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Graceful (KeithxReader) by ThatRandomNextToYou
Graceful (KeithxReader)by ThatRandom
A few years after (Y/n)'s brother Takashi Shirogane went missing, the young girl flew into space on add adventure of her own. After some unlucky events, (Y/n) meet team...
Mafia Voltron Keith x Reader by MillennialMars
Mafia Voltron Keith x Readerby Mars
When (Y/N) becomes witness to one of the mafia, Voltron's, killings she's taken captive and forced to live with seven of the most deadly people. --- When the door opened...
Voltron: Galaxies Apart by Spazzycat
Voltron: Galaxies Apartby Piper Christopher
With Shiro and Matt safely back at the castle, team voltron prepares for the inevitable battle with Lotor. However, Lotor sets up a trap for Voltron after he discovers K...
Beta by Avalinda
Betaby Avalinda
Lance is a beta.... totally just a beta. A/B/O universe Voltron legendary defenders Beta! Hunk Beta! Pidge Alpha! Shiro Alpha! Keith Smut Non consensual actions B...
Monochrome // Klance by peachiepastels
Monochrome // Klanceby Peachie
Lance fails a mission which results in Allura telling him he should leave. She regrets saying it and that is apparent but her words had dug deep into Lance's heart. The...
Klance - Heat by ediblesocks
Klance - Heatby ray
1 week power-saving drill. The heats off. 3 blankets, 2 pairs have to share a bed. Lance is warm. (some of the chapters have been revised because of certain issues I ha...
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC) by vonsphinx
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC)by Angel of Death
Voltron Legendary Defender Fanfic She arrived on the planet - the one she was named after - as a prisoner, but she left as someone who would help save the universe. Aris...
Klance: Truth or Dare by SevenSidedStories
Klance: Truth or Dareby SevenSidedStories
The crew of the Castle of Lions is waiting on a report from the Blade of Marmora. To kill time, they decide to play an Altean version of the game Truth or Dare. °°°°°°°...
klance smut by gem_stone7667
klance smutby mystery
Klance: keith x lance
Dangerous Foe's ( Vampire Paladin x Voltron ) by ThyWorthyOne
Dangerous Foe's ( Vampire Paladin...by ThyWorthyOne
Yep, I'm a vampire. Names Everdeen, people called me Dean. I "drink" animals and mostly live as a normal girl enrolling in the galaxy Garison. Of course I hav...
Langst oneshots? Probably. by ingalollol
Langst oneshots? Probably.by ingalollol
Idk oneshots of sad Lance, I guess. I accept requests, but pls no smut I dont write that on my good christian wattpad story. So, yeah, uhhh requests are allowed and stuf...
Voltron shiro x shy reader by 12ponygirl
Voltron shiro x shy readerby 12ponygirl
Meet y/n l/n she's friends with lance,pidge and hunk what happens when she meets keith and shiro and she pilot's the white lion. But a certain black paladin falls for t...
Silence in Space: (Keith x Reader) A Voltron Fanfiction by TheUltraNinjaShipper
Silence in Space: (Keith x Reader)...by NinjaShipper
**The #1 bestseller of the Keith x Reader AND the VLD stories! (At least for now, because again, it changes a LOT).** Shy, quiet, clumsy...the very qualities that make a...
Guardian |Voltron Shiro x Male FF| by HopeIsHard
Guardian |Voltron Shiro x Male FF|by HopeIsHard
What if there were four pilots that went missing on the Kerberos Mission? What if Keith didn't grow up just under Shiro? What if Shiro had someone else help him escape...
Beta not Omega by kiki-dee
Beta not Omegaby KikiDee
Lance McClain was an Omega. He has been pretending to be a Beta since he first presented at the age of 13 due to his family shunning him, leaving him isolated and alone...
Voltron x Reader by BillCipher26
Voltron x Readerby UNKNOWN
We all know that Voltron can defeat Zarkon, but what if there is someone who has the power to destroy him. With (Y/n) help they can finally save the universe.
My Red Paladin (Keith X Reader) by KrysRosalina
My Red Paladin (Keith X Reader)by Krys Rosalina
Princess Y/n is the cousin of Princess Allura and also the previous paladin of the red lion. After woken up from a ten thousand year slumber, Y/n, Allura and Coran find...
I'm Such a Baby by DemonDaddy69
I'm Such a Babyby DemonDaddy69
Keith hasn't regressed in years and apparently Lotor has this information. The issue is Keith has been kidnapped by Lotor. Little Keith Daddy Lance
Forgotten (Keith x Reader) {COMPLETED} by CL0udy-Skies0
Forgotten (Keith x Reader) {COMPLE...by Cloudy Skies.
Y/N McLain. Top student at Garrison School of Art and Music. She didn't want to fly, like her parents and brother. She becamed ignored, unless the golden child Lance cam...
Agent Blue by emotionalfangirl123
Agent Blueby Kaz Nori
Lance isn't what he seems, and years of training made him pretty good at hiding himself. That all goes down the drain when he and Pidge come across a base that's said to...