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Permanent asylum (adopted by Shelly 2121) by The_real_Mgoy_Tiger
Permanent asylum (adopted by Mgoy Tiger
This is the best asylum of the whole country. It heals every monster and humans. But 12 skeletons are a permenant stay. To try to heal them, they get a new employee, bu...
Child of Death, Destroyer of Worlds by ChaosDancer12
Child of Death, Destroyer of Worldsby ChaosDancer12
A lot of Undertale fans have a theory that Error used to be a Geno!Sans. I disagree. Kinda... I just mention it once on Discord and suddenly, I have a lot of people aski...
AfterDeath (Fluff(?)/Lemon) by -smolcrabbean-
AfterDeath (Fluff(?)/Lemon)by -smolcrabbean-
Congrats You found the moved book! so welcome to this lil account! and here are the moved chapters i promised to get y'all...
SFW 30 Days Challenge  by PearlTheCat999
SFW 30 Days Challenge by Cat/Author
It's safe for work~ God help me.
Honey Lavender (An AfterDeath Fan fiction)  by darkSMH
Honey Lavender (An AfterDeath Glass
Geno was a lonely skeleton who lost his family on a car crash, he shut the world away, and only opened up to his own bestfriend. Reaper a skeleton, who has a perfect lif...
Mr Erratum by KawaiiArtistCpe
Mr Erratumby 💖Serena💖
(Original by The Harish person themselves. except it's my version.) The Destroyer of worlds has had enough of the suffering that's been happening to him and others. He d...
Error Sans Stories (AKA. One-Shots) by LastVoidCaster
Error Sans Stories (AKA. One-Shots)by DarkSeeker
This book was suppose to be one-shot book but when I look at it. This is more loke book of stories or mini books themselves. So yea. What to expect? Stories that probabl...
Multiverse Switch by MiraiShiaki
Multiverse Switchby Afterdeath_14
"I'm not, I repeat, I'm NOT going to play around with you." "It's your fault why we're stuck like this." "I can disguise as a guard! We could-&q...
Afterdeath - Stay with Me by glazedtea
Afterdeath - Stay with Meby im actually trash
(Cover photo belongs to the rightful owner. I did not draw it.) Geno. he's the introverted and awkward kind of guy to deal with. His world gets turned upside down by s...
Mr.  Erratum by CrimsonOrRetry
Mr. Erratumby Crimson/Retry
Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the plac...
In Love With The Enemy (Undertale AU Multiship Story) by M1ssDemeanour
In Love With The Enemy ( Brooke
After Error falls in love with his sworn enemy, Ink, his teammates also start to fall for people... SHIPS: Crossmare Kreme Errink HorrorLust Kustard Dustberry Afterdeath...
To Hell and Back - Afterdeath [UNDER EDITING] by ruby-rxse
To Hell and Back - Afterdeath [ rose
Geno, a normal civilian trying to get through life. He's been lonely ever since the deaths of his siblings. Being lonely and not well known he's the perfect target for...
The Fallen Star sanses by Starofender
The Fallen Star sansesby starofender
so, in the middle of a fight dream drops to his knees in pain, nothing hit him, he screams "code black". the bad guys go back to base confused I know I'm terri...
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for better life. (DestructiveDeath/ ErrorxReaper) by LastVoidCaster
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for DarkSeeker
God of Destruction and God of Death they are same but different in same time. Both of them hate each other. But what would happend if one of his friends/brother. H...
"Karma" Sans meets bnha by AnhadDhingra12345
"Karma" Sans meets bnhaby gasterblaster
This is my first plz no hate. criticism allowed. thx.
When actually, being the destroyer was just a temporary job. by Kingsofhollows
When actually, being the Goodbye
The destroyer had suddenly gone quiet these days. Suspicious huh? So the Star Sanses and Nightmare's gang decided to check. Unknowingly to each other of course, that the...
Can't you see, I'm in pain too by FighterOfDepression
Can't you see, I'm in pain tooby Igneel
Everything Error ever cared about was taken away from him. One by one. The dust littered the field as the blind judges believed themselves to be victorious. They were fa...
"just to see you smile" ( AU sans x emotionless reader) by newttheyandere287
"just to see you smile" ( AU bbgirl.eats.shickennuggets
(y/n) is a maid for a huge mansion living in the servant's courters. Through her past of pain, and trauma has caused her to lose her willingness for emotion only able to...
Chosen falls for a pirate. An Afterdeath fanfiction by TheLonerWraiter
Chosen falls for a pirate. An so!'raisa'nsational
Geno is a lonely thief, in a small sea village. He lost his brothers long time ago in a pirate attack. He was the only survivor from them. Since then he was always cold...
(Archived) Poth Short Stories and One-Shots by Myoukin
(Archived) Poth Short Stories Myou
A collection of short stories and one-shots centered around... you guessed it, Poth! May have bits of Afterdeath and Drink sprinkled in every so often. Expect drama, a...