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Lost In Her Past  (Civil War Fanfic) by thelazyalien_PM
Lost In Her Past (Civil War Pluto Moon
May 25, 2012. 35H-GQ. That was her name. A name for the girl who was left on the streets by her mother at the age of 2. A name for the girl who was imprisoned, tortured...
His Little Angel by Chonipop85
His Little Angelby Chonipop85
Tony Stark had a daughter. No one knew that though. Her mother died in childbirth. She was his little angel but then one day she was taken from him. No one knows how. As...
Tony Stark's Daughter by Stark_2023
Tony Stark's Daughterby PlumProtectionSquad
BOOK ONE OF THE TONY STARK'S DAUGHTER SERIES "I can't remember who I am... who I was! Do you know how that feels!?" I exclaimed with tears. Dad stared at me wi...
OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s daughter ((1)) by thestarklegacy
OUR BELOVED ASSASSIN // t.s johannes
[Book #1 of Stark's Assassin Daughter] This is no common Tony Stark's daughter book you've ever read. This is not about a genius daughter following her father's ability...
//Broken//  (Tony Stark's Daughter) by Steeb-Rogers
//Broken// (Tony Stark's Daughter)by Human Disaster
//CURRENTLY BEING EDITED// "We all make mistakes, and I guess I was yours" ° ° ° ° ° Tony Stark was many things, a father was never one of them. Unfortunately...
The "Idiot" (Tony Stark's daughter) by cattercat101
The "Idiot" (Tony Stark's daughter)by Allee
My name is Hailey Stark. I'm Tony Stark's "idiot" daughter. It is not like I don't know anything it's just that I don't try. I gave up on trying a long time ag...
I'm the real Jacquelynne Stark  by toriTasie
I'm the real Jacquelynne Stark by Lil Victori
It all started when two lovers (Tony and Marissa) broke up in Malibu. Their daughter Jacquelynne Stark would now have to go back and fourth as Marissa stayed in Malibu a...
DESTROYED | What They Made Me | part 1✔️ by mywhoIeotherworld
DESTROYED | What They Made Me | MyWholeOtherWorld
001. That's what they call her. She doesn't even have a name. Soon after they found out about the illegal activities the company was involved with, the government found...
Stark Crossed Lovers by helenasimmons22
Stark Crossed Loversby Jacqueline Church
Book one of the Samantha Stark series When the one and only child of genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark becomes interested in one of her dads new pr...
Saving Grace by chalupa_tyler
Saving Graceby chalupa_tyler
Grace Stark has grown up sheltered, her only company basically being her father, his assistants, and an AI - at least until the Avengers show up. Still, getting sent awa...
Stark Secrets by Ragwitch10
Stark Secretsby Ragwitch
The life of a little girl hidden away not because she's not loved, her father thinks the world of her, but because she is different. Lily was found on her fathers' doors...
The Breeze [Tony Starks Daughter] by stark-11-industries
The Breeze [Tony Starks Daughter]by ciera
The Breeze | "I am your father." "I thought we were playing out a Star Wars scene." ....................................... Captain America: Winter...
VIOLENT WAVES ── stark¹by ―𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐢
━ IN WHICH a car crash took her away from his life, a machine took him away from her mind and time decided to keep father and daughter apart. ( c...
Bruised (Irondad) by iguessimsmolbean
Bruised (Irondad)by iguessimarwen
When Tony Stark found out that one of his many one night stands was pregnant, he paid her off. During his playboy days, he wasn't interested in taking care of a baby, hi...
The Exigence Theory [Stark Daughter] by ImperfectPoet
The Exigence Theory [Stark Imperfect Poet
The beginning of the 90's started with Tony losing his parents and it ended with him becoming one. With the Stark legacy comes the world's eyes on him, his daughter, an...
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Surprise! by RobinHood37
Surprise!by 𝙍𝙤𝙗𝙞𝙣 𝙃𝙤𝙤𝙙
Everyone knows that the famous Anthony Stark will sleep with anything that has a pulse. So is it really that big of a Surprise! when a girl shows up at the industry clai...
RADIATING VIOLET| t. stark ✔️ by morgunastark
RADIATING VIOLET| t. stark ✔️by ⋆𝚑𝚊𝚒⋆
I USED TO BE A CHILD, WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. ~a lot has changed. Sometimes our scars aren't physical. While emotional scars aren't visible they can cause even more...
Peter Parker x Reader pt. 1 by helpmeimveryscared
Peter Parker x Reader pt. 1by helpmeimveryscared
Who knew ones life could change in just a few months? It all started when you bumped into your best friend's crush, Peter Parker. So it's an alternative universe where T...
Spiderwebs by whats3rrnam3
Spiderwebsby .
What will happen when Peter Parker starts falling for Mr. Starks daughter?
The Smart One {COMPLETE} by Coolabigirl
The Smart One {COMPLETE}by a~b~i
Tony Stark was a playboy. He was never meant to be a father. Especially to a growing demigod whom he couldn't care less about. Both from two different, NEVER meant to m...