That Beautiful Mist...
By KittyStarrReaper
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Book 1 of The Sampson's Legacy CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! His strong masculine arms probed my body while his tongue fought for dominance as I couldn't help but give in. Just as he was about to start working on my dark denim shorts, I gently pushed him away. "Did you bring a condom?" I asked not really ready to have children. "Yeah." He whispered while sticking his tongue back into my mouth as he quickly pulled off my shorts. That night was the best night that I've had in a while but who knew that a broke condom could lead to this? Twenty six year old, Scarlett Cammington, was always one of those girls that people loved. She never thought that she'd end up like this all because she went to a party, got drunk, met a really hot guy, and woke up the next morning, naked. What'll she do when she realizes that the guy she screwed was a billionaire known for being a player? What'll he do when he finds out that this is the beginning of a war? WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL CONTENT INVOLVED. READ AT YOUR OWN EXTENT. ALSO VERY OLD AND UNEDITED EVEN IF THE CHAPTERS SAYS EDITED. IT SKIPS AROUND A LOT. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

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That Beau...
by KittyStarrReaper