten along with it? Belie...
reincarnated as corrupt nightmare by nelliesheerin
reincarnated as corrupt nightmareby Karina Sheerin
you died and when you wake up your in a completely different world the one of dreamtale as a goest trying your best to help nighty survive the abuse the villagers put hi...
|| Catching Feelings || AU Sanses x Reader! || by sydneysayshello
|| Catching Feelings || AU im going to cough on you
You kind of zoned out for a bit, trying to piece together what they said, when the door opened suddenly. You let out a small shriek as your head slipped and you hit the...
Can't You Listen? by Dragoncause
Can't You Listen?by Dragon
"Is it really that difficult to understand that I want to stop? But I CAN'T ! It's not a WONT ! I just want you to understand that." "What kind of lie i...
𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒶 𝒯𝒾𝓂ℯ 𝓉ℴ 𝒷ℯ 𝒜𝓁𝒾𝓋ℯ! - An Errink Fanfiction (Under Editing) by Doryzitter
𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒶 𝒯𝒾𝓂ℯ 𝓉ℴ 𝒷ℯ 𝒜𝓁𝒾 Doryzitter
Why does Error have to destroy Ink's creations? And why does he seem so reluctant to do so? Let us wait and see, shall we? This is my first book. I'm super excited to do...
I Love You♡【Au Sanses X Reader】∆discontinued∆ by Meluxix
I Love You♡【Au Sanses X Reader】∆ Luxi•Luxury
∆Discontinued∆【SLOW UPDATE AND RANDOM SCHEDULE】 Our main protagonist, {Y/n} {L/n} had a wonderful childhood, She was happy with her parents but unfortunately it ended wh...
Truce (error x ink) by ZombieKitty2
Truce (error x ink)by Dead Cat
The god of destruction has finally convinced the creator to a truce, but why? and what will Ink do with his time now he can't create? Forced God of Destruction idea belo...
A Tiny Error by Doryzitter
A Tiny Errorby Doryzitter
Error has gone through multiple hells since the day he woke up in the Anti-Void. Sci and Blueberry still believe in him, but that's little consolation when he faces a br...
Mr.  Erratum by CrimsonOrRetry
Mr. Erratumby Crimson/Retry
Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the plac...
A Supposedly Impossible Friendship by ImJustHereHihi
A Supposedly Impossible Friendshipby 𝙻 𝚎 𝚖 𝚘 𝚗
What if both Error and Ink know about the balances? They both want a truce, but Fate wont let them. And if they try to tell someone, Fate just switches up their words in...
My kitty |Neko Ink x Error| by cristlegirl
My kitty |Neko Ink x Error|by cristlegirl
UwU I've wanted to do this one for sooooo long. Error hates Ink. He has for the longest time. On the way home he picks up an adorable little kitty, only to find *gasp*...
*_¥♡uR  M!n€_* (Evil Sans x Reader~chan) by Glitchy_Aleya
*_¥♡uR M!n€_* (Evil Sans x ~Strawberry_Cupcake~
Find out for yourself and enjoy while you read it....
Game Of House by ican_english
Game Of Houseby Frick.
This story is about a version of Error who destroys not because of fate and not because he is crazy, oh no... here, Error destroyed because he wanted to die. all he wan...
Bad sanses x female reader (Completed)  by OfficialKzAngel
Bad sanses x female reader ( OfficialKzAngel
"Memes addict Bad Sanses 1" [Original] XD This is my first book so don't judge me This book is basically bad sanses x reader with a hell lot bunch of memes. T...
Lost Cause by AlexBrant18
Lost Causeby alexandra.brantley
Remake since I am not much for the other one, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna forget about it. I didn't post the first one cause I thought it might be bad. If you want m...