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sincerity and repentance | dramione *VERY SLOW UPDATES* by celinajosephine
sincerity and repentance | 𝒄𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒚 <𝟑
currently barely updated. ─ ─ ─ The war is over. Many people died. Many people are broken. Many people show feelings in different ways. Harry, Ron and Hermione are heroe...
Meant to be together (YOONMIN)  by MIN18yoon13
Meant to be together (YOONMIN) by MIN18yoon13
" I miss you hyung . I know I'm pathetic but I can't move on. I'm still there. " Jimin "I hate you Park Jimin . I don't even want to see your face. "...
HATE✔ [Taekook] by Taelepsy
HATE✔ [Taekook]by Alina
" hurts." "Oh!..Really? I am sorry. Did I hurt you..?Haha Good to know that. And Kim Taehyung, do you think I care? No..I will never." Jeon...
Innocent (TaeKook) by xabish
Innocent (TaeKook)by xabish
"Why do you always cry; you know it won't change anything.... i didn't spend my money to wipe your tears" JK "W-W-What do you wa..." Taehyung. (Slap...
Suffering Part 4: Family First by SnaddysPet
Suffering Part 4: Family Firstby Y/N
This is part 4 in the series of Suffering. Arrival of the next generation of Snapes.
Submit to me, be my pet, that is all (boyxboy) by Rin__Matsuoka__
Submit to me, be my pet, that is Rin__Matsuoka__
A 21 year old boy has no memories of who he once was. All he remembers is the cold feel of a whip and a rope around his throat. He can barely breathe as he sits against...
White Olive Tree by Ramisa2
White Olive Treeby Ramisa2
'White Olive Tree' novel by Jiu Yue Xi English translation "Ah Zan, I am Ruan Ruan." No one is an island other than you. That fateful day, he looked out of th...
The Missing Princess by Clifoconda_HemHem
The Missing Princessby AURORA🙄
Isabella Ekaterina is the only daughter of the two most powerful mafia families in the world: the Di Luca Italian mafia and the Vasiliev Russian mafia. She was their lit...
Chal Meri Jaan by magical_AditiRathore
Chal Meri Jaanby magical_aditirathore
This story is about a college girl who wants to become a brand. Her life's motive is to get a position, not love. There is no place for love in her life. Everyone in the...
When you get fed up of your cold husband behavior. Taehyung FF by thvffs
When you get fed up of your cold Thv FFs
This fanfic story is based on a cold husband and his Indian wife. After various events of getting neglected by his husband Yn decided to give up and give him taste of hi...
Sworn Sisters  by AbdoolZainab
Sworn Sisters by Zainab Abdulhadi
MUSLIMLOVESTORY . . . . . The man took her to a small office downstairs. It seems he is the owner of the hotel cos of how well he knows his way around the hotel. She so...
The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy. by awkwardlyrare
The Sweet Side of The Bad Destiny Asia Dorsette.
Selena didn't know love, she knew nothing of it. She was almost like a balloon being held against a very sharp, dangerous object. You can see where she's caving in, yet...
Rebecca's Life by MyAlias03
Rebecca's Lifeby MyAlias
When Rebeccas mom passed away from cancer, she finds herself 4 months later moving to a new town with her dad. As she deals with starting a new school and bumping into t...
Faded fate by magical_AditiRathore
Faded fateby magical_aditirathore
This story is about a girl name Avni and A businessman Nei Khanna it is about their relationship which dies before it blossom, their journey ended before it starts. Dest...
Emphatic by EraSelene
Emphaticby Era
Alone... No one is by my side anymore... It hurts... Everything hurts... [The Trash of the Count's Family AU] All of the characters are not mine, the novel is from Yoo R...
Mending Her Soul by Swarmayi
Mending Her Soulby Swarmayi
• Winner - The Rose Awards 2022 • 1st Runner Up - The Hawa Mahal Awards 2022 • Cover credit - @_littlebitcrazy_ She was a broken girl and her broken edges made her a str...
Mirror, Mirror ♦ Loki X Reader by RavenQueen39
Mirror, Mirror ♦ Loki X Readerby DanSter
Book One of Mirror, Mirror//Loki x Reader ~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~ "I'm not a The Hero, but I'm also not The Villain. I...
He Was Never Mine! by dream_catcher_4422
He Was Never Mine!by ❤️Poulomi❤️
Her POV :- He has been always there in my mind and heart....and in prayer also! Praying for his well being and health has been my daily routine. But guess what, I was ne...
Untold Love by Dazzlingsweetie_1334
Untold Loveby Devashini
Avni lives her life totally in the dark shade. she was tortured and harassed by her family physically and mentally. Even her father and mother hate her because she is a...
HIS  Deadly Obsession  (Jk FF) by talesofparadise
HIS Deadly Obsession (Jk FF)by Moon land
*** I will never let you leave my side, my love; you are tarp with me in my world forever.I'll ensnare you in my universe. He said and incline near her and get her abdo...