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Cray's Pray by ZenaVideos14
Cray's Prayby ZenaVideos14
Where Love, Hate, and Obsession fall into place, Palette soon learns of an unexpected obsession to her by Cray, but before she has the chance to realize how dangerous he...
Poth Short Stories and One-Shots by Myoukin
Poth Short Stories and One-Shotsby Myou
A collection of short stories and one-shots centered around... you guessed it, Poth! May have bits of Afterdeath and Drink sprinkled in every so often. Expect drama, a...
And Then There Was Children (Fgod) by BorkedUvU
And Then There Was Children (Fgod)by A_Drawing_Bookworm
Error couldn't move. Ink has made a paint that could prevent the unfortunate person that has come in contact with it from healing. Cracks started forming in the anti-voi...
Collection of Oddities by TerminusVerso
Collection of Odditiesby Verso
A collection of inane nonsense (ranging from Error being reincarnated as Palette to Dust finding a new love for the color pink) circling around the many AUs and Multiver...
NaJ Au sanses x reader by Mimaw0806
NaJ Au sanses x readerby Mimaw
You are a shy girl. nerds and jocks even teachers started to fall for you and very very slow update
Nerd And Jock AU by clarathesketchywolf
Nerd And Jock AUby Ashton
Random one shots for an amazing AU HIGHEST RANK IN FANFICS #545
You Belong To Me :NaJ AU x Reader by Theresecchi
You Belong To Me :NaJ AU x Readerby a chance
3|16|18: COMPLETED Hello! This is my first book soo... yeah. Enjoy! There was a girl named (Y/N). She has a brother, he was Damien, he was always there for her, He is he...
Without you •<PJ's Daycare>• by LV-izMeh
Without you ••by MehItz'LV
PJ's Daycare belongs to their rightful owner MyTerri-Story Tag is Addressed to Me/The Author Hi Everyone This Story is based on [Y/N]'s Days in PJ's Daycare. Hewwo! I'm...
Naj AU X Reader one shots by BlossomChan16
Naj AU X Reader one shotsby 🌸Blossom🌸
Fell for the Beautiful Naj!
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Palette x Cray ??? Maybe?(old and starting fresh) by bitzfits
Palette x Cray ??? Maybe?(old scReamS
Some palette and cray stuff btw this just some people opinions so no hate and I guess I sort of ship it? hope yeh like and yeh...
POTH - The one, who loved by UtAuFFs
POTH - The one, who lovedby Exister Pride
Being the one, who actually loved. While that other one kept on friend-zoning, not knowing. A war started because of a love to a cute, innocent skeleton, even tho he was...
Why Him (discontinued) by olivegirl111
Why Him (discontinued)by You lost mate-
I got the idea from PJ' daycare. I changed this up a bit let's just say Palette is going to be in a lot of pain. Physically and mentally
Painfully Obvious. [Fell Poth || REWRITTEN] by ruby-rxse
Painfully Obvious. [Fell Poth || rose
"Sometimes the right one is so painfully obvious it's as if they're jumping and waving a sign at you." After years and years of abuse from Palette, Goth decid...
AU Sans One shots! by Cobrawarrior
AU Sans One shots!by Imtired
Sanscest, Sans X Reader, Frans and Chans oneshots!!
The Entwined Multiverses by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
The Entwined Multiversesby sapnu puas
(Lol, y'all waited too long for this) It's about how different character from different multiverses fall into the void, going into one universe and meeting themselves a...
Palette x Fell Palette by Lemonraccoon
Palette x Fell Paletteby Lemonraccoon
So pretty much both goths left both palettes for a toaster and both palettes start to get a little close.
Deja de mentir by Sakurashai
Deja de mentirby Sakurashai Asy
No podrás ocultarlo para siempre... Vamos chico toma mi mano... Vamos Ink... Deja de mentir... -Historia basada en hechos reales. -Cada personaje representa una persona...
He hates me - right? by Poth_Fangirl
He hates me - right?by Poth is da best :3
Fell!Poth Story, I hope you guys like it!
(CLOSED) Poth one-shots by gamerfan0415
(CLOSED) Poth one-shotsby Still Alive!
Most of this will just be random. Image is not mine. Closed until further notice.