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The Virus Within by CrystalScherer
The Virus Withinby Crystal Scherer
What do you do when you are one of the infected? The virus in my blood is trying to steal my humanity. It alters my very thoughts and reactions. It taunts me by temptin...
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Patient Twelve by masonfitzzy
Patient Twelveby Mason FitzGibbon
Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and she's their next victim. ...
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The Mistress: Book Four in The Doll Collector Series by AllessandraSilis
The Mistress: Book Four in The Dol...by Allessandra Silis 🥀
MadameDaphne.com is the most popular website for anyone looking to have an affair. After all, it's only a sin, if you get caught. However, six users have been found dead...
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|Something Sinister| (1990 IT Reader Insert) by losersquadunite
|Something Sinister| (1990 IT Read...by LoserSquadUnite
"I am Eternal, Child, I am the Eater of Worlds and of Children! and! you! are! Next!" _________________________________________ Derry: a small City in Maine, a...
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|Beep-Beep| (Richie Tozier X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Beep-Beep| (Richie Tozier X Reade...by LoserSquadUnite
"Scarcasm Falls from my mouth a lot like how Stupid seems to Always Fall From Yours" _______________________________________ Screaming, Crying and Fighting For...
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No Leas Esto. by DanielRibas0
No Leas Esto.by DaniÉL
Si apenas estas leyendo estas palabras TE ADVIERTO que aun tienes oportunidad de dejar de leer esta historia y continuar con tu vida, pero si sigues leyendo bueno, enton...
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The Psychiatrist: Trilogy to The Doll Collector by AllessandraSilis
The Psychiatrist: Trilogy to The D...by Allessandra Silis 🥀
It's only been 6 months since the true identity of The Doll Collector has been revealed. It rocked the city of Los Angeles, and left Maria picking up the pieces of her l...
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Retalhos Sombrios by user15613123
Retalhos Sombriosby Maria Boaventura
Poemas sombrios dividirei com meus leitores neste livro. Alguns poemas de outros livros, outros serão inéditos. Amo quando dizem o que pensam sobre meus poemas, insisto...
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A Small Town by AllanFisher
A Small Townby Allan Fisher
Ding Dong Dell... the Witch is in the well... Reeling from a nasty divorce, Jeffrey "Bax" Baxter heads north to start over. But when his car breaks down in a s...
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7 short horror stories by Frank_s_11
7 short horror storiesby Frankie Smith
All these stories have been checked and Proven to be based on true events... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the scariest h...
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Alone Until I Met You (Completed) by IrishSprings
Alone Until I Met You (Completed)by Kay
She has survived. For twenty years she has been running through the woods with the sole purpose of finding a pack that will take her in. Only problem is that no pack in...
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la infeccion fnafhs by felldemongirl
la infeccion fnafhsby chica
pd : abra un personaje crearo por mi los personajes no son mios solo uno
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Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost Story by GavGav7
Fen of Stagnant Waters: A Ghost St...by Gavin Hetherington
In 1840, Rowena Holloway lost her husband and baby in one fateful night. Five years later, she travels to the North of England to uncover the ghostly mysteries of Grasme...
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THE BOSS: HE OWNS MY HEART by trouvailleeeee
Rank : #24 ~ 11 May, 18 #253 ~ 17 Dec 17 • • • • • E x c e r p t • • • • • "What are you doing?" I pushed him back but he stood like a wall. Determined. Crushi...
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Bound by FireWoman74
Boundby FireWoman74
He's searched for the right one for years...his patience growing thinner as each passing day goes by...the right one, the one he can sell the lie to, until it is too lat...
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Casa Encantda by IolantMoon9
Casa Encantdaby Iolant Moon
Bonnie es una profesora que acaba de aprobar las oposiciones. Por eso, junto a Charles, su marido y Mary, su hija, se mudan de Madrid a un pueblecito pequeño del norte...
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En las Vastas Extensiones del Sur by miguelferrada
En las Vastas Extensiones del Surby Miguel Ferrada
Un breve relato gótico ambientado en la Patagonia chilena.
La hermana de SONIC (Shadow y tu) by SofiCazorla
La hermana de SONIC (Shadow y tu)by Sofi Cazorla 😽❤️
Un conflicto entre Sonic y su Hermana llega a que Sonic haga y piense lo que nunca hizo. Pero Shadow es el que mete mas conflictos entre estos dos hermanos que no se caí...
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Scary Stories & Creepy Facts by httpjsmn02
Scary Stories & Creepy Factsby JASMIN
The title speak. Read at your own risk. Advisable to read before sleeping. Are you brave enough? #17 in Horror: 01/05/18 #12 in Horror: 02/08/18 #3 in Horror: 02/10/18 #...
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Astronomicon: Behemoth by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Behemothby Paul Vincent
The crew of interstellar colonisation vessel Arcadian awake from over a decade of hibernation to discover that they are lost in darkness, their ship's propulsion system...
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