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Elliot's little tiny by ijustloverobinhuh
Elliot's little tinyby ijustloverobinhuh
Robin is brought from a teenage male, she is 3 inches tall and very timid as well as frightened. She could be either enslaved, devoured, toyed with, or just be a tiny pe...
The New Home ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
The New Home ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
((THIS COVER WAS DRAWN AND IS OWNED BY @jasper2708!)) Neko's are tiny creatures that have served as pets to humans for hundreds of years. Since they were discovered they...
My Darling Little Kitten | ✓ by iiLoveydoveii
My Darling Little Kitten | ✓by S.K. A N G E L
" I brought you a surprise Alpha " The one holding me, Jaxon I suppose said. The alpha lifted his head and it was as if the world froze. His green eyes were me...
The Dying Generation by DezWeasel767
The Dying Generationby Colorful Dreams Productions
Clayton, a Ten year old girl who wakes up in a place unknown to her. She has no memory of her past or really where she came from, how she had ended up in the strange pla...
The Giant by Baileyschatz
The Giantby Bailey Anne Schatz
A princess is given to a giant prince as humans try to make peace with the giants. Will she be treated as a pet, a prisoner, or a love interest. Read to find out.
The Shrink Program by Shayni
The Shrink Programby Shayni
Maddison Tramph makes terrible life choices and is shrunken as a result. To return to normal, she must reform her behaviour with the help of an estranged best friend. R...
The Sun's Light by ayemaaaaaan
The Sun's Lightby .
Shehryaar Shah, a business mogul with a family that prides over their traditions and rich heritage. The man exudes power yet isn't arrogant. The man holds the whole fami...
MiniRide by Yukinoo-B
MiniRideby Yukino-B
Three friends explore a tiny world through "MiniRide", a game that shrinks them. But when one of them gets stuck on the scale of a insect, fascination turns to...
Life is better with you! (remastered) (G/T story) by RyukoSchnee
Life is better with you! (remaster...by RyukoSchnee
(G/T) Caesar's life was simple. Until giants came along and stripped her from her home. Now she's a luxury item for the rich and wealthy. In the years of bouncing from h...
Extended Family - A G/t Shorty by Amil-CheriRevel
Extended Family - A G/t Shortyby Amil-Cheri Revel
Mia and Casey Gardner are two recently adopted children left alone in a house in the middle of nowhere. As the oldest of the siblings, Mia begins to question their unusu...
Newfound  by 2NDVOID
Newfound by VOID2.0
Lucas is a giant who's been roaming the lands for long, he rarely comes in contact with humans but this changes when he finds a suburban town of humans. And the governme...
Her Giant Boss by Elkri2301
Her Giant Bossby Elkri2301
A woman working to pay for her studies, gets bullied on the workfloor. One day it all goes to far and she leaves, not knowing she is being followed by a madman .
How Little You Care by Amil-CheriRevel
How Little You Careby Amil-Cheri Revel
A life-threatening accident caused a loving husband & father, Micah Solís, to grow to an immeasurable height, and leaving him to endure the massive changes that are cont...
The WorkPlace Incident - Giantess Story by hitman47890
The WorkPlace Incident - Giantess...by The Unfortunate Hero
After Quarantining for a while. You are eventuality called into work. Sadly, a new virus variant is running amuck, and you got it. Shrinking you in progress and getting...
Sized (Tiny Izuku AU) by MaggieEP10
Sized (Tiny Izuku AU)by DadzawaFan
One day while fighting a villain named Sizer, Izuku gets thrown in an alley shrunk to the point that he is 1 inch tall! KamiJiro and maybe IzuOcha? Dadzawa for sure. PLA...
SILVA - Epic Ronin Story by Doyle02
SILVA - Epic Ronin Storyby Doyle02
General Silva is fearless, strong, and sometimes impossible. As General of the Leafmen, she must be. But that's not all - she's also the Princess of Moonhaven. Her siste...
My Borrowed Son by Narrans
My Borrowed Sonby Narrans
Amanda is in the park one day after moving away from her ex-husband when she finds a small boy. This would be a simple problem to solve, but this little boy is quite lit...
A tinies heart by Emmy0061
A tinies heartby Emmy0061
Ana is a young girl with the dream of becoming a doctor. Her biggest morality test comes when she finds an injured giant. Her gentle nature makes her help him, but what...
Slide To Open by Slide-To-Open
Slide To Openby Slide-To-Open
"Out of all four boys that were a part of the unlikely friend group, only three of them were human."
Stranded on a Tiny Planet by Fire-Redhead
Stranded on a Tiny Planetby Fire-Redhead
Merco, a human veteran of the last future war, finds himself marooned by mercenaries on an alien world inhabited by tiny humanoid aliens. Wounded and far from anything h...