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That Beautiful Mistake [Completed] by KittyStarrReaper
That Beautiful Mistake [Completed]by Andrea
Book 1 of The Sampson's Legacy CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! His strong masculine arms probed my body while his tongue fought for dominance as I couldn't help but give...
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Oh My Mr.Billionaire! (New Version) by Mrs_Ackerman99
Oh My Mr.Billionaire! (New Version)by Mrs.Ackerman
Victoria Strauss is forced by her mother to get married to pay all her family’s debt. She has attended hundreds of blind dates but none of it worked. It’s not that easy...
Colour Me Impressed (BWWM) by jaykandie
Colour Me Impressed (BWWM)by Joy Chikamso
This is a story about a woman, Ivory Spade who moved out of her hometown to start a new life as a fashion designer aiming big. Moving into her new home only to meet the...
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His Italian Nature by okayheels
His Italian Natureby okayheels
A 24 year old was left with her baby brother when she was just 18. Having to put her dreams on hold to raise him as if he was her own. 6 years later she was strolling i...
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GIVEN TO THE PRINCE - Sheiks of Ahalamin - Book One by LyndaCoker
GIVEN TO THE PRINCE - Sheiks of Lynda Coker
He was the last man on earth she wanted, but she was the only woman on earth he'd have...From the skyscrapers of New York City to the ancient sands of Ahalamin, two unt...
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International Billionaires 3: Edmundo Ferreira by CadyLorenzanaPhr
International Billionaires 3: Cady Lorenzana
International Billionaires Book 3 Name: Edmundo Ferreira Profession: International Model, Prince of the Royal House of Ferreira Whereabouts: (Too Many To Mention) Around...
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One Autumn Night by IslaDean
One Autumn Nightby Isla Dean
Abigail Roberts built her life on grit and tenacity. She raised her brothers after their mother's disappearance and opened a cozy little pub in small town Stonebridge, C...
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The Billionaire's New Wife by KittyStarrReaper
The Billionaire's New Wifeby Andrea
Book 1.2 of The Sampson's Legacy CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! //GOING THROUGH MINOR CONSTRUCTION\\ Gabriel was always successful in mostly everything he did. The only t...
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Rebels and Lovers by RuthDavis001
Rebels and Loversby Ruth Davis
No one knew why Tracey Walker quit her job at Stormberg incorporation and disappeared three years ago. Today Her life is complete chaos. She has bills to pay, errands...
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Resisting Sin (Gold Diggers #1) by anselacorsino
Resisting Sin (Gold Diggers #1)by Ansela Corsino
No sex. No attachments. One million dollars. Hayley Denton takes care of the people in her life. One moment she's trying to get her roommate and best friend from doing s...
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The Sheikh's Little Wife. by WeirdAdelaide
The Sheikh's Little WeirdAdelaide
"You have no choice but to please me, kitten. You are my wife after all." * * * Tobias Farouk is a mystery to the...
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Innumerable Heartbreaks by lxvenderdew
Innumerable Heartbreaksby lxvenderdew
"'Frederick, please don't do this. You will regret it tomorrow' 'Ella I am not willing to commit the same mistake again' 'But Fred..' 'No don't you ever..' And he p...
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Until The Last Petal Falls - A bad boy romance by TheRoseGoldMermaid
Until The Last Petal Falls - A Raven Malik
A long-time illness of EDS rendered Thea Rose Iverson tethered to a life close to home for years, but now, with the chance of her life-time and a new companion to help h...
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Dangerously Powerful by rangerfrank24
Dangerously Powerfulby dej
As I walked into the office I had no idea of what I was getting myself into- Had I known that I would've gotten involved with the richest and the most dangerously powerf...
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The Bond of..? by Mandy4144
The Bond of..?by Candy_ Mandy
Proud winner of the WRITERS AWARDS 2016 in General Fiction and CRYSTAL AWARDS 2017 Just like you and I, she heard the phrase 'two can play a game' quite often; at party...
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WICKED DIRTY GAMES, Dirty Billionaire Series, BOOK #1 (PUBLISHED SAMPLE) by romancefenatic
WICKED DIRTY GAMES, Dirty Gemma Berlanti
An ambitious playboy billionaire, a virgin with dark desires and wicked, dirty games... When Lila Montgomery meets Killean Xavier Knight for the first time she is stunne...
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Heiress to Pain by not_justanothergirl
Heiress to Painby not_justanothergirl
Lysandra Beaumont, heiress to Beaumont Enterprises and to the Beaumont fortune. People think she lives the perfect live with her extravagant lifestyle. What no one knows...
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Overnight Princess (Discontinued) by celestialxcross
Overnight Princess (Discontinued)by celestialxcross
"Well, it must be nice for you, isn't it ? being a princess overnight ?" Alina Vasiliou, formerly known as Chen Li Na, who was born and raised in a small town...
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When a poet falls in love. by ema365
When a poet falls in Ema
Poets, they always write about the magical phenomena of love but the poet himself never explains what actually happens when he falls in love. Behind every pessimistic po...
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Chilli and Chocolate (ongoing) by FoxyBookie23
Chilli and Chocolate (ongoing)by On a brief hiatus.
Two people. Two languages. Two countries. One love... Damien Sachleben, the eldest one in the Sachlebens is a self made billionaire, who can never stay faithful to a gi...
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