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That Beautiful Mistake [Completed] by KittyStarrReaper
That Beautiful Mistake [Completed]by Andrea
Book 1 of The Sampson's Legacy CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! His strong masculine arms probed my body while his tongue fought for dominance as I couldn't help but give...
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Colour Me Impressed (BWWM) by jaykandie
Colour Me Impressed (BWWM)by Joy Chikamso
This is a story about a woman, Ivory Spade who moved out of her hometown to start a new life as a fashion designer aiming big. Moving into her new home only to meet the...
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His Italian Nature by okayheels
His Italian Natureby okayheels
A 24 year old was left with her baby brother when she was just 18. Having to put her dreams on hold to raise him as if he was her own. 6 years later she was strolling i...
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The Pact ✅  by JessicaMorel0
The Pact ✅ by Jess M.
Francesca and Leo made a pact in their senior year of high school. If neither was married by the age of thirty they would get married. The two had always been best frien...
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The Billionaire's Girl✔️ by lliizz15
The Billionaire's Girl✔️by Alizeh
~When Eva Taylor joins a new high school after shifting to New York with her sister, Hailey, she meets a billionaire's son, Max Ward. She knows she should run away from...
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Oh My Mr.Billionaire! (New Version) by Mrs_Ackerman99
Oh My Mr.Billionaire! (New Version)by Mrs.Ackerman
Victoria Strauss is forced by her mother to get married to pay all her family’s debt. She has attended hundreds of blind dates but none of it worked. It’s not that easy...
The Secretary by xandra320
The Secretaryby Alexandra
"Mr Daniels I would like you to meet Miss David." Max looked up from the memo. He saw a very pretty lady with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was very...
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Billionaires' Secrets: Volatile Chemistry by JenniferLewis6
Billionaires' Secrets: Volatile Jennifer Lewis
When retail magnate Dominic Di Bari comes to visit his long-lost-father's firm, Hardcastle Enterprises, his intentions are not entirely honorable. He soon discovers he's...
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WICKED DIRTY GAMES, Dirty Billionaire Series, BOOK #1 (PUBLISHED SAMPLE) by romancefenatic
WICKED DIRTY GAMES, Dirty Gemma Berlanti
An ambitious playboy billionaire, a virgin with dark desires and wicked, dirty games... When Lila Montgomery meets Killean Xavier Knight for the first time she is stunne...
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Cold Showers by symplyayisha99
Cold Showersby symply.ayisha
In order of priority, For Jayda Wright, her work comes first, She comes second, her best friend and family comes third and then her so-called boyfriend comes fourth. Sh...
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The Bond of..? by Mandy4144
The Bond of..?by Candy_ Mandy
Proud winner of the WRITERS AWARDS 2016 in General Fiction and CRYSTAL AWARDS 2017 Just like you and I, she heard the phrase 'two can play a game' quite often; at party...
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A VERGARA'S LOVE (The Young Billionaires #3)COMPLETE by maricruzr99
A VERGARA'S LOVE (The Young maricruz
Whoever said falling in love was a piece of cake had never been pricked by its thorn. Ella made it into a culinary school in Paris and is one step away from achieving he...
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The Beauty & The Billionaire by ShirishaTeddy
The Beauty & The Billionaireby Shirisha
Varun Singhania is the CEO of Singhania groups of Company. He lost his parents at the age of 15 and all the responsibility of his little sister, Vrushika came upon him...
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One Autumn Night by IslaDean
One Autumn Nightby Isla Dean
Abigail Roberts built her life on grit and tenacity. She raised her brothers after their mother's disappearance and opened a cozy little pub in small town Stonebridge, C...
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The Billionaires Sweetheart by pearl_love_27
The Billionaires Sweetheartby Perla G
Nicholas, or as he is known by his small group of friends as Nick, has finally taken over his fathers Empire. Having a harsh father and no mother while growing up has ha...
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Becoming the Billionaire's Wife by Aphrodite270
Becoming the Billionaire's Wifeby Rebekah M.
They say that love comes in the oddest forms. Sometimes it develops from respect. Other times, it comes in the simplest form: falling for them. Love is beautiful but als...
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Overnight Princess (Discontinued) by celestialxcross
Overnight Princess (Discontinued)by celestialxcross
"Well, it must be nice for you, isn't it ? being a princess overnight ?" Alina Vasiliou, formerly known as Chen Li Na, who was born and raised in a small town...
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The Billionaire's Scarlet Letter by alishawrites2020
The Billionaire's Scarlet Letterby alishawrites2020
Billionaire and philanthropist Derek Kraus has the whole world at his fingertips. He's got the dashing good looks, fierce reputation, and a massive fortune of wealth and...
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Avala by mushrafah
Avalaby Salaudeen Ifeoluwa
It had been the dream of Sean's life that he should succeed in anything and he did succeeded in everything, well almost everything... Avala didn't want this She didn't b...
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The Black Mark's Resistance (Book 1: The Black Mark Series) - [Sample] by EbonyOlson
The Black Mark's Resistance ( Ebony Olson
Mora Ellis is a self confessed workaholic who is emotionally unavailable. That's not to say she's cold hearted. She just doesn't have time for love. What with her full-t...
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