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Dragon of Destruction by LunarFlower693
Dragon of Destructionby LunarFlower693
Error didn't know what to expect after being pushed into the Void. He didn't expect to be transformed into a teenager. He didn't expect to fall into a world full of drag...
Becoming Error, The Forced God Of Destruction by PinkieKidoCup
Becoming Error, The Forced God PinkieKido Cup
What if someone is reborn as Error? What if they aren't so bad? What if they're suffering in silence and keeping their job a secret for fear of hate? How will Ink react...
FGoD Oneshots Stories by ZaryasTales
FGoD Oneshots Storiesby Zaryas Tales
This is a FGoD oneshot fic that I decided to put my old one in... I'll still be taking request but picky and I'll mostly writing my ideas as short stories or just mini s...
Stars and Glitches (Erratum x Rosalina) by adamabyss12
Stars and Glitches (Erratum x adamabyss12
There are 2 Entities that suffered from sadness. One of them left her homeworld to the Cosmos out of curiosity, the other in where he left his realm out of being capture...
FlightVerse- Confusion Of Another Multiverse by Observer-Zaspira
FlightVerse- Confusion Of Zaspira
Feathers, FlightVerse Error, thought he was done with Fate but Noooo... An alternate of her decided to kidnap him and force him to be her destroyer... And the Gang aren'...
Outside the fourth wall (A Forced God of destruction story) by Percabethismysoul
Outside the fourth wall (A Chara Jr. Dreemurr
In my version of fgod, Error jumped into the void, but ended up outside the fourth wall By commenting, you can meet and talk to Error ( In the first chapter A.K.A the pr...
the golden kitsune by YandereRoxy
the golden kitsuneby Akira2134
go to the first page of the story for the Description (^u^)
The Multiversal Threat by EchoMixie
The Multiversal Threatby Elxcin_
An unknown entity that found its way into F̶̪̯̤͖̮̙̓̏͆ͅa̴͉̗͖̻̬̙͛̃̒̄͋ť̷͙̯̦̥͍͚̮͚̹̓͜e̷̛͈̱͕̞̥̬̤̽̈́̈̍̓͐̒'̸͙̻̞̞̝̈́̑̂̒̾͘s̶̪̦͂̃́͗̎̉̍̒̽͘ Multiverse is plotting destruction to the s...
Valediction by TheMarionetteXD
Valedictionby Ellora *****
~Valediction, the act of saying farewell using a phrase or words to end a message.~ After a battle with Ink, he couldn't take it anymore. Physical and mental pain, it wo...
A Tiny Error by Doryzitter
A Tiny Errorby Doryzitter
Error has gone through multiple hells since the day he woke up in the Anti-Void. Sci and Blueberry still believe in him, but that's little consolation when he faces a br...
Don't give up yet  by Ava_the_lost_artist
Don't give up yet by Ava_the_lost_artist
Error finally gave up after so long so he jumped into the void hoping all of it would finally be over. Oh how wrong he was. . . . . . . . . . Aaaaaaa ok this is my seco...
A happy family (an Fgod Error story) (Discontinued, Adopted) by Nugget_The_Naget
A happy family (an Fgod Error Nugget
it's an fgod error story witch belongs to @harrish6 (i think i spelled that nick good) and cover by meh error was forced by fate to destroy ink's creation, he was tired...
•error and the bittybones• by HollowTheTrueNeutral
•error and the bittybones•by •HollowTheNeutral•
When error finally got the life he wanted he wasn't expecting to get bittybones left in his front door... And he wasn't expecting that they would get attached to him... ...
When DESTINY Is A Pokèmon Fan by PandoraMoonier
When DESTINY Is A Pokèmon Fanby PandoraMoonier
Forced god of destruction. one of if not the most merciful monster in the multiverse. misunderstood hero. these were all words that described Error but did anyone know a...
[ { ~ The Odd Destroyer ~ } ] ||An FGOD story|| [Discontinued/Maybe rewrite] by ErrorSansTheForced
[ { ~ The Odd Destroyer ~ } ] || ErrorSansTheForced
What if the destroyer had mercy? What if he had mercy in him all along? Deleting and destroying was not the fate he wanted? Well.... I the creator will be presenting..Er...
(MOVED)Fgod Error Sans Request Stories ( Probably Oneshots! ) by ZaryasTales
(MOVED)Fgod Error Sans Request Zaryas Tales
You can give me Fgod requests and I'll write the one that I like and this is mostly oneshots. I don't write lemon or smut so this is lemon and smut free but I'll try to...
Hanging on by a Thread by AlphaWolf1107
Hanging on by a Threadby AlphaWolf1107
Error is nearly done. He's been through so much, and lived even when he begged for death, all at the cruel hands of Fate. But that brings us to now. The Star Sanses get...
Reincarnated as Error Sans by Lix_za
Reincarnated as Error Sansby Lix_za
Ok...but what if I told you that I died and reincarnated as my super favorite sans?? The Fgod Error sans. But the problem for me is not that, but that I love to flirt...
Error Sans Stories (AKA. One-Shots) by LastVoidCaster
Error Sans Stories (AKA. One-Shots)by DarkSeeker
This book was suppose to be one-shot book but when I look at it. This is more loke book of stories or mini books themselves. So yea. What to expect? Stories that probabl...
Creating new errors (Hunterverse) by SomeSpy
Creating new errors (Hunterverse)by Spy
Error, a God of destruction. Always having to do what was necessary to keep everything in check. Though, not everyone seemed to agree on his doings and decided to place...