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Finding Amara  by hannahjames_1
Finding Amara by hannah lynette james
Amara Valentina Eleonore Cattaneo 16 year old girl Kidnapped at 1 days old Cold and emotionless Assassin Fights Races Hacks Kills Tortures Will she be the same innocen...
The Reluctant Hero by Samantha2611
The Reluctant Heroby Samantha2611
He stood on the balcony, watching the city below. His trained eyes flickered from one event to the next; the angry cabbie shouting for the traffic to move; the dog walki...
Troubled souls by utwerkwemosh
Troubled soulsby 🖤Sabrina🖤
TRIGGER Warnings: PTSD. Explicit language. Violence. Murder. Self harm. Panic attacks. Anxiety. Suicide attempt. And probably more. If any of these things trigger or bo...
Indifference Towards Difference || Harry Potter by Cherry_Imposter
Indifference Towards Difference || Cherry_Imposter
After the Battle of the Prophecy, Harry is sent (by Dumbledore) to spend the rest of his summer with one greasy dungeon bat and a certain little ferret. But there's alw...
Meeting Them Again (ON HOLD) by amauriguzman
Meeting Them Again (ON HOLD)by amauri
Blair. She's gone through a lot. By herself in this cruel and lonely world. Blair's mother was an abusive drunk after she left her father. Her brothers stayed with their...
The One Thing That They Care About (Sans AU x Reader x Papyrus AU) by TheiVN
The One Thing That They Care Thei V
Y/n L/n. A special human with a special SOUL. Yes, her Soul Trait is something new. But other than her SOUL trait she has another secret. One day, while she was at the...
A Hero's Fate: A Percy JacksonxAvengers Story by book-aholic4ever
A Hero's Fate: A Percy book-aholic4ever
The Giant War is over. All of the Seven except Percy were killed in the battle. Now Percy just wants to relax but when he goes back his mortal family is dead too. Also t...
Little Nightmares: The Lines Between Game and Reality by BloodStalker500
Little Nightmares: The Lines BloodStalker500
When Six embarks on her journey to escape the Maw, she encounters an... unexpected travelling companion, to say the least. AKA me randomly teleported into Little Nightma...
Breaking My Walls by Amateur_Writrr
Breaking My Wallsby Amateur_Writer
Amelia might look like the perfect girl on the outside. She is smart, pretty, and one of the best swimmers in school. But every night she returns to a druggie for a moth...
Percabeth teach at Hogwarts by LordPerseus1120
Percabeth teach at Hogwartsby Lord Perseus
After the gaint and wizard war everything is great. A week after the gaint war Percy proposed and with the help of the gods married a week after that. The golden trio m...
The Thief by CamelotAndMerlin
The Thiefby CamelotAndMerlin
Merlin has a secret past. One that he hasn't told anyone. His parents had die saving him when he was just a child. He had to flee his village or else the other villagers...
The Distance Between Us by thatonefandom_69
The Distance Between Usby copyright ™
Harry, due to his foolishness and lack of food and sleep, collapsed. Draco, worried about his "friend", found him. Draco had liked the Raven haired boy since 5...
The Demons in My Head (percy jackson/avengers fan fi by Sundry-Paraphernalia
The Demons in My Head (percy Mischief Managed
Enter: Annabeth Chase amazing battle strategist and gray eyed beauty, now dead. Enter: Perseus (Percy) Jackson, once care free and amazing swordsman now haunted and grie...
We've Got You by gooniesneversaydie1
We've Got Youby gooniesneversaydie1
Harry, Drew, Scott, Edward and Jax are all emergency room Doctors at London Public hospital. They are expecting a quiet night on shift but what they get is anything but...
Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
Nightmares and Secrets DracoxReader by SierraRobin
Nightmares and Secrets DracoxReaderby Sierra Gouldey
So many things causes y/n love even nightmares every night. Going to hogwarts her nightmares may become real. She has to keep everything a secret.
Newtina one shots by MimslovesNewt
Newtina one shotsby MimslovesNewt
Just a bunch of random but craftly and romantic newtina short oneshot stories that have been in my head for a while or just come up with. Hope you all enjoy them.
Their Story ❤💚💖 by Lila_Lupus
Their Story ❤💚💖by Lilac Wolf
Bored AF, so making this book. Nobody said anything for or against it and I think it's cute so! Here we are. Greamno! Grian x Dream x Techno Best Rankings : #1 on Gream...
The Contract  by Btsfan_4eva
The Contract by ell_writess
Previously known as Married to my sister's fiancé "Are you......Emily Jones? The biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones?" The lawyer asked and I nodded. He...
Yandere "family" x reader  by imjustish
Yandere "family" x reader by pic
Y/n lives a hard life, she's a 15 year old girl, completely normal right? Wrong. At home she takes constant abuse, all the while working three jobs to support her "...