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The Bad Boy and My Cookie  by ElaBearXx
The Bad Boy and My Cookie by ℰunice
❧♚☙ "Hey! That's my cookies you're stomping on!" My blue eyes meeting his dark blue ones. "What are you gonna do about it?" He taunted, his perfectly...
The War Bond by keyleehargis
The War Bondby Keylee Hargis
I never knew life could take you for a turn so quickly. I had secrets and those secrets were ones that I told no one but those close to me. I never wanted a cold-hearte...
Inappropriate Victorious Jokes by OneAndOnlyBelieber
Inappropriate Victorious Jokesby OneAndOnlyBelieber
I had an idea to do this for a while now. I have seen the show so many times over the past couple of years that I began to understand the jokes and scenes that were bein...
Wonderful Mistakes: shatter of pure heart by JjByna
Wonderful Mistakes: shatter of JoyJoy
THEY said, life would introduce you to different kind of emotions- specially love. As what people believes, you can never really know who you'll end up with, but, surely...
𝑪𝑯𝑨 𝑪𝑯𝑨 by pimpszn
Not good at descriptions sadly just read it to find out whats going onシ
BTS Random Scenarios 👑 by yahkseok
BTS Random Scenarios 👑by k.
WARNING: This book is full of weirdness, craziness, 0__0 , seven boys blessed with handsomeness. If you want to add this to your libraries, be sure with your decision, t...
Saving Brownie | ✔ by wigglysubu
Saving Brownie | ✔by subs
01 in Humor [16-09-17] Georgia Brooks, the notorious, troublesome tomboy is the caretaker of Clark Brown, the mysterious and cold man who is an undercover billionaire...
Hetalia Funnies!! by smokey-elika
Hetalia Funnies!!by mami chula 😩
This is just a book full of Hetalia texts, memes, jokes, puns and more!! I was inspided by the cover of this book to make this xD I would suggest you guys watch it t...
The Adventures of Yeontan by YahSesanginGirl
The Adventures of Yeontanby S. Dinwiddie
In which Yeontan wreaks havoc on Bangtan--in short poems. - UWUs and laughs ahead. _________ Highest rank in Poem: 1 Yeontan: 1 Jokes: 4 Crack: 10 _________ Glam: 1st...
ATEEZ JOKES by sammienology
ATEEZ JOKES COMPLETED ✓ part one of my ATEEZ JOKES BOOK 2 IS OUT! CHECK IT OUT ON MY PROFILE! Check out my other books! Thank you!
JOKES by Sadhali
Are you ready for the best book you have ever read in the entire world???? Well your in the wrong place. I'm kidding. If you want jokes that make you roll on the floor l...
Korea's Biggest Fuckboy  by jincanbuttermeupsis
Korea's Biggest Fuckboy by lisi’
"The FBI is trying to find my penis, can I hide it inside you?" Jimin X Reader ©️jincanbuttermeupsis Started; 13/10/19 (jimins birthday🥰🥺) Ended; ? Complet...
ATEEZ JOKES 6 by sammienology
ATEEZ JOKES COMPLETED ✓ part six of my ATEEZ JOKES BOOK 1,2,3,4 and 5 IS ALREADY FINISHED! CHECK IT OUT ON MY PROFILE! Check out my other books! Thank you!
Quotes of the Old (Famous Quotes of Today) by smokey-elika
Quotes of the Old (Famous Quotes mami chula 😩
This volume of text is for out of context quotes that I aurally perceive from acquaintances and such in my circadian life. All the extracts in this novel are my own and...
ATEEZ JOKES 5 by sammienology
ATEEZ JOKES COMPLETED ✓ part five of my ATEEZ JOKES BOOK 1,2,3 and 4 IS ALREADY FINISHED! CHECK IT OUT ON MY PROFILE! Check out my other books! Thank you!
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍.  ━   alastor by -bandaid
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍. ━ alastorby homeless
𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍 in which a sinner makes the stupid decision of engaging with the enemy. ( romance | comedy | gore alas...
Joke Book by Dorky_Vampire
Joke Bookby park
[COMPLETED] This is where you can laugh at 3 am in the morning or having a crappy day. Tweet me your favorite joke on @pastelpark (#1 in short story october 5 &...
Dad Jokes by ilikepetewentz
Dad Jokesby ilikepetewentz
I'm not an actual dad... But Incase you're wondering, I am most certainly a meme.
Harry Potter Jokes and Memes by smgxyaa
Harry Potter Jokes and Memesby ayanon
Some jokes I found on the internet and some I made them up.