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DXD With a Twist by Dat-Boi-Eraser
DXD With a Twistby Jiren The Grey
When issei was slaughtered by his girlfriend... Instead of Rias appearing, Lucifer appears. You see, the magic circle that Rias gave was mistaken for the one that Lucife...
Project K-324 by V3xWolford
Project K-324by V3xWolford
So, in this story don't expect the personalities of the characters to be exactly the same, i made this story because i just wanted to and if you have any idea for the st...
What Is Happening To Me by Draconian64
What Is Happening To Meby Draconian64
So deku got hit with a genderbend quirk and he is slowly turning into a girl. I tried to put as much detail in here as possible and this is not from my channel
I AM GOD!!! (Union x Crossover) by kevondre14
I AM GOD!!! (Union x Crossover)by kevondre14
Y/N has had the worst life anyone can imagine. He was treated as an outcast throughout all of Union because he didn't possess any kind of power. But what if he met someo...
Mato's Shinobi by The_Great_Sage69
Mato's Shinobiby The_Great_Sage69
A normal guy gets reincarnated with the powers of some of the strongest shinobis in a world where only women have power. You can guess how that's gonna go. World: Mato S...
naruto meets Lucifer and god by forgothetime
naruto meets Lucifer and godby forgothetime
Naruto during the Chunin exams for the second test after he get's hit by Orochimaru locks the nine tails and it messed up his control over his own or is it. He sees some...
Demigoddess in a Wizarding World by Rooney1077
Demigoddess in a Wizarding Worldby Rooney
In this story, Perci (girl Percy Jackson) has been going to Hogwarts for 5 years and is now in her sixth year. She is a demigod. Post TLO, Perci is 17 in her sixth year...
I'M JUST TRYING TO BECOME A HERO?! (BNHA Harem x Male Reader) by The_Quiet_Artist_28
"I'M JUST TRYING TO BECOME A HERO?!" (M/N) (L/N) is just your average student trying to become a Hero, his dream is to become one of the greatest heroes of all...
After Transmigration, all the Male Leads Fell in Love with Me by 0un1-guru
After Transmigration, all the Ouni
快穿之变成男人后主角都爱上我了 Author:千四夕 / Qian Sixi Brief Description: Qi Xi was always a good girl before she was alive, but she was an old pervert in her heart and longed to become...
Writing our own happily ever after from Magic by Momoko_Gozen
Writing our own happily ever Momoko-chan
Twyla Evermoor Daughter of the Book Keeper From The Evermoor Bloodline have been Keepers of the Enchanted Library that keep records of fairy tale characters family, pas...
Seer Of The Sea  by Ama_014
Seer Of The Sea by Chuuya Dazai
demigods and gods read the books on Pasiphae Jackson's life
My hero academia genderbend universe x male reader by swagDrJackBright
My hero academia genderbend Dr. Jack Bright
Y/N along with izuku, bakugo, and todoroki find themselves in a different universe where only females have quirks, how will the other world react to the first male heroes
𝓣𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓻 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂 by AGirlFromTheStars
𝓣𝓱𝓮𝓲𝓻 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓢𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂by ✨𝐸𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒶✨
Let me tell you an old story a new and see how well you know it. Maleficent, hurt, betrayed and wingless by Stephan, who he had trusted him by paid dearly for trusting a...
Male Bakugo reader x female Izuku by SAPwriter2005
Male Bakugo reader x female Izukuby Sergio Paredes
In this story you take the place of Bakugo, your attitude will be a little different from canon Bakugo, but relatively the same.
-ˋˏ  PARTNERS IN CRIME - C. DE VIL  ˎˊ by _amaranthine02
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving demon by LuoYuer
Anyway, I'm just a fish-loving LuoYuer
In an ordinary modern world. An ordinary boy, Hui Lu, lives his free daily life. One day two years ago, everything changed. How did I become a little girl? horns? wings...
So This Is Love by MaidinHeaven08
So This Is Loveby MaidinHeaven08
A collection of oneshots depicting the married life of Izumi Midoriya and her husband Enji Todoroki. 5 lengthy connected sentences per chapter that can be read as their...
Amalia has been a friend of Mirabel for a long time. As she grew her beauty attracted a lot of suitors including Ignacio. Mirabel's older brother.
Yandere female uppermoons and muzan x male reader by Demonic_dragon_god
Yandere female uppermoons and Vritra
Hello, this is my first story. I don't own demon slayer or Any photos or videos I use in this story the credit goes to their rightful owners (English is not my first lan...
yandere DXD X autistic male reader by B_nation1
yandere DXD X autistic male readerby BHW
DISCLAIMER: author-san has autism so all the autism jokes are fine wattpad Y/N was born with high functioning autism and goes to kuoh and despite not being a fighter he...