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FATE STORY || JayMia by thesharayupatil
FATE STORY || JayMiaby Sharayu Patil
"Master did you think, its good idea to do this mission by themselves without me?" "Ji, Mia is the one who saw dream of Dayu and Jayden is one who challe...
honey, honey (jacob elordi) by 1-800-ILOVEHOTGUYS
honey, honey (jacob elordi)by 1-800-ILOVEHOTGUYS
"and now i know what they mean, he's a love machine" when mia-who lives on a popular vacation island-meets a handsome celebrity stranger, she falls in love. wh...
Mialotte- She Is Finally Back by Leo_0902
Mialotte- She Is Finally Backby Leo
This is a Mialotte fanfiction, if you couldn't tell already, starting of, after the talk between Marj and Char where they talked about her and Mia and Marj finally liste...
♡ The Start Of Something New ♡ by iDontEx1stHere
♡ The Start Of Something New ♡by Em
☆ Is Charlotte falling for Mia? Is Charlotte in a happy marriage guess you will never know. Or well maybe you will, guess you gotta read to find out ☆ ☆ This is based on...
Throwing Shadows (A Mialotte Story) by Rosie-June
Throwing Shadows (A Mialotte Story)by Rosie-June
A mialotte fanfiction based on the recent Nursery Nurse videos. Updating every day at 7pm. Title inspired by 'She's Always a Woman' by Billy Joel. Follows canon as much...
Fast and Furious by soulfox1305
Fast and Furiousby Dom
This is an adventure of Dom's team with an extra person
See You Again - Fast and Furious by LucasScottsWife54
See You Again - Fast and Furiousby _Idk_what_to_put_
Milly O'Conner 4 year old sister of the one and only Brian O'Conner, When Milly goes to live with Brian, how will this effect her and him. I don't own the fast and furio...
My Precious Sweetheart - A Mialotte Story by TheCherryColaBomb
My Precious Sweetheart - A Mialott...by Cherry
The story of 2 women, one who's the new deputy manager and other who is 'happily married'. One women is interested and the other is going through something and doesn't q...
Love is a Rollercoaster- Fast and Furious by Fastandfurious_X
Love is a Rollercoaster- Fast and...by K 💙
What if Dominic and Mia Toretto had a younger sister. Her name is Violet Grace Toretto. When their father died her and her older brother Jakob left. What will happen wh...
Mia ✔️ by JanelleeXOXO
Mia ✔️by JanelleeXOXO
"Can you unzip my dress? I've been trying but can't reach the zipper" I say as I turn my back towards him He comes towards me and starts to unzip my dress, hi...
Sirens in Seattle by Forever_young325
Sirens in Seattleby B
When pre-med student Mia gets pulled over on her way to school, she doesn't think that the rude Officer Phoenix Adams is anything more than a factor of a bad day. She d...
A kind loyal nursery worker hears there is a new deputy manager at the sister nursery who is up to no good..
Ride Or Die | Fast & Furious ¹ ✓ by BrunetteMarionette
Ride Or Die | Fast & Furious ¹ ✓by 𝕹𝖞𝖝
Growing up in a face-paced life, Rosalie idolizes her brother and wants to be just like him, even if that means learning to become a street racer. Is Dom ready for his...
𝙎𝙋𝙀𝙀𝘿 - 𝙃𝘼𝙉 𝙇𝙐𝙀 by victoriastxr
𝙎𝙋𝙀𝙀𝘿 - 𝙃𝘼𝙉 𝙇𝙐𝙀by victoriastxr
-"i need someone i can trust. i don't trust anyone more than you." han said, placing soft kisses on her hand. his other hand on the steering wheel. -"i'l...
Just us.  by imogen_faith
Just us. by Imogen
"I'm not supposed to love you" "Then don't" A love unintended. A love unexpected. A love undeniable. "There's just something about you that...
Dangerous Woman  by WitchBitch19
Dangerous Woman by Hailey Smith
Ashley Toretto. The middle sister of the Toretto siblings. The one that left without an explanation. Then Owen Shaw showed up. The man that brings chaos to the fight. Wi...
Mia [REWRITING IS ON HOLD] by pandabear1430
{Complete}Mia Anderson is a shy, innocent, and not to mention short 19 year old. Living with her foster family has its ups and downs, but she loves them like her own. On...
Fast and Furious To My Heart by Gracie99523
Fast and Furious To My Heartby Anna
When Brian calls in a 'secret weapon' to help defeat Reyes, she comes barreling in to help an old frenemy. She makes her way fast and furiously into Dom's heart. Now whe...
Forbidden love (sequel)  by fanfictions_5
Forbidden love (sequel) by Fanfictions
This is a sequel to my last Mialotte story! Hope you enjoy
A broken heart by TeresaSullivan427
A broken heartby Teresa Sullivan
This is what I had hoped would happen when Janine went to Rose and told her about the offer that Tasha had made to Dimitri. I hope that you enjoy it.