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The Restraint Love | ✔ by its_sanjh
The Restraint Love | ✔by Sanjh
"Thank you, bhaiya." That melodious voice and that beautiful smile made me remember her. That innocent soul in front of me was completely a resemblance to her...
sunshine boy (SNS.. rewrite) by avocado_takis
sunshine boy (SNS.. rewrite)by your daddy
"He is the sunshine. I want- no, need him. He's almost like a drug, a drug that ends up living with me. He doesn't know. I could easily knock him out- and- no.. tha...
Scream: Part 4 (Billy Loomis/Stu Macher x F!reader x Danny Johnson) by Mrs-Delirious
Scream: Part 4 (Billy Loomis/Stu Evelyne
Life isn't easy when four years of it had been stolen away from you; a blankness that no matter how much you tried to fill, remained empty. Lucky for you though? You ha...
Dealing with Chaos by BlackHopper098765
Dealing with Chaosby BlackHopper
After the Second Giant War a new threat arises and Percy is chosen by Chaos to fight it, with his new powers he also needs to find balance and the only way to balance ch...
Play Thing [Coraline+Insane!Reader] by RougeMace
Play Thing [Coraline+Insane!Reader]by RougeMace
"There you are! I found you. Ya know you really shouldn't take things from strangers, could get hurt." "And we love you too much to let that happen...
The Weekend Addiction |CB by JadaMonaaee
The Weekend Addiction |CBby 𝒥𝒶𝒹𝒶🧚🏻‍♀️
When nineteen-year-old college student Danielle Brooks gets tired of always being cooped up in her dorm room on the weekends, she decides to let loose and go with her fr...
𝐒𝐎 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇, vinnie hacker by rlylameleo
𝐒𝐎 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇, vinnie hackerby m???
speeding up the heartbeat, banging in my chest, you got me so high, takin' deep, deep breaths VINNIE HACKER social media X real life © 𝗿𝗹𝘆𝗹𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗼, 2022
The Broken Hero by KAKEYEO
The Broken Heroby KAKEYEO
Gon had been stuck in a different world for 4 years. A place with heroes, quirks, and villains. He's starting to lose it. In this world he's known as a teen named Izuku...
Got Nothing Left To Lose  by Babygirlmya22
Got Nothing Left To Lose by Babygirlmya22
Book 2 of "lose everything with love" Ma is going crazy trying to find who has her daughter and feels as if she can't trust nobody because everyone just keep...
I'm Not Insane by P_Renae
I'm Not Insaneby P_Renae
'I'm Not Insane' tells the story of Marianna, a 17 year old girl who is surrendered by her parents to a secure psychiatric facility following a recent suicide attempt. W...
100 random rhyming poems by commonauthor
100 random rhyming poemsby Bunni💚💜
100 random rhyming poems is an ongoing book that I started writing as a teenager really struggling with their mental health, and have continued on with through to being...
immature // Yandere Thranduil X Disabled Mentally (Child-like) Reader by YukioSnow
immature // Yandere Thranduil X ⓨⓤⓚⓘⓞⓢⓝⓞⓦ
"You seem somewhat incapable of taking care of yourself." , "Let me do it for you." His breath fanned your face as he slowly buttoned up your dress'...
Broken Soul by ciaramelody
Broken Soulby Ciara
Warning: mature content Adelaide finally found her happiness at Pollemperie with her unexpectedly loving husband the god of war and two children, now pregnant with her t...
Short imagines✨ by _Aesthetic-reads_
Short imagines✨by _Aesthetic-reads_
This book consists of short imagines, mostly romantically dark by my friend. I also extend and add to them. My friend: @never_normal04 Updates every other day or as oft...
Blood by alishajitnath
Bloodby Alisha Jitnath
⚠️TW⚠️ sh abuse sa and Romance; )
The Yamada Entries by Lennaernst
The Yamada Entriesby Lenna Ernst
The story about Zayden and Primrose's daughter, Zaydilyn "Zaydi" Yamada. In my au, Zayden and Primrose split up to keep each other safe due to the break out...
Apple pie  by evieforeverhearts
Apple pie by i love women
Scar and Lizzie... hehe... love them. TW cuz I'm a mess. Just read it, you will hopefully feel better. Credit to the artist of the cover <3 __________ Tell me what u...
Why Can't Anyone See Me? by smile_ya_cutie
Why Can't Anyone See Me?by smile_ya_cutie
When a young girl tries to seek love and affection from her family, and received nothing. She decides to go out into the world to find it for herself. Nobody seems to no...
𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐔𝐌𝐀,  modie by z0ned0ut
𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐔𝐌𝐀, modieby 🤍
DAILY OFFENDER, CRAZY EASTENDER. ©z0ned0ut 2021 [top boy]
I'm done.I'm fucking done by please_notarenyeager
I'm done.I'm fucking doneby please_notarenyeager
Original characters. Main character has some problems.swearing. Bisexualmess