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KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in Hope Springs, Texas by JamJanSand
KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in JamJanSand
This begins a series about life in Hope Springs, Texas, especially among 9th graders at Eternal High School. Students will be keeping individual journals about their ad...
sudden feelings by ColinCastillo3
sudden feelingsby Colin Castillo
a story of asexual shelby suddenly getting the feeling of horniness
Being Naked by Shelob
Being Nakedby Em
Short naked stories and poetry.
The Nudist student by Scarecrow613
The Nudist studentby Scarecrow613
A high school teacher runs into one of his students at a nudist resort.
Desire by Writergirljazaye
Desireby Ja’Zaye
Deysire Washington is a beautiful, smart and successful young woman who is getting ready to take a wild ride through life. This story is full of erotics, suspense and my...
The Desire by sassytwinturbo
The Desireby SassyWassy
Two couples looking for excitement in swapping.
ONE MAN PRIZE by thesecretdoor_04
Jungkook, a one man prize. A fortune and a possession from 1300s that was only known by women who carriaged it. Jungkook, The first men to be chosen for carriage. Also t...
A Giantess Planet  by mrKDM123
A Giantess Planet by Mr KDMdude
Jack has shrunken down to the size of a LEGO figure, due to a blue shockwave. Jack struggles as he tries to adapt to the new living conditions.
forced slave by naah1284
forced slaveby naah1284
blackmail by step sisters and their girlfriends parents didn't believe you. loves elder daughters more so if they even know they didn't care. 18+
Changes (Twilight) (Bella/Carlisle)  by Woolley119
Changes (Twilight) (Bella/ Woolley119
Set in New Moon and before Eclipse. The whole Edward leaves scenario. Two major things happen. Charlie dies leaving Bella alone. And second, Carlisle chose to stay. W...
Love N Lust by ephiphany_lust7
Love N Lustby Starboy
A young man meets a beautiful woman who fulfills his needs and desires.
Love, Death + Robots Obsession (various Yandere LDR X female reader) by UmbraWitch2000
Love, Death + Robots Obsession ( UmbraWitch2000
During some episodes, (Y/N) is not only forced to fight for her life, but also force to deal with death and obsessive love to her! Will she survive, or die?
bob velseb x Reader (Smut) (Pregnant) I'm in love with a devil by MikuChan3918
bob velseb x Reader (Smut) ( MikuChan3918
Y/N was walking around in the dark alone, she felt like someone is behind her. All see she is a big fat man with a devil mask.
Stuck by GryphonJoy
Stuckby Joy
WARNING!!! 18+UP ONLY. Lots of nudity, dominance, and sexual content. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Take it off Tin...
MOMMY'S 1 HOUR by hyunidaDdY33
Y/n try to bring her horny side and that become really messy for Felix And they both enjoy what they had with each other To know more read the whole FF & . Now enjoy...
Teenage Years(18+) by storyslayer420
Teenage Years(18+)by storyslayer420
When your expelled to a camp with 2 boys and your bestfriend Jasmine, can you resist your urges? Or will you be happy?
I (health)care about you by Strrraw
I (health)care about youby Nicky
Espresseleine fic :D Hello this is my first cookie run fic how are you today Hmmm this fic is extremely fluffy, very hurt/comfort and revolves around Espresso being si...
Illumi X Male Reader (So This Is Love) by LuckaLights10
Illumi X Male Reader (So This Is lucka lights 💙
it's about a boy who catches the attention of a emotionless man and the man ends up becoming in love with the boy...but how will the boy react to the man will he except...
The Electric Eclectic Library by LightningLibrarian79
The Electric Eclectic Libraryby
The Electric Eclectic Library - Fantastical & Eclectic Erotic Newsletter
Shenanigans With Not-So-Murderous Clown Robots by MidnightMorpher
Shenanigans With MidnightMorpher
When Micheal Afton first took the position at Circus World, the last thing he expected was to run into an amalgamation of entertainment robots that wanted to wear his sk...