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| Haven | by garicksons
| Haven |by dev
To the rest of the world, Sierra had the perfect life. Straight A's, a wealthy family, things many people longed for. However behind the scenes, things weren't so perfec...
Voltron: Keith x OC (white lion) - Daughter of Light by KannaSendai
Voltron: Keith x OC (white lion) KannaSendai
Voltron: Legendary Defenders Fanfic, Keith x OC Kanna Sendai was a half human, half Endari bounty hunter who found the white lion while on a job. After joining the palad...
Loving You to the Stars and Back // Keith x OC // WATTYS 2019 by xXLilDreamer47Xx
Loving You to the Stars and xXLilDreamer47Xx
=UP FOR WATTYS 2019= Athena wasn't like any other girls. She longed for adventure, continually searching, exploring, discovering things that she has never known. It was...
Klance comic by ItAmy764
Klance comicby ItAmy
Just some cute comic pictures of Klance None of these pictures are mine Credit to artists
Blood and Genetics by galrahobbitofxadia
Blood and Geneticsby lily potter
It's awfully convenient that Keith's Galra, animalistic eye genes didn't show up until season six when he knew he was Galra. What if things were less convenient? What if...
Thing Called Life | Keith X Reader by Cutieputootie07
Thing Called Life | Keith X Readerby YourPalKiley
Keith X Reader | (Y/N) becomes a co-pilot at the Garrison in order to prove that her brother didn't die in vain, due to his co-pilot messing up their mission. All is goi...
Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
Purple: A Tale of Two Paladins(Klance) by Bluecrepe
Purple: A Tale of Two Paladins( Skylar Blue
Keith has just been reunited with his mother Krolia, and the two desperately try to fix the rift between them. Meanwhile, Lance and the other paladins have a massive pro...
Baby Keith by Danidied
Baby Keithby Dani
"It was rather odd honestly. All of the paladins are sitting in the control room. Well almost all of them..."
Graceful (KeithxReader) by ThatRandomNextToYou
Graceful (KeithxReader)by ThatRandom
A few years after (Y/n)'s brother Takashi Shirogane went missing, the young girl flew into space on add adventure of her own. After some unlucky events, (Y/n) meet team...
My Red Paladin (Keith X Reader) by KrysRosalina
My Red Paladin (Keith X Reader)by Krys Rosalina
Princess Y/n is the cousin of Princess Allura and also the previous paladin of the red lion. After woken up from a ten thousand year slumber, Y/n, Allura and Coran find...
Kieth is kidnapped by the Galra for being an Omega, but is also kicked off team Voltron because of other reasons. Now Kieth is held as prince Lotor mate, pregnant with...
Till death do us part (reader insert) by boom_boom_boy1
Till death do us part (reader boom_boom_boy1
As a girl with powers struggles to survive she must also chose to defend or to love. With a bounty on her alter ego, a space cat, her intelligence, and her powers to aid...
Raised by the Galra {Sheith} by woopwoopboi
Raised by the Galra {Sheith}by Patricia
In this story Keith is raised by BOM (blade of marmora) and Voltron doesn't have an official red palladin, Allura pilots red when forming Voltron is needed, any other ti...
Voltron x Reader {Oneshots} by Turtlelover1024
Voltron x Reader {Oneshots}by Dylan Barnes ;)
•DISCONTINUED• Oneshot character's x readers. NO LEMONS YOU DIRTY CHILDREN. Send me some requests and I might write themmm Characters I do: Keith Lance Shiro Allura P...
Growing Up With Lions (Keith X Lance) by Ciel-and-Payten
Growing Up With Lions (Keith X Ciel and Payten
(Fantasy AU) Sky. Fire. Land. Forest. And finally Water. The five elements of Earth that each have a guardian watching over it, a Guardian Lion. The lions each have some...
Outcast's (Keith x Lotor) by EnderMoonYT
Outcast's (Keith x Lotor)by Katsuki Bakugou
"I was so happy back then. I just wish I was there now. I wish they cared for me again. They were the only family I had" "It's okay. We have each other n...
A Furry Situation (Klance/Laith) by CrimsonSapph
A Furry Situation (Klance/Laith)by CrimsonSapph
What would happen if Keith accidentally got turned into a Galra kitten after a mission? What trouble would he get into? Who would watch him? Would any of the paladins be...
I was wrong.....Like always (A Voltron fanfic) by Kyoya_senpaii
I was wrong.....Like always (A Kyoya_senpaii
(So I just fished Voltron and I write this before I did so don't call me out on any stuff I got wrong Kay?) Pain was all Keith could feel. The galra captures Keith to ex...
kit keith by nemotravers
kit keithby nemotravers
this is a book about Keith when he's with the blade of marmora they realize he's not as old as they though Completed