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The Good Behind the Lies (ErrorFresh) (DISCONTINUED) by korkix
The Good Behind the Lies ( korkix
!-THIS IS NOW DISCONTINUED-! Fresh is new in school, and the first person he meets is the school bully, Error, via knocking into him with his rad skateboard. Things don'...
Momma CQ Oneshots [REQUESTS ARE OPEN] by IJustLoveFresh
Momma CQ Oneshots [REQUESTS ARE Choild!
After the last update of Momma CQ, I decided to wrote some onoshots about it. So now, every week on Mondays, I will write a oneshot of what I think will happen next. May...
Perspective by Fandom_Glitch
Perspectiveby Off-Track
Try seeing things from another point of view... Fresh wants to feed off of a long lasting host, he wants to exist longer. How will he do this and how will he survive? On...
Almost Lost... by Madison-02
Almost Madison-02
Summary: Fresh was only 8 at time IT happened, before Fresh had never felt fear before and had never worried about his personal safety, it was mostly his families job bu...
Stone Cold by sharpmarble76
Stone Coldby sharpmarble76
A fgod story. This is not canon and many, if not all, of the characters will be ooc. When Dream starts noticing the little hints that maybe not everything is as it seems...
Momma CQ When Stars Die (Complete)(getting Remade) by ShadowHunterWolfKing
Momma CQ When Stars Die (Complete) Shelby Dyas
CQ has another kid and her boys are in middle school fresh finally feels a little something that grows and grows ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Chapter 4 FEELS
Fresh x Reader by QuorryWrites
Fresh x Readerby Quorry
Y/n meets a friendly skeleton at a n LGBT parade, he has no idea what it is, and as soon as they know it, their friends with fresh, hanging out with them, and growing cl...
Deaf Fresh x Error by Shushurmouth
Deaf Fresh x Errorby Heck
Atayayayayya this started in my from my oneshot book aye
Momma CQ Fanfiction by Creator-Sans
Momma CQ Fanfictionby Creator-Sans
Fresh was not a normal kid. Everyone found him atleast a little weird. It was a normal day, as Fresh had to go back to school with Error and Geno. But what happens when...
PJ's Daycare: The Accident by Dont-Mind_Meh
PJ's Daycare: The Accidentby ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ
(VOICES CLOSED!!!) An accident happened to the children in PJ's Daycare while having a field trip. (Not their fault though, some drunk man decided to drive.) No one got...
Mr.  Erratum by CrimsonOrRetry
Mr. Erratumby Crimson/Retry
Error can take it no longer. After centuries of Pain and suffering, Error no longer cares what happens to the people who caused him pain, and now wants to leave the plac...
life sucks. (Error x Fresh) (on hiatus, and has been for a very long time) by ican_english
life sucks. (Error x Fresh) (on Frick.
hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dis is gonna be fun. this is Error x Fresh. Error be kinda short in dis story, enjoy!!!!!
MultiTube | Error FanFic | Haitus/Discontinued | by -CAKEWALK
MultiTube | Error FanFic | 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓫𝓸𝔀𝓼
just a slight hint of fgod- Error discovers the internet This book isn't original just a heads up- Also don't expect updates anytime soon :)
Dead Person and Parasite || Fresh (Sans) X Epic Sans || Frepic || by _Official_Nightmare_
Dead Person and Parasite || 🖤💙Nightmare!Sans💙🖤
u already know what its about, because of the title- :> also I need ideas for this-
BitterSweet [Momma CQ] by Kiyoshi_Roz
BitterSweet [Momma CQ]by 𝙺𝚒𝚢𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒
Momma Cq Au Two overprotective brothers, a supportive mom, a sweet uncle, and lots of friends. But what will happened if the sunshine slowly fades from an enemy they wo...
A love so typical.. ?¿ by Sim072000
A love so typical.. ?¿by Sim072000
A 19 years old girl, forcefully married in a rich family of there caste by her parents. The bride and groom both hating the idea of arranged marriage trying there best t...
Refresh: Alternate Ending(s) & Other Stuff (put on hold or discontinued)  by DFMNE404
Refresh: Alternate Ending(s) & Dude
A rewrite of the ending of the story Refresh by TheMiraculousMatt. (I got permission to do this btw) There will be a couple versions. And other includind what happend...
"why did you go without asking for my permission huh?" "Sigh** Jung--" "I'm coming,you won't go anywhere without me" . . . . . . . Werewolf...
Broken Souls by KattraKnit
Broken Soulsby KattraKnit
What if thinks went just a little different when Error fell? What if someone really loved him? What if he loved someone even with all his positive emotions stolen?