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Voltron Force's Secret by Shadowtron05Lions
Voltron Force's Secretby Shadowtron05Lions
The Voltron Force are afraid of their cadets finding out about this other Lion Froce and the Lions' secret. The other Force now hinds becuse of the Alliance but why? And...
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My Computer artwork/sketches by ljnbee
My Computer artwork/sketchesby Bennett
My art. I do have some of my actual drawings but it's mostly art that i do on my computer. Please dont look if youre under 18. im a hentai artist.
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Sheith (Shiro x Keith) oneshots  by ErikaGleave
Sheith (Shiro x Keith) oneshots by Erika Gleave
Voltron legendary defender, Sheith oneshots! I really love Shiro X Keith so I'll type a lot of lil oneshots that pop up in my head or you can give me some ideas to type...
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Male! Anime One-Shots by loverpepper12
Male! Anime One-Shotsby Amanda
This is another story that has a bunch of anime One-Shots., but with Male (He/Him) pronouns. You can request any anime. It can be Character X Character or Reader X Chara...
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Coming Soon by CheetaraRosePurra
Coming Soonby CheetaraRosePurra
fan fiction Series I dont own the rights to my fan fictions all rights reserved to authors and creators
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Turn me. I want to be with you by TheKoiKat
Turn me. I want to be with youby TheKoiKat
The worst way to start a relationship, blood, hate, and lots of arguing
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Anime: One-Shots (requests closed) by Mystic_Kitty
Anime: One-Shots (requests closed)by Mystic_Kitty
Like the title says this is a bunch of anime one shots Previously known as Beyblade: one shots (since I just changed the title and theme recently please don't be mad if...
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TALKING TO THE MOON. ❝ i know you're somewhere out there, somewhere far away. ❞ lance mcclain x selena ambrosio [oc] voltron legendary defender : seasons one - eight...
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Only With You || Shallura || by Tybalt-Tisk
Only With You || Shallura ||by Tybalt-Tisk
Shiro and Allura are childhood friends that grow up together.
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K-I-S-S-I-N-G by ChristoBean99
K-I-S-S-I-N-Gby Chris
Random x reader ( requests OPEN)
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Book of Short Stories by connor_douglas
Book of Short Storiesby ᴄᴏɴɴᴏʀ ᴊ. ᴅᴏᴜɢʟᴀs
One-shots, two-shots, and requests 100% welcome. *maybe slow* most fandoms & most ships with exceptions
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Reader x Character stories by starbridgemoon
Reader x Character storiesby starbridgemoon
Maybe you found yourself in love with a fictional character. You've spent hours and hours thinking about scenarios that may never come true. But I present to you ー a way...
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One Shots by Blackbird014
One Shotsby 🌹Rose🌹
A collection of one shots from DC, Marvel, Supernatural, and maybe more ;) UPDATE: TONS OF VOLTRON AND GAY SHIT ON ITS WAY
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Voltron: Siege Of Terra by KuzivakwasheMuvezwa
Voltron: Siege Of Terraby Kuzivakwashe Muvezwa
Voltron fan-fiction. An alternate origin story for the Voltron Universe. On a post apocalyptic Earth still recovering from the third world war. A new threat awakens fo...
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Ship Opinions by Jared_Kinkyman
Ship Opinionsby Swiggity Swooty
random ships (requests welcome)
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The FanFair by Fanfic
The FanFairby Fanfiction
The FanFair is a place for you to find and connect with people who love the things you love. It's a place to immerse yourself in all of your favorite fandoms, discover l...
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One Shots (all of the gays, some of the straights) by SomeUserNamedKaz2y5
One Shots (all of the gays, some o...by SomeUserNamedKaz2y5
Hehe Okay so I decided to make a bunch of one shots with multiple characters, actors, singers, ex. Comment what you'd like to read and I'll see if I know them. Warning:...
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DRAWINGS!!♡♡ by lovehateadore
DRAWINGS!!♡♡by lovehateadore
These are my drawings
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The Book of Us by chaosintheclouds
The Book of Usby chaosintheclouds
Glimpses into lives of those you wish to think of as I pour words, in hopefully a somewhat more eloquent manner than in this description Some of fandom Some of random Re...
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Fangirl Problems by vldheathers2187
Fangirl Problemsby Klance Trash
Title says it all. We all have them. I'm gonna be writing about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Supernatural (dean is mah bae, no one else's), Gravity Falls, Sherlo...
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