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(Y/N) is Online by Kirbycake321
(Y/N) is Onlineby Heyyo
Paperjam, Chara, Undyne, Fresh, Nightmare, Error, and Cil get a notification on their phones. (Y/N): You remember me, don't you?
Can't You Listen? by Dragoncause
Can't You Listen?by Dragon
"Is it really that difficult to understand that I want to stop? But I CAN'T ! It's not a WONT ! I just want you to understand that." "What kind of lie i...
Mother From The Anti-void by UnbelievablyCuteCats
Mother From The Anti-voidby InHonorOfEvil
Error ends up saving a kid from an abusive home by accident and is then, through a one sided conversation, is decided to be their mother. And so he then proceeds to stop...
Error Sans One-shots by user83603204
Error Sans One-shotsby Broken Murder
This book will be full of one shots. most of them will be mine. But you can send me some ideas if you want. Don't expect me update this one so quickly.
Monarchy (Sanscest Story/Comic) by Irena456draws
Monarchy (Sanscest Story/Comic)by Irena 456
This is a Medieval Au that I've created myself. Some things are still in development and the story isn't perfect. Also, yes this is a Comic, not a full out written fanfi...
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for better life. (DestructiveDeath/ ErrorxReaper) by user83603204
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for Broken Murder
God of Destruction and God of Death they are same but different in same time. Both of them hate each other. But what would happend if one of his friends/brother. Help...
In Love With The Enemy (Undertale AU Multiship Story) by EmoTrash360
In Love With The Enemy ( Brooke Is Trash
After Error falls in love with his sworn enemy, Ink, his teammates also start to fall for people... SHIPS: Crossmare Kreme Errink HorrorLust Kustard Dustberry Afterdeath...
Ask the Sanses!  by Pidge_UT_3
Ask the Sanses! by The gender god
Just another ask and dare book for the many Sanses from Undertale (and some others from time to time). Highest Rank: #1 in Ink, #1 in blueberry, #1 in Undertale, #2 in...
Jealous Lines  III NaJ! Paperjam X reader III by Kirbycake321
Jealous Lines III NaJ! Paperjam Heyyo
(Y/N) (L/N) was always one to take up a challenge. Her confidence and friendly demeanor landed her in the popular side. Not to mention she hangs with jocks and nerds. An...
READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasian by sunnyonmars
READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasianby Mars
He streams Fortnite for a living. She probably plays the minimum just to get enough v-bucks for the next season's battle pass. He's one of the best players in Australia...
Sans AU oneshots TAKING REQUESTS!!!! by ilovelionblaze
Sans AU oneshots TAKING Luna Wolf
A FRESH START | GLEE by filmnoir_
"If I had a backbone, I would be standing on that stage, singing my heart out." This was my first story (I was thirteen) so ignore if you don't like badly writ...
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X Reader X Unfresh!Sans) by QueenOfNekoWriters
I'm Not Sharing! (Fresh!Sans X DaydreamingNeko
Skeleton brothers Fresh and Unfresh have never gotten along. Especially when it comes to sharing things. So, when both of them meet (y/n) and fall for her... Things get...
For The Children by ScaryKat
For The Childrenby Scary Kat
FGoD My version of Erratum, where Error has children other then Null and Void. His time alone in the Anti-void will effect how he reacts to the stress of dealing with t...
Me, Mom with(out) Daddy (COMPLETE- ENGLISH) by StefiIsabela
Me, Mom with(out) Daddy ( Stefi Isabela
"Mommy..." I see Anna came closer, I wipe my tears and smile to her. "Are you just wake up?" "I'm sorry... I'm sorry mommy..." She hug me t...
a r c a n e // Frank X Reader  by boogkaat
a r c a n e // Frank X Reader by rhinestone eyes
y/n is 20 years old and hangs with her friend group, the "Subway Surfers". One night of skateboarding alone, her board falls down a flight of stairs into the s...
OUTCAST | GLEE by filmnoir_
OUTCAST | GLEEby b e a
~Rewritten version of A Fresh Start~ Annabelle Anderson is an outcast. Always has been, and has accepted that she always will be. Which is why she doesn't want to join t...
This Isn't a Game Anymore ↳ mrfreshasian by sunnyonmars
This Isn't a Game Anymore ↳ Mars
What once was a game, is now your life. In this place, it won't matter if he was a professional eSports player or, you, an invested gamer. Fortnite isn't the battle roya...
You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader) by HayumiJuno
You're Ours! (Sans AUs X Reader)by Hayumi Juno
Sans X reader! Of course every sans is there but you need to wait for them! Enjoy!
Errink; Why do you care? by _depressed_vampire_
Errink; Why do you care?by Michael
Error loves Ink, but he knows Ink hates him and will never love a screw up destroyer like him(or so he thought). Error ends up cutting himself from his depression. He be...